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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


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Qi . 









Digitized by LjOOQIC 



National Society 
of the Sons of the American Revolution 

Orswized April d$, 1889 

Incofporated by 
Act of ConsreM, June 9, 1906 

President General 


Northwestern Bank Building 

Portland, Oreson 

Published at Washinsrton, D. C, in June, October, December, and March. 
Entered as second-class matter. May 7, 1906, at the post-office at Washinsrton, D. C, under 
the act of July 16, 1894. 

Vo ume XVI 

MARCH, 1922 

Number 4 

The O^^iciAi, Bui^LETiN records action by the General Officers, the 
Board of Trustees, the Executive and other National Committees, lists 
of members deceased and of new members, and important doings of 
State Societies. In order that the O^i^iciai, Bui^letin may be up to 
date, and to insure the preservation in the National Society archives of 
a complete history of the doings of the entire organization. State Socie- 
ties and local Chapters are requested to communicate promptly to the 
Secretary General written or printed accounts o^ all meetings or cele- 
brations, to forward copies of all notices, circulars, and other printed 
matter issued by them, and to notify him at once of dates of death of 

Digitized by 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 



MAY 17, 1921 

President General: 
Wallace McCamant, Northwestern Bank Building, Portland, Oregon. 

Vice-Presidents General: 
GeoRGS Halb Nutting, 53 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and 

Philip F. Laknbs, 918 F Street N. W., Washington, District of Columbia. 

Middle and Coast District (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, 
District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida). 

Marvin H. Lbwis, 201 Keller Building, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Mississippi Valley, East District (Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Vir- 
ginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi). 

Hbnry B. Hawlby, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mississippi Valley, West District (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, 
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas). 

John W. Bbll, Jr., P. O. Box 11 24, Spokane, Washington. 

Mountain and Pacific Coast District (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, 
Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, and Philippines). 

Secretary General: 
Frank Bartlstt Stbblb, 183 St. James Place, Buffalo, New York. 

Registrar General: 
William S. Parks, 900 17th Street N. W., Washington, District of Columbia. 

Treasurer General: 
John H. Burroughs, nn Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York. 

Historian General: 
Gbor(^ C^rpBnTBr Arnold, Arnold Building, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Chancellor General: 
EugBnb C BonniwBLL, (}ity Court Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Genealogist General: 
WalTBR K. Watkins, 9 Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Chaplin General: 
Rev. Lyman Whitney Allen, 881 S. 7th Street, Newark, New Jersey. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



The General Officers, together with one member from each State Society, 
constitute the Board of Trustees of the National Society. The following 
Trustees for the several States were elected at the Buffalo Congress, May 17, 
1921, to serve until their successors are elected at the Congress to be held at 
Springfield, Mass., in May, 1922: 

Alabama, (vacant) ; Arizona, Clay F. Leonard, Phoenix ; Arkansas, George B. 
Gill, Little Rock; California, Seabury C. Mastick, New York City; Colorado, 
Malcolm Lindsey, Denver; Connecticut, Clarence Horace Wickham, Hartford; 
Delaware, George Armstrong Elliott, Wilmington; District of Columbia, Albert 
D. Spangler, Washington ; Far Eastern Society, (vacant) ; Florida, Dr. F. G. 
Renshaw, Pensacola ; Society in France, (vacant) ; Hawaiian Society, (vacant) ; 
Georgia, Allen Waters, Atlanta ; Idaho, (vacant) ; Illinois, Dorr E. Felt, Chicago ; 
Indiana, Charles C. Jewett, Terre Haute; Iowa, Elmer E. Wentworth, State 
Center ; Kansas, John M. Meade, Topeka ; Kentucky, George T. Wood, Louisville ; 
Louisiana, Col. C. Robert Churchill, New Orleans; Maine, William B. Berry, 
Gardiner; Maryland, Hon. Henry Stockbridge, Baltimore; Massachusetts, Henry 
Fuller Punderson, Springfield; Michigan, Albert M. Henry, Detroit; Minnesota, 
Charles E. Rittenhouse, Minneapolis ; Mississippi, (vacant) ; Missouri," George 
R. Merrill, St. Louis; Montana, Marcus Whritenour, Helena; Nebraska, Benja- 
min F. Bailey, Lincoln ; Nevada, (vacant) ; New Hampshire, Henry T. Lord, 
Manchester; New Jersey, Charles Symmcs Kiggins, Elizabeth; New Mexico, 
George G. Klock, Albuquerque; New York, Louis Annin Ames, New York; 
North Carolina, (vacant) ; North Dakota, Howard E. Simpson, Grand Forks ; 
Ohio, Moulton Houk, Delaware; Oklahoma, W. A. Jennings, Oklahoma City; 
Oregon, Wallace McCamant, Portland; Pennsylvania, Col. R. W. Guthrie, 
Pittsburgh; Rhode Island, Wilfred H. Munro, Providence; South Carolina, 
(vacant) ; South Dakota, J. G. Parsons, Sioux Falls ; Tennessee, Leiand Hume, 
Nashville; Texas, C. B. Dorchester, Sherman; Utah, Daniel S. Spencer, Salt 
Lake City ; Vermont, William Jeffrey, Montpelier ^ Virginia, Arthur B. Clarke, 
Richmond; Washington, Ernest B. Hussey, Seattle; Wisconsin, Walter H. 
Wright, Milwaukee; Wyoming, Warren Richardson, Cheyenne. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



ARIZONA — President, Uoyd B. Christy, ii6 N. i Avenue, Phoenix. 

Secretary, Clarence P. Woodbury, 1509 Grand Avenue, Phoenix. 

Treasurer, Kenneth Freeland, Phoenix. 
ARKANSAS — President, General Benjamin W. Green, Little Rock. 

Secretary, Fay Hempstead, Little Rock. 

Treasurer, Thomas M. Cory, Little Rock. 
CALIFORNIA — President, Frank S. Brittain, 80 Cerritos Avenue, San Francisco. 

Secretary and Registrar, Thomas A. Perkins, Mills Building, San Francisco. 

Treasurer, John C. Currier, 713 Merchants* Exchange Building, San Francisco. 
COLORADO — President, Victor E. Keyes, 210 Masonic Temple, Denver. 

Secretary, James Polk Willard, 210 Masonic Temple, Denver. 

Treasurer, Walter D. Wynkoop, Mt. States T. & T. Co., Denver. 
CONNECTICUT— President, Herbert II. White, 76 N. Beacon Street, Hartford. 

Secretary, Frederick A. Doolittle, 117 Middle Street, Bridgeport. 

Treasurer, Charles G. Stone, P. O. Box 847, Hartford. 
DELAWARE— President, Horace Wilson, 404 S. Clayton Street, Wilmington. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Charles A. Rudolph, 900 Vanburen Street, Wilmington. 
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA— President, Selden M. Ely, Gales School Building, Washington. 

Secretary, Kenneth S. Wales, Washington. 

Treasurer, Hilleary F. Offcut, Jr., 1501 Crittenden Street N. W., Washington. 
FAR EASTERN SOCIETY— President-Secretary, H. Lawrence Noble, P. O. Box 940, Manila, 
Philippine Islands. 

Vice-President, Edward B. Copeland. 

Treasurer, Herman Roy Hare. 
FLORIDA— President, Dr. F. G. Renshaw, Pensacola. 

Secretary, John Hobart Cross, Pensacola. 

Treasurer, F. F. Bingham, Pensacola. 
SOCIETY IN FRANCE— Administered by Empire State Society. 
GEORGIA— President, Allen Waters, P. O. Box 361, Atlanta. 

Secretary, Arthur W. Falkinburg, 1301 Atlanta Trust Co. Building, Atlanta. 

Treasurer, William Alden, Box 172, Decatur. 
HAWAII— President, Donald S. Bowman, Honolulu. 

Secretary, James T. Taylor, 511 Stangenwald Building, Honolulu. 

Treasurer, L. M. Judd. 
IDAHO — President, Albert H. Conner, Boise. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Frank G. Ensign, Boise. 
ILLINOIS — President, James M. Eddy, 30 North La Salle Street, Chicago. 

Secretary, Louis A. Bowman, 30 North La Salle Street, Chicago. 

Treasurer, Henry R. Kent, 30 North La Salle Street, Chicago. 
INDIANA— President, Cornelius F. Posson, Brazil. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Edmund L. Parker, 208 East Walnut Street, Kokomo. 
IOWA— President, Walter E. Coffin, 902 7th Street, Des Moines. 

Secretary, Captain Elbridge D. Hadley, 409 Franklin Avenue, Dcs Moines. 

Treasurer, William E. Barrett, 4815 Grand Avenue, Des Moines. 
KANSAS— President, John M. Meade, Topeka. 

Secretary, Arthur H. Bennett, Topeka. 

Treasurer, Walter E. Wilson, Topeka. 
KENTUCKY— President, E. T. Hutchings, Columbia Building, Louisville. 

Secretary, George D. Caldwell, Inter-Southern Building, Louisville. 

Treasurer, Alexander W. Tippett, U. S. Trust Co. Building, Louisville. 
LOUISIANA— President, C. Robert Churchill, 408 Canal Street, New Orleans. 

Secretary, Herbert P. Benton, 403 Carondelet Building, New Orleans. 

Treasurer, S. O. Landry, 616 Maison Blanche Building, New Orleans. 
MAINF — President, William B. Berry, 42 Pleasant Street, Gardiner. 

Secretary, Francis L. Littlefield, 246 Spring Street, Portland. 

Treasurer, Enoch O. Greenleaf, Portland. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


MARYLAND~*Pre8ident, Osborne I. Yellott, 931 Calvert Building, Baltimore. 

Secretary, George Sadtler Robertson, 1628 Unden Avenue, Baltimore. 

Treasurer, W. Bernard Duke, 406 Water Street, Baltimore. 
MASSACHUSETTS — President, George Hale Nutting, 53 State Street, Boston. 

Secretary, George S. Stewart, 9 Asbburton Place, Boston. 

Treasurer, l4eut.-Col. Charles M. Green, 78 Marlboro Street, Boston. 
MICHIGAN— President, William P. HoUiday, 68 Davenport Street, Detroit. 

Secretary, Raymond E. Van Syckle, 1729 Ford Building, Detroit. 

Treasurer, Frank G. Smith, 237 Hancock Avenue E., Detroit. 
MINNESOTA— President, Kenneth G. Brill, 43 South Hamline Avenue, St Paul. 

Secretary, Charles H. Bronson, 48 East Fourth Street, St. Paul. 

Treasurer, Charles W. Eddy, 302 Pittsburg Building, St. Paul. 
MISSISSIPPI— President, Judge Gordon Garland Lyell, Jackson. 

Secretary and Treasurer, William H. Pullen, Mechanics' Bank Building, Jackson. 
MISSOURI— President, Col. W. D. Vandiver, Columbia. 

Secretary, J. Alonzo Matthews, 901 Pontiac Building, St. Louis. 

Treasurer, I. Shreve Carter, 308 Merchant La Clede Building, St. Louis. 
MONTANA— President, Paris B. Bartley, Helena. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Leslie Sulgrove, Helena. 
NEBRASKA — President, Benjamin F. Bailey, 506 ist National Bank Building, Lincoln. 

Secretary, Addison E. Sheldon, 13 19 South 23d Street, Lincoln. 

Treasurer, C. E. Bardwell, 522 Terminal Building, Lincoln. 
NEVADA— President, Rt. Rev. George C. Huntting, 505 Ridge Street, Reno. 
NEW HAMPSHIRE— President, Prof. Ashley K. Hardy, Hanover. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Will B. Howe, Concord. 
NEW JERSEY— President, Rev. Lyman Whitney Allen, D. D., 881 S. 7th Street, Newark. 

Secretary, David L. Pierson, 33 Lombardy Street, Newark. 

Treasurer, Earle A. Miller, 156 William Street, Orange. 
NEW MEXICO— President, C. C. Manning, Gallup. 

Secretary, Frank W. Graham, Albuquerque. 

Treasurer, Orville A. Matson, Albuquerque. 
NEW YORK— President, Harvey F. Remington, Wilder Building, Rochester. 

Secretary, Major Charles A. Du Bois, 220 Broadway, New York City. 

Treasurer, James de la Montanye, 220 Broadway, New York City. 
'NORTH CAROLINA— President, Frank H. Bryan, Washington. 

Secretary (vacant). 

Treasurer, W. B. Harding, Washington. 
NORTH DAKOTA— President, Howard E. Simpson, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. 

Secretary, Walter R. Reed, Amenia. 

Treasurer, J. W. Wilkerson, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. 
OHIO— President, Walter J. Sherman, The Nasby, Toledo. 

Secretary, W. L. Curry, Box 645, Columbus. 

Treasurer, S. G. Harvey, 290 E. Gay Street, Columbus. 
OKLAHOMA — President, George L. Bowman, Kingfisher. 

Secretary-Treasurer, Edward F. McKay, 536 West 31st Street, Oklahoma City. 
OREGON— President, B. B. Beekman, 601 Piatt Building, Portland. 

Secretary, B. A. Thaxter, Post Office Box 832, Portland. 

Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley, Henry Building, Portland. 
PENNSYLVANIA— President, W. C. Lyne, Farmers' Bank Building, Pittsburgh. 

Secretary, Francis Armstrong, Jr., 515 Wood Street, Pittsburgh. 

Treasurer, A. M. Wall, Farmers* Bank Building, Pittsburgh. 
RHODE ISLAND— President, Herbert A. Rice, 809 Hospital Trust Building, Providence. 

Secretary, Theodore E. Dexter, 104 Clay Street, Central Falls. 

Treasurer, William L. Sweet, Box 15 15, Providence. 

SOUTH DAKOTA— President, Amos E. Ayres, Sioux Falls. 
Secretary, T. W. Dwight, Sioux Falls. 

Treasurer, B. H. Requa, Sioux Falls. 

* Deceased, March 20, 1922. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tENNESSEB— President, William K. Boardman, Nashville. 

Secretary, Frederick W. Millspaugli, Nashville. 

Treasurer, Carey Folk, 411 Union Street, Nashville. 
TEXAS— President, C. B. Dorchester, Sherman. 

Secretary, Waltef S. Mayer, Galveston. 

Treasurer, P. R. Markham, Sherman. 
UTAH— President, Robert E. McConaughy, 1079 E. id South Street, Salt Lake City. 

Secretary, Gordon Lines Hutchins, Dooly Building, Salt t«ake City. 

Treasurer— Seth Warner Morrison, Jr., 32 S. 7th East Street, Salt Lake City. 
VERMONT— President, William H. Jeffrey, Montpelicr. 

Secretary, Walter H. Crockett, Burlington. 

Treasurer, Clarence L. Smith, Burlington. 
VIRGINIA — President, Arthur B. Clarke, 616 American National Bank Building, Richmond. 

Secretary and Treasurer, William E* Crawford, 700 Travelers* Building, Richmond. 
WASHINGTON— President, Walter Burges Beals, Haller Building, Seattle. 

Secretary, Henry J. Gorin, 322 Central Building, Seattle. 

Treasurer, Kenneth P. Hussey, 9^7 North 34th Ave., Seattle. 
WISCONSIN— President, J. Tracy Hale, Jr., Wells Building, Mflwaukee.; 

Secretary, Emmett A. Donnelly, 1030 Wells Building, Milwaukee. 

Treasurer, William Stark Smith, 373 Lake Drive, Milwaukee. 
WYOMING— President, David A. Haggard, Cheyenne. 

Secretary, Maurice Groshon, Cheyenne. 

Treasurer, James B. Guthrie, Cheyenne. 


The committee in charge of the Springfield Congress makes the following 
announcement : 

The headquarters will be at the Hotel Kimball, on Chestnut Street, five 
minutes' walk from the station. One hundred and fifty rooms have been set 
aside for the delgates. The prices for rooms are as follows : Single rooms, with- 
out bath, $2.50 and $3.00; with bath, $3.50 to $5.00; double rooms, without bath, 
$5.00; with bath, $7.00 to $8.50. The othier hotels in the city are the Hotel 
Bridgeway, $2.75 to $350, with bath; Hotel Worthy, $2.00 to $6.00; Clinton Hall, 
$2.00 and up. 

The tentative program is as follows: 

Sunday evening— Church service at 7.30 p. m., at South (Congregational) 
Church. Sermon by the Chaplain General. Delegates will march to the Church 
in a body, escorted by the local Chapter. Municipal chimes will play. 

Monday forenoon — Meeting of Congress. 

Monday noon — ^Luncheon. 

Monday afternoon — Session of Congress. 

Tuesday morning— -Final session of Congress and election of officers. 

Tuesday noon — Luncheon, the place under consideration being the Country Club. 

Tuesday afternoon — Automobile trip around the city and surrounding country. 

Tuesday evening — ^Complimentary banquet to the delegates. 

All inquiries of the local committee (except for hotel reservations) should be 
addressed to Charles F. Warner, Principal, Technical High School, Springfield, 

Nationai, Committee on Arrangements 

Mr. Burton H. Wiggin, chairman, Boston, Mass. 

Mr. William B. Berry, Gardiner, Maine. 

Mr. Charles F. Read, Boston, Mass. 

Dr. (korge T. Spicer, Providence, R. I. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



I regret the necessity of again taking up with the membership the troublesome 
question of finances. The conditions which have operated to increase expenses 
in our homes and in our business undertakings have unavoidably increased the 
expenses of the National Society. The enormous volume of work in the 
Registrar General's ofiice is most inadequately compensated. The services of 
the Secretary General, if rendered in the business world, would command a much 
larger remuneration than the Society is able to pay him. I doubt if there is any 
other organization in which so many individuals expend money for the benefit 
of the organization without rendering expense bills therefor. Even so, the 
revenues of the National Society do not now cover its necessary and minimum 
expenses. We have dispensed with the Year Book, but we cannot give up the 
BuixETiN. It is the organ by which the National Society maintains touch with 
the individual, compatriots, wheresoever dispersed. We were under no expense 
for rent during the lifetime of A. Howard Clark. He stored our records for us 
in the Smithsonian Institution. Since his death it has been necessary for us to 
rent quarters in Washington. 

I bespeak favorable consideration of the amendments proposed by the Executive 
Committee for the relief of the treasury. The National Society, Daughters of 
the American Revolution, now collects an initiation fee of $S.oo and a per 
capita tax of $i.oo for the use of the National Society. These exactions have not 
checked the growth or diminished the usefulness of our sister Society. Can we 
not profit by their experience? 

Minutes of the Meeting of tlie Executive Conunittee of tlie National Society, 
Sons of tlie Amerkan Revolution, Held at the Union League Club, New 
Yorls City, February 17, 1922. 

There were present the President General, Hon. Wallace McCamant ; Directors 
General James Harry Preston, Louis Annin Ames, Arthur P. Sumner, and 
Major W. I. Lincoln Adams; also Secretary General Frank B. Steele and 
Treasurer General John H Burroughs. 

The meeting was called to order by the President General as chairman, and 
the Secretary General read the minutes of the former meeting of the Executive 
Committee, held in Buffalo, on May i8, 192 1, and also the minutes of the 
Executive Committee business that was carried on by mail in the interim, as 
designated by the Board of Trustees. 

The Report of the Treasurer General was received and ordered filed. 

The Report of the Registrar General was received, accepted, and ordered filed. 

It was moved by Director General Preston that the future Bulletins contain a 
brief statement of purposes and objects of the Society and a statement of the 
requirements for eligibility to membership in the Society, This was adopted. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Director General Adams reported upon the work of the special committee 
appointed to take up the matter of enlarging the Board of Trustees, made 
necessary by the increased number of General Officers. It was moved and 
adopted that this committee should continue its work until after the meeting of 
the National Congress in Springfield in May. 

It was moved by Judge Sumner that the Executive Committee propose the 
following amendment to the Constitution and recommend its adoption: 

That Article VI of the Constitution of the National Society be amended to 
read as follows: 

ArTicIvE VL— Initiation Fee and Dues, 

Sec. I. In addition to the initiation fee, if any, charged by a State Society, 
there shall be paid an initiation fee of five dollars for membership in the 
National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Said fee shall be forwarded 
to the Registrar General with each application for membership. The payment 
of said fee shall include an engraved certificate of membership for each newly 
elected compatriot, to be furnished by the National Society, 

Sec. 2. Each State Society shall pay annually to the Treasurer General, to 
defray the expense of the National Society, fifty cents for each member theieof, 
unless intermitted by the National Congress. 

Sec. 3. Such dues shall be paid on or before the first day of April in each 
year for the ensuing year, in order to secure representation in the Congress of 
the National Society. 

(Italics indicate amendments added.) 

This resolution was adopted 

It was moved by Judge Sumner that the Executive Committee propose the 
following amendment to the Constitution as an alternative to the amendment 
proposed above, as follows: 

That Article VI of the Constitution of the National Society be amended to 
read as follows: 

Eiach State society shall pay annually to the Treasurer General to defray the 
expense of the National Society, one dollar for each member thereof, unless 
intermitted by the National Congress. 

Such dues shall be paid on or before the first day of April for the ensuing 
year, in order to secure representation in the Congress of the National Society. 

(Italics indicate amendments added or changed.) 

This resolution was adopted 

Director General Adams moved that one of the National Society War Medals 
be sent to the Numismatic Society of New York. This was adopted. 

Director General Adams moved that the following amendment be proposed by 
the Executive Committee and its adoption recommended: 

That Section i of Article VII of the Constitution be amended to read as 
follows : 

The annual Congress of the National Society, for the election of (General 
Officers and for the transaction of business, shall be held on the fourth Monday 
of August in each year. The place of such meeting shall be designated by the 
Board of Trustees. 

(Italics indicate words changed or added.) 

This motion was adopted. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


A letter was read from Vice-President General George Hale Nutting suggest- 
ing and recommending that a complete index of the membership of the National 
Society and ancestors be printed and distributed. 

It was moved by Director General Ames that the President General appoint a 
committee to report to the National Congress on this subject, with reference to 
the cost of publishing such an index, and that only such number be printed, if 
decided upon, as may be subscribed for. 

This resolution was adopted. 

The President General appointed Vice-President General Nutting, Secretary 
General Steele and Genealogist General Watkins as this committee. 

Upon motion, the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the Chair. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Secretary General, 


At a meeting of the Connecticut Society held at Bridgeport, February 22, 1922, 
the following amendment to the Constitution of the National Society, S. A. R., 
was presented, unanimously adopted, and recommended for adoption by the 
Congress of the National Society at Springfield, Mass., May 15-16, 1922 : 

That Article V, Section 4, of the Constitution be amended to read as follows : 

An Executive Committee of seven, consisting of the President General as 
chairman and six members to be nominated by him from the Board of Trustees 
and approved by said Board [ ], shall in the interim between the meetings of the 
Board transact such business as may be delegated to it by a Congress of the 
Society or hy the Board of Trustees. Said committee shall furnish the members 
of the Board, at regular periods, at least semi-annually, an explicit statement of 
the business transacted by said committee in the interim between such periods, 

(Italics indicate amendments added, and brackets, words omitted.) 
Such amendment will be presented at the meeting of the Congress of the 
National Society at Springfield, May 15-16, 1922. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



(Extracts from Constitution) 

The purposes and objects of this Society are declared to be patriotic, historical, 
and educational, and shall include those intended or designed to perpetuate the 
memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the 
American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people; to 
unite and promote fellowship among their descendants; to inspire them and the 
community at large with a more profound reverence for the principles of the 
government founded by our forefathers ; to encourage historical research in 
relation to the American Revolution; to acquire and preserve the records of the 
individual services of the patriots of the war, as well as documents, relics, and 
landmarks; to mark the scenes of the Revolution by appropriate memorials; to 
celebrate the anniversaries of the prominent events of the war and of the Revo- 
lutionary period; to foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the institu- 
tions of American freedom, and to carry out the purposes expressed in the 
preamble of the Constitution of our country and the injunctions of Washington 
in his farewell address to the American people. 

Qualifications for Membership 

Any man shall be eligible to membership in the Society who, being of the age 
of twenty-one years or over, and a citizen of good repute in the community, is 
the lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in his loyalty 
to, and rendered active service in, the cause of American Independence, either 
as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman or minute man, in the armed 
forces of the Continental Congress, or of any one of the several Colonies or 
States, or as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, or as a member of a 
Committee of Safety or Correspondence, or as a member of any Continental, 
Provincial, or Colonial Congress or Legislature, or as a recognized patriot who 
performed actual service by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great 

Fees and dues are regulated by the State Societies. 

Application for membership is made on standard blanks furnished by the 
State Societies. These l)lanks call for the place and date of birth and of death 
of the Revolutionary ancestor and the year of birth, of marriage, and of death 
of ancestors in intervening generations. Membership is based on one original 
claim; additional claims are filed on supplemental papers. The applications and 
supplemental are made in duplicate. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams, of New Jersey, Director General 
of the National Society, made the Washington's Birthday address, on "Wash- 
ington." at the Westinghouse Radio Station in Newark, speaking to an audience 
from two to three hundred thousand, it is estimated. 

The fact that Major Adams bears the name of Washington and was also born 
on February 22 gave a personal significance to his selection as the orator on 
this occasion. He was perfectly heard as far south as Texas, as far north as 
New Brunswick, and west to the Mississippi. 

The Daughters of the American Revolution have caused to be introduced in 
Congress a bill to make Yorktown, Va,, a military park. The importance of the 
events which took place at Yorktown in 1781 is obvious to all compatriots. It is 
remarkable that the site of these events has remained in private ownership all 
of these years. Notwithstanding this fact, the breastworks which were stormed 
by the armies of Washington and Rochambeau are still very largely intact. The 
acquisition of the land and its preservation as a patriotic shrine will involve the 
expenditure of a comparatively small amotmt of money. The purpose is in 
every respect praiseworthy and in line with the objects for which our Society 
is organized. Each compatriot is requested to write to his representatives in 
both branches of Congress, requesting their support for this bill. The bill has 
been introduced in the Senate by Senator Frank Kellogg and in the House by 
Representative Walter R. Newton. 

President General, 

Compatriot Admiral George W. Baird, of the District of Columbia Society, 
has been appointed by President Harding a member of the Perry Monument 
Commission, which holds its annual meeting at Put-in-Bay in August. 

War Department^ 
The Adjutant General's Office, 

November 29, 1921. 
To the Secretary National Society, Sons of the American Revolution: 

Acknowledgment is made of the tribute placed by you on the bier of the un- 
known American soldier who lost his life during the World War and whose 
btnrial took place November 11, 1921. 

The War Department is deeply grateful for this evidence of sympathetic 
reverence to the spirit of those who made the supreme sacrifice for a great ideal. 
Very respectfully, 
(Signed) P. C. Harris, 

The Adjutant General. 

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The new Service Bars to be worn with the Insignia are now available. The 
illustration below will give an idea of its appearance on the ribbon. 


These may be had in silver gilt at $1.50, or in solid gold at $2.65. Compatriots 
should apply for these directly to the Secretary General, with a copy of service 
discharge or commission. A permit to purchase the Bar will upon receipt of 
such proof of service be issued. 

Compatriot Cornelius F. Posson, of Indiana, chairman of the Indiana So- 
ciety's Committee on Patriots' Markers, writes : "I was much pleased to note 
in the October Bulletin, under Indiana Society notes, the mention of the activity 
in which our Indiana Society is engaged. As a result of this bit of publicity 
quite a little correspondence has come to me from other States, from men who 
were formerly Indianians, affording me information concerning the location of 
some Revolutionary graves. I have been able definitely to locate three graves 

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directly as a result of that article." The article in the December BuixETin 
by Compatriot Posson gave the story of the finding of one of these graves. 
Publicity helps! 


By W. L. Curry, of the Ohio Society 

ripple of Potomac's stream, break gently where the tread 
Of thousands press the hallowed sod about our greatest dead; 
Mount Vernon, freedom's dearest shrine, guard well thy sacred trust, 
Locked in thy royal heart of hearts, we keep the patriot's dust 

1 see him glide among the huts that dot a cheerless gorge. 
The Joshua of a struggling band, the man of Valley Forge ; 
Where'er he goes his smile illumes the shades that thickly lie, 
And all who hear his words resolve with him "to do or die." 

The pilgrim comes from lands enslaved beyond the restless sea. 
To meditate where sleeps the man who taught men to be free ; 
The glitter of the blade he drew makes bright the world today, 
And hands unborn will crown its hilt with laurel and with bay. 

He needs no granite shaft to tell of glorious actions done^, 
His monument the fairest land that lies beneath the sun ; 
Tonight with swelling pride we seek the banquet board once more 
And drink to him whose fame goes far beyond Virginia's shore. 

Thus back to Washington tonight our thoughts like eagles fly ; 
'Twas he that gave our flag the stars that shine in Glory's sky ; 
Wrapped in his cloak, he calmly sleeps upon Mount Vernon's breast, 
Of liberty's immortal sons the greatest and the best. 

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A Brief Outline of the Address Given by the President General Before 
Many of the State Societies on His Recent Trip 

Washington was so many-sided that it is not possible to do justice on any 
one occasion to his life, work, and character. It is a good plan to emphasize 
some one thought on each occasion when we meet to do him honor. I suggest 
as a suitable theme for consideration by our Society this year, on his birthday, 
"George Washington, the Gentleman." 

He was well born. He came of a long line of high-spirited, self-respecting 
men and women. He had the affiliations of a gentleman; his friendships were 
with such men as Philip Schuyler, Anthony Wayne, Alexander Hamilton, 
Gouvemeur Morris, Henry Lee, and Lafayette. He had the dignity and the 
delicacy of feeling of a gentleman. He was modest, thoughtful of the feelings 
of others, kindly, courteous, and self-effacing. 

Washington was the soul of honor; scrupulous, punctual, and exact in the 
fulfillment of his obligations, pecuniary and otherwise. He was generous and 
mindful at all times of the debt owing by a man of means to the commimity. 
He was chivalric in his treatment of women. 

Washington had the presence of a gentleman. He enjoyed the comradeships 
of a gentleman. As a friend, he was staunch, loyal, helpful, and dependable. 
His devotion to his comrades in arms was one of the marked characteristics of 
his later life. 

As a public man, he was respectful to those who differed with him. He was 
always mindful of the ethics of controversy. On all occasions he was tactful 
and mindful of the little things which mark the well-bred. 

Washington lived the life of a gentleman. His tastes and pleasures were 
those of a gentleman. He was unfailing in his hospitality. He was a hero even 
to his private secretary. 

We have felt a prides that the commander under whom our forefathers fought 
was the purest of all patriots, the noblest of military chieftains, and the master 
builder of the American Commonwealth. Let us be mindful that he was also 
the first gentleman of his time. 


When any of our State Societies or any of our Chapters achieve some success 
or accomplish a particular object, it is the policy of the officers of the Society 
and the Editors of the Bulletin to feature this achievement in a fitting manner 
and give to this Society or Chapter all the credit that is due to it. 

To show how one Society or Chapter has accomplished its endeavor should 
be an inspiration to all of our other bodies and help them to go forward to 
similar ends. We are one big, splendid, patriotic organization, working for the 
betterment of our country and its citizenship, and the utmost harmony should 
prevail among our several State Societies and Chapters. There should be no 
jealousies^ and no recrimination and the esprit de corps of the whole Society 
should be of the highest and noblest 

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Therefore, when we look at the resuhs that have been accomplished by New 
Jersey and her remarkable body of men, who have worked together during this 
past year so successfully, it is only fair to give that progressive State full credit 
for its achievements. 

Starting this year with encouragement because of the success of the year 
previous, this State has gone forward with renewed vigor, and today New Jersey, 
if not actually at the head of the list of States in numbers, is so near that 
pinnacle that it may take the official count at the annual Congress to determine if 
she has not reached this much-desired place. 

The details of what has been accomplished would take more space than can 
be given in this number of the Bulletin, but some of the outstanding resuhs 
may be named : Two splendid new Chapters, Westfield and Paterson, have been 
chartered. These Chapters, having a large membership to start with, arc going 
ahead with the others of the State with every prospect of further increase. 
Probably the achievement which best demonstrates the energy and progres- 
siveness of the State is the purchase of a building in Newark for the head- 
quarters of the State Society. Having been almost literally thrown out in the 
streets by the encroachment of a railroad, the resourceful compatriots of New 
Jersey were not daunted, and by good luck were able to purchase a building in 
the down-town section of Newark and now are fully established and running 
their business from 33 Lombardy Street. This alone is a great accomplishment. 
The activities during the year of the State and the many Chapters have been 
the best in the history of the Society, and the results in increased membership 
have shown this. 

How has all this been done? First and foremost, by the hard, persistent, and 
determined personal work of the officers and members of the State Society and 
its several Chapters, who have given liberally of their time. As has betn said 
before, the general rule in any Society like ours is to leave the work or running 
of the organization to a few men, and the rest simply do not function. In New 
Jersey, though the burden of the detail of this work has fallea upon the most 
efficient, untiring, and energetic Secretary of that Society, men deeply interested 
in the growth and welfare of the work of our organization have put their 
shoulders to the wheel and have succeeded in putting this State in the enviable 
position in which she stands today. 

That there is no jealousy over what New Jersey has done, and that only the 
best of spirit exists with her sister State across the Hudson, was shown while 
the President General was the guest of both of these Societies, on his recent 
visit to the East. At all the meetings held compatriots from both States were 
present, and the interchange of kindly greetings and sincere congratulations were 
heard on all sides. It was a remarkable illustration of the spirit of our organiza- 
tion, and if our Societies in other parts of the country will adopt this same 
splendid spirit our great organization will hold its splendid place as one of the 
most powerful organizations for good American citizenship which our dear 
country maintains. Let us take New Jersey's example to our hearts and let her 
inspire us to similar effort and endeavor! 

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On the 2d of February the President General left Portland on a trip of 
visitation to the different State Societies. On the 5th of February he met with 
the California Society at the Commercial Club, in San Francisco, and called the 
attention of the membership to the fact that a highly objectionable school history 
is in general use in the public schools of California. Assurances were given 
that the California Society, would give this matter its immediate attention. 

On the 9th of February he visited the Louisiana Society, lunching with the 
board of managers and dining with the membership generally. The Louisiana 
Society was found to be live, active, and aggressive. Under the leadership of 
Col. C. Robert Churchill, it is measuring up to all its responsibilities. The only 
regret is that the compatriots in this Society are not better known to our mem- 
bership in other States. 

On the nth of February the President General was in Chicago, speaking at a 
dinner given in honor of Gen. John J. Pershing and in commemoration of 
Lincoln's Birthday. The Illinois Society is also active, aggressive, and ably led. 

On the 13th of February the President General visited the Anthony Wayne 
Chapter of the Ohio Society, at Toledo. The annual meeting of the Chapter 
was held on this date and Hon. O. S. Brumback was elected President for the 
ensuing year. He presided at an exceedingly interesting dinner. 

February 15th was Ladies' Day night in the District of Columbia Society and 
Vice-President and Mrs. Coolidge dignified the occasion by their presence. The 
President General was greatly favored in being able to meet the compatriots at 
Washington on this occasion. While in Washington he called at Continental 
Hall, but was unable to see Mrs. Minor, President General of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution, because of her absence on a trip in the West. He 
did confer with Vice-President General Larner and with Registrar General 

On the evening of February 16 the President General met with the Maryland 
Society at a dinner given at the Maryland Club, in Baltimore. The hospitality 
of Baltimore is well known, and this occasion measured up to the reputation 
of the city. 

On the 17th of February the President General entertained the Executive 
Committee and Past Presidents General at luncheon at the Union League Club, 
in New York City, and after luncheon a meeting of the Executive Committee 
was held. 

On the i8th of February Director General W. I. Lincohi Adams and a number 
of the officers and members of the New Jersey Society escorted the President 
General to Washington's Headquarters at Morristown. After an hour spent in 
this most interesting shrine, the party went to Newark, where a dinner of the 
New Jersey Society was held in the evening. 

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 19, the President General spoke in the 
First Congregational Church at Montclair. The service was largely attended, 
not only by our. own membership, but by representatives of the Daughters of the 
American Revolution and many other organizations. The meeting was interest- 
ing and inspiring. 

On the 20th of February the President General appeared before Commissioner 
Hirshfield, in the Municipal Building, at New York City, and made known the 

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interest of this Society in the matter of school text-books on American history. 
Disclaiming any desire to punish the present generation of Englishmen for the 
sins of George III, he insisted that the story of the American Revolution should 
be told in our school histories with emphasis on the righteousness of our fore- 
fathers* cause and with colorful portrayal of the sacrifices and achievements by 
which our liberties were won. The municipal authorities of New York City 
have directed an inquiry into the matter of text-books on American history, and 
Commissioner Hirshfield ha? the hearing in hand. It is believed that the public 
attention which has been focused on the subject will result in great good. 

On the evening of February 20 the President General dined with the Con- 
necticut Society at Hartford. There was an excellent attendance, and the Con- 
necticut Society was found to be active and deeply interested in the perpetuation 
of the memories of the great men of Revolutionary times. 

On the 2ist of February the President General returned to New York City 
and spoke on the evening of that day at a dinner of the New York Chapter given 
at the Army and Navy Club. He amplified his views on the school-book question 
as above outlined. 

On the 22d of February the President General was in Boston and had the 
privilege of attending the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Society. The 
meeting was in all respects in harmory with the best traditions of this important 
branch of our organization. 

On the .25th of February the President General completed his tour by attending 
a dinner at Louisville, Ky., given jointly in honor of Washington and George 
Rogers Clark. The Kentucky Society was found to be flourishing, well led, and 
alive to its opportunities. 

Every Society and Chapter visited was found to be composed of gentlemen 
and of genuifte Americans. The trip was one of great privilege, and acknowl- 
edgment is made of the courtesy and hospitality which were everywhere extended. 


MAY 16, 1921 

The Genealogist General has received several requests for information on 
genealogical questions and service records, and among other matters of interest 
had the pleasure of preparing the papers of Vice-President Calvin Coolidge. 

Correspondence has shown the need of a more complete form of application 
paper, a blank with spaces for localities as well as dates. These are necessary 
for more ready verification of the data filed. A locality serves to identify an 
individual in the period previous to the middle of the last century, when the 
majority of names had no middle initial. 

Another advantage could be obtained to future applicants by the compilation 
of abstracts of the war service of Revolutionary pensions and its publication 
by the Federal Government. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


I would be glad to present, as a supplement of this report, a compilation of 
the printed works giving the lists of Revolutionary soldiers, issued by the orig- 
inal States of the Union. In this I refer to the omission by the majority of 
the printed lists of pensioners given in three volumes (Vols. XII, XIII, XIV) 
of the report of Secretary of War Lewis Cass, in 1834, on the Pension List. 

Wai^ter K. Watkins, 

Genealogist General, 


MAY 16, 1921 

History of the City of Buffalo 

Buffalo, the "City of Homes," lies on the outlet of Lake Erie, at the head of 
the Niagara River and on Buffalo Creek, which constitutes its harbor. It was 
formerly occupied by the Eries, a most powerful and warlike tribe of Indians, 
who resided on the south side of the great lake which bears their name. 

In 1655 the Eries were exterminated by the Iroquois, or Five Nations, a 
confederation formed between the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and 
Senecas (of the Huron family), the most important tribes in New York State. 
Later the Tuscaroras migrated from North Carolina, joining the Union for 
their own protection, which thus came to be known as the Six Nations. 

The occupation of this locality by the Senecas, the most powerful of the Six 
Nations, followed these events, and from the fact that large herds of buffalo 
formerly visited the salt lick or spring on the banks of the creek in this vicinity, 
they called it Buffalo Creek, from which Buffalo takes its name. History 
records that Buffalo Creek was the name by which this locality was known as 
early as 1784, as it is used in the treaty mkde with the Six Nations at Fort 
Stahwix in that year. 

In a letter of General Irvine (who commanded the" Western Department from 
1781 to 1783) to (kneral (korge Washington, in 1788, this place is spoken of 
as Buffalo. 

In 1792 a Mr. Winney is said to have been the first white man to reside in 
Buffalo. He was an Indian trader, his house being well stocked with rum, 
whiskey, Indian knives, and trinkets peculiar to the times. John Palmer was 
the first innkeeper, building his house there in 1794, and remained in Buffalo 
until 1802, as it appears from the public records that a road led "from Batavia 
to the mouth of Buffalo Creek, near John Palmer's house," at that time. 

Buffalo was originally laid out by the Holland Land Co. in 1801 and was 
entirely burned by the British in 1813, with the exception of two buildings ; but 
the commencement of the rapid growth and great importance of the "City of 
Homes" may be dated from the opening of the Erie Canal, in 1825. The head 
of the Erie Canal, which connects Lake Erie with the Hudson River and ocean 
traffic, is at Buffalo, and the immense concentration of railroad lines is drawn 
here largely by the Lake traffic. 

Buffalo stands in the full glow of the electrical sunrise, the reservoir of this 
marvelous force being Niagara Falls, at Buffalo's very door, and the time will 
come when kt the foot of Lake Erie and along the shores of the Niagara River 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


will flourish a city of such large proportions that it will rank among the great- 
est in the world. 

Burning of th« "Gaspbb" 

One of the most famous and decisive acts which marked the prelude of the 
Revolutionary War was the burning of His Majesty's armed schooner Gaspee, 
of eight guns, as she lay aground at Namquit Point (now Gaspee Point), which 
runs off from the farm of the late Governor John Brown Frances on Nar- 
ragansett Bay, one mile below Pawtuxet and six miles south of Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

The first appearance of the Gaspee in the waters of the bay was in March, 
1772, being dispatched here by the commissioners of customs to prevent breaches 
of the revenue laws. The Gaspee had become exceedingly obnoxious by the 
indiscreet zeal with which its commander, Lieutenant William Duddingston, 
strove to enforce the revenue laws. He had seized twelve hogsheads of rum, 
a quantity of sugar, the property of Jacob Green & Co., of Warwick, sending 
it all to Boston for condemnation, instead of libelling it at the vice-admiralty 
court of the colony at Newport. This was directly contrary to the law. 

Duddingston had made it a practice to stop and board all vessels entering or 
leayiog tiie ports of Rhode Island or leaving Newport for Providence, a course 
which created much annoyance and irritation to the whole population, as it was 
at a time when commercial intercourse between the different parts of the colony 
was very largely carried on by small craft upon the waters of Narragansett Bay. 

On the 9th of June, 1772, Captain Benjamin lindsey, of the sloop Hannah, 
left Newport for Providence, and soon after the Gaspee was underway in pur- 
suit, continuing the chase as far as Namquit Point. 

Lindsey was well acquainted with the waters of the bay and hove about at 
the end of the point, standing to the westward. Though Duddingston changed 
his course, it was too late, for his vessel, being of a greater draft, grounded. 
Lindsey continued his way to Providence, and upon his arrival informed Mr. 
John Brown, one of the leading merchants, of the Gaspee's situation. 

Soon after sunset Daniel Pearce passed along Main Street, beating his drum, 
informing the inhabitants, and at midnight eight of the largest long-boats, with 
muffled oars, embarked from Fenner's wharf, directly opposite the dwelling of 
James Sabins, on South Main Street, who kept a house of board and entertain- 
ment for gentlemen, being the same house purchased a few years after by the 
late Welcome Arnold. The party proceeded down the bay, and between the 
hours of 12 and i o'clock, on the morning of June 10, 1772, the Gaspee was 
boarded and captured before resistance could be made. 

Lieutenant Duddingston was wounded, his being the first Tory blood shed in 
connection »with the Revolutionary War. The officers and crew were ordered 
to collect their clothing, etc., after which all were removed and the vessel set 
on fire, which consumed her to the water's edge. Duddingston was landed at 
the old Still House wharf at Pawtuxet and placed in the house of Joseph Rhodes, 
on Still House Lane (now Ocean Street), where his wounds were dressed by 
Dr. John Mawney. 

The bold enterprise excited much interest and the news made a tremendous 
stir, both in the Colonies and in Great Britain. A court of inquiry was insti- 
tuted, and it was proposed to send the offenders to England for trial, if they 

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could be caught; but, like the Boston Tea Party, a year later (1773), the secret 
was closely kept until it was too late to punish the offenders. 

The sword had been drawn, and undoubtedly this tended to hasten the separa- 
tion of the Colonies from the mother country and bring on the storm that was 
soon to break forth in fury over the land. 
Respectfully submitted, 

George Carpenter Arnold, 

Historian General. 
May 16, 1921. 


Some time prior to September 17 the Secretaries of all the Chapters in the 
State were requested to take steps to secure the observance of Constitution Day 
in their respective localities by their own Societies and by other organizations 
and public boards, and that they report as to what recognition was paid to 
the day. 

Mr. E. R. Whitney, Superintendent of Public Instruction of the City of Sche- 
nectady, reported that the day was observed in the public schools of Schenectady 
on Friday, the i6th of September, and in his letter stated that his department 
found it a very valuable means of Americanization, especially with a large 
foreign-bom population. 

Frank B. Steele, Secretary General, reported that the Mayor of Buffalo 
issued a special proclamation for the observance of the day, and that the Super- 
intendent of Schools of the City of Buffalo made a special request for its 
observance and recognition in the schools. He also reported that it was gen- 
erally brought to the attention of the community, although no special celebration 
was had by the Buffalo Chapter. 

Constitution Day was observed in Rochester by the welcoming of three hun- 
dred newly naturalized citizens by the Council for Better Citizenship of the 
Chamber of Commerce. This Council for Better Citizenship has done remark- 
able work in the city of Rochester during the past year. It has been financed 
through an appropriation from the Chamber of Commerce and also from pri- 
vate contributions, and about four times a year dinners are given to the newly 
naturalized citizens. The one this year was fixed on September 17 and special 
stress was laid upon the day upon which this ftmction was held. A fine five- 
course dinner was served and the prografti was one which would inspire both 
the native and the foreign-bom. The day was also observed in the public 
schools of Rochester and programs appropriate to the day were given in many 
of these schools. 

It is a matter of regret that I cannot give you a det^led report from other 
cities, but I know that celebrations were held in many localities. 
Very respectfully submitted, 

HarvBy F. Remington, 

Empire State Society, 

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The Arizona Society held its 26th annual meeting on the morning of Febru- 
ary 22, at which Lloyd B. Christy was elected President; Harold Baxter, Vice- 
President; Clarence P. Woodbury, Secretary; Kenneth Freeland, Treasurer; 
Evan S. Stallcup, Registrar; Rt Rev. J. W. Atwood, Historian, and Rev. J. 
Rockwood Jenkins, Chaplain. A dinner in the evening followed, with retiring 
President H. B. Wilkinson presiding as toastmaster. The speakers of the even- 
ing were Harold Baxter and W. P. Sims. Presentation was made of the prizes 
won in an oratorical contest which was held at the high school the preceding 
evening. Floyd Holdren, of Chandler, was awarded a silver medal and twenty 
dollars in gold for his address on "America's Power to Keep the Peace of the 
World," and Gleeson Northcroff received a bronze medal and ten dollars in gold 
as second winner for his address on "America's Duty to Our Immigrants." The 
Society voted to continue the prize essay and oratorical contests in the high, 
schools of the State for the ensuing year. The Society also voted to co-operate 
with the Arizona D. A. R. in raising funds for a memorial to the Oatman Family, 
Arizona pioneers. 

The California Society had the privilege of being the first State Society to 
receive and entertain the President General, as he started out for his long tour 
of the States, early in February. Judge McCamant arrived in San Francisco 
on February 4, 'where the California Society held a luncheon and reception in 
his honor at the San Francisco Commercial Club, and were addressed by him. 
Members were privileged to bring guests. The State Society of California is 
about to award three prizes, of $25, $15, and $10 each, to high-school pupils of 
the State for the best essays on the following subject: "The Origin of the Ideas 
in the Declaration of Independence as Written by Jefferson." This is an annual 
offering of the California Society, the contest closing March i. On February 
22 the compatriots joined with the Daughters of the American Revolution in a 
George Washington memorial program at the San Francisco Museum of Art, in 
the Palace of Fine Arts. 

San Diego Chapter, No. 2, of the California Society held an annual 
meeting at the San Diego Hotel on Tuesday evening, November 15. This 
was ladies' night and a large attendance resulted. The date marked the 144th 
anniversary of the adoption of the Articles of Confederation by Congress. 
The speaker of the evening was Brigadier General John McClellan, U. S. A., 
retired, who had as his topic "The Political Future of the Hawaiian Islands." 
The Chapter now has forty-one members, seven new members being presented 
at this meeting. War Service medals were presented to four members. The 
newly elected officers of the Chapter are Dr. Fred Baker, President; James C. 
Elms, Jr., and George W. Heston, Vice-Presidents ; Allen H. Wright, Secretary ; 
Franklin P. Reed, Treasurer; David W. Schick, Historian; Kenneth McKenzie. 
Registrar; Dr. W. Harmon Hall, Marshal; Rev. Alfred H. Haines, Chaplain. 

The Connecticut State Society held its annual banquet February 22 at the 
Stratfield Hotel, Bridgeport, with President White, of the Connecticut Society, 
presiding, as toastmaster. President White, after calling for a silent toast to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


George Washington, addressed the members, making a special plea for more 
active interest and more members, and spoke of the traditions of Connecticut 
in the organization of the S. A. R., receiving its charter on January 13, 1889, 
and contributing three Presidents General to the National Society, the first one, 
Lucius P. Deming, recently deceased ; the second, the late Gen. Edwin S. Greeley, 
and the third being Judge Morris B. Beardsley. Prof. Charles M. Bakewell, of 
YalQ University, made a fine address on *' America's IdeaHsm," followed by an 
address by Rev. William Horace Day, who spoke optimistically of the "New 
Spirit of America." 

The David Humphreys Branch, of New Haven, has recently issued an in- 
teresting leaflet describing the interesting career of David Humphreys, "Soldier, 
Statesman, Poet, and Manufacturer," for whom the Branch is named, and also 
the lake recently created by the dam built by the Connecticut Light and Power 
Company across the Housatonic River, thus perpetuating the name of one of 
Connecticut's Revolutionary sires, who also did much for his community and 
his country, both at home and in diplomatic circles abroad. 

CoL. Jeremiah Wadsworth Branch, of Hartford, held its annual meeting on 
February 20 at the Hartford Club, having the President General as special honor 
guest for the occasion. President Herbert H. Whitie, of the State Society, was 
also a guest and addressed the Society, taking some of the early colonial families 
of Connecticut as his theme, while the President General made a splendid ad- 
dress on George Washington. The President of the Hartford Branch, George 
S. Godard, presided and spoke of an interesting document, believed to be the 
first edition of the Declaration of Independence, prepared by a woman, Mary 
Catherine Godard. Copies of Col. Francis Parson's article on "The British At- 
tack at Bunker Hill" were distributed, the booklet being published through the 
kind offices of Clarence Horace Wickham, National Trustee for Connecticut. 

District of Columbia Society held a Ladies' Night reception and banquet on 
the occasion of the visit of President General McCamant to Washington, Feb- 
ruary 15. The Society also had as its special guests Vice-President and Mrs. 
Coolidge, for whom a special reception committee was appointed. Following 
the formal reception a ceremony attending the presentation of two new flags, 
which included the formal salute, the repetition of "The America's Creed," and 
the singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner," was held. Then, under the direction 
of President Selden M. Ely, new members were installed. An entertainment of 
music and esthetic dancing followed, after which refreshments and social 
dancing were indulged in. 

On February 22 the eighth joint celebration of the Sons of the Revolution in 
the District of Columbia, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the 
Sons of the American Revolution of the District of Columbia took place. 
This was a formal program of patriotic music and addresses, the principal 
speaker being Dr. Thomas Edward Green, of the American Red Cross. This 
was the occasion upon which a gold medal was awarded by these Societies jointly 
for an historical essay by a high-school pupil, Registrar General William S. 
Parks being the chairman of committee of judges for this award. The title 
of the prize essay was "The Expedition of George Rogers Clark," which was 
written by Karl G. Pearson, of the Eastern High School. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Dlinois Society held, on February ii, in Chicago, the largest banquet in the 
history of the Society when its honor guests were General Pershing and Presi- 
dent General McCamant. Past President General Elmer Wentworth was also 
a guest, and all three of these gentlemen delivered inspiring and splendid ad- 
dresses on Lincoln. General Pershing greeted personally 352 guests. On Sun- 
day, February 12, President General McCamant spoke at the Fourth Presbyterian 
Church. The Illinois Society has presented six victrolas to the Hines Hospital, 
where the wounded soldiers will much enjoy and s^preciate them. One thousand 
copies of the "American's Creed" book have been presented to the Chicago 
schools, and this action has been highly commended by Superintendent Mortison. 

Springfield Chapter held a celebration in honor of Washington's Birthday, 
at the St. Nicholas Hotel, with a banquet, at which the President, Mr. Charles 
S. Andrus, presided as toastmaster. The speakers were Hon. Len Small, Gov- 
ernor of Illinois, and Hon. Oliver H. Shoup, Governor of Colorado. The feature 
of the evening was the presentation of eleven War Service medals, ten of these 
being for World War service and one for Spanish-American War service. The 
recipients of the medals were Compatriots Ben B. Boynton, Frank L. Hatch, 
Henry R. Helmle, Philo B. Kane, William J. Leaverton, David Lockie, Charles 
P. Power, John G. Ruckel, Earl B. Searcy, John M. Tipton, and Herman H. 
Tuttle. The presentation was made by Mrs. James B. Searcy, of the Springfield 
Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, whose three sons and son-in-law 
were in the World War. The Springfield Chapter has started active efforts foi 
100 new members. 

The Indiana Society.-^The board of managers of the Indiana Society of the 
Sons of the American Revolution accepted the invitation of John Morton 
Chapter to hold the 1922 annual meeting in Terre Haute, Saturday and Sunday, 
February 25 and 26. The annual business meeting was held Saturday afternoon 
and the banquet Saturday evening. The Sunday program included a motor-car 
pilgrimage to the grave of Patriot William Ray, near Riley, Ind., where the 
official marker was erected. 

Members were to plan their trip so as to arrive in Terre Haute as early 
Saturday as possible, to meet some of the more than fifty new members who have 
registered in the Society this year and to see at first hand some of the big work 
Compatriot Posson has been doing in locating the graves of soldiers of the 
War of Independence. 

John Morton Chapter planned some special entertainment. One session was 
held in the recently restored Memorial Hall, now used by all patriotic societies. 
This building housed the first chartered bank in Indiana and is opposite the 
court-house, where hangs the great bell, made possible through the bequest of 
Colonel Francis Vigo to the county which bears his name. 

The program also provided for a visit to the new Indiana Theater, the most 
beautiful show-house in the country, and in which Compatriot Raymond Towns- 
ley, World War band leader, directs a great orchestra of selected musicians. 

The Society adopted a permanent bronze marker to place on graves of Revo- 
lutionary soldiers, and directed that the setting of each marker be attended by 
appropriate ceremonies. It pledged its co-operation to the State Board of Edu- 
cation in developing the study of Indiana history in the schools of the State — a 
work which has been persistently urged by the committee of the S. A. R. since 

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1908 and which is now definitely assured. Resolutions >yere adopted expressing 
the appreciation of the achievements of the Indiana History Committee; indors- 
ing the adjusted compensation advocated by the American Legion for soldiers 
of the World War ; urging continued activities in the work of marking historic 
places in Indiana; appealing to the State to make a permanent memorial of the 
site of Fort Sackville, Vincennes; and thanking the Knights of Columbus for 
perpetuating the name of the patriot-priest Father Pierre Gibault in establish- 
ing its State home for dependent boys in Vigo County. Charles T. Jewett, 
Trustee for Indiana, read a message of greeting from the Hon. George A* Gor- 
don, loi years old, of Eureka, Kansas, the last surviving member of the Indiana 
Constitutional Convention of 1850. Mr. Gordon is a grandson of George Gor- 
don, a soldier of the War for Independence, and the Society elected him to 
honorary membership and made him Honorary Vice-President for life. The 
meeting was in all respects considered the most successful in the thirty-three 
years of the Society's existence. Compatriot Cornelius F. Posson, of Brazil, is 
the newly elected president. 

The Society mourns the loss by death this month of Compatriot Edward Gil- 
bert, of Tampa, Florida, Honorary Vice-President of the John Morton Chapter, 
of Terre Haute. Mr. Gilbert was a brother of Compatriot Henry Curtis Gilbert 
and their father was the first postmaster of Terre Haute and the first clerk 6f 
the circuit court. Edward Gilbert moved to Florida several years ago to live 
with his daughters. In recognition of services he rendered to the Society as 
Secretary of the Fort Harrison Centennial Association, he was voted an Honor- 
ary Vice-President of the Chapter. 

The Kansas Society held its annual dinner and business meeting on February 
22, at the Elks Club, in Topeka. Addresses were made by Dr. Edmund J. Kulp, 
of the First Methodist Church, and Judge Henry F. Mason, of the Supreme 
Court, interspersed with a musical program. Amendments to the constitution 
and by-laws were adopted, permitting an increased number of vice-presidents, to 
be selected from various portions of the State. Much is hoped by this action 
toward an increase of interest and activity in the organization. Activities for 
the year will be centered upon securing for Kansas a bronze replica of the 
Houdon Statue of General George Washington. The Society has offered to 
co-operate with the State of Idaho in doing honor to the memory of a former 
Governor of Idaho, who recently died in poverty in Kansas. The Society will 
join this year as previously, with the local D. A. R. in providing instructive 
entertainment to newly naturalized citizens periodically through the year, a 
service greatly enjoyed and appreciated both by those for whom it is arranged 
and by the officials in charge of naturalization. 

Maryland Society. — This Society deeply mourns the sudden and tragic death, 
on March 20, of its honored President, Osborne I. Yellott. Mr. Yellott was 
killed in an automobile accident, and details are not at hand at this writing. The 
sympathy of the National Society is extended to the Maryland Society in this 
shocking event. 

Massachusetts Society celebrated Washington's Birthday in a noteworthy 
manner, having as its guest of honor the President General, Judge Wallace 

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McCamant. The exercises were held at the Hotel Victoria, and were opened 
with an informal reception at ii o'clock, followed by luncheon. The receiving 
committee was composed of the President of the Massachusetts Society, George 
Hale Nutting, assisted by Past Presidents of the Society, General Francis Henry 
Appleton, Nathan Warren, Edwin S. Crandon, Luther Atwood, Vernon A. Field, 
Charles French Read, and Henry Fuller Punderson. Vice-President Burton H. 
Wiggin was chairman of the committee of arrangements. The President Gen- 
eral addressed the compatriots on "George Washington the Gentleman," an 
extract of which address is given elsewhere in this issue of the Bulletin. After 
the addresses the ceremony of presentation of World War Service Medals took 
place. Four Medals were awarded to members of the Society who had given 
World War service. 

George Washington Chapter, of Springfield, held its annual meeting at the 
Nyasset Club, and reported a membership of 237. A fine address by Representa- 
tive C. L. Brier, of Boston, in which he outlined and demonstrated the foresight 
shown by George Washington, as evidenced by many of his utterances and 
policies. He instanced, among other points Washington's advocacy of the right 
of self -determinism, or the right of every group or of States to determine which 
way they should go, and his views on the problem of taxation. Washington's 
belief, that "our obligation with the rest of the world is that of consultation," 
was pointed out, and his stand with reference to the maintenance of a reason- 
ably sized army and navy, although a well-known upholder of peace, were 
characterized as similar, if not identical, with the aims of the Washington 
Limitation of Armaments Conference. His attitude on the problem of inmiigra- 
tion, too, believing in selected types of immigrants and an enlarged consular 
service in order to properly care for this important matter, were among the 
points of Washington's character and policies brought out by the speaker. A 
report of progress in the plans for the coming National Congress of the Sons 
of the American Revolution, to be held at Springfield in May, was made by the 
President, Mr. Charles F. Warner, the tentative program for which is to be 
found on another page of this Bulletin. 

Michigan Sociel;y.--WASHTENAW Chapter (Ann Arbor) held a meeting on 
Thursday evening, December 29, to which members were privileged to invite 
guests. President W. B. Hinsdale entertained the Chapter with an address, 
illustrated with lantern slides of pictures taken by himself last summer, show- 
ing Indian remains in Ohio and elsewhere. 

Kent Chapter (Grand Rapids) held a meeting on January 10, at which an 
address was given by Compatriot John S. Lawrence on "The Constitution." At 
their meeting on February 7 Compatriot Mark Norris gave an address en- 
titled "A Forgotten Revolutionary General." 

Detroit Chapter held a meeting on January 31, at the Hotel Statler, Detroit, 
at which the members of the Daughters of the American Revolution were in^ 
vited guests. The principal guest and speaker was Superintendent Frank Cody, 
of the Detroit public schools, who spoke on "Patriotic Education." His account 
of the activities in the public schools in Detroit was illustrated by an exhibition 
of moving pictures showing the pupils at play and work. The progress made 
in musical instruction was evidenced by the playing of an orchestra of fifty-four 
pieces from the Cass Technical High School, of which Compatriot Benjamin 

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F. Comfort is the principal. President Carl F. Clark, of the Detroit Chapter, 
presided at this meeting. This Chapter held a unique historical meeting at the 
Detroit Public Library on February 23. Clarence M. Burton, past President of 
Michigan Society, was the first speaker and introduced William L. Jenks, of 
Port Huron, Historian of Michigan Society, Sons of the American Revolution, 
who read a most interesting paper on "William Hull, First Territorial Governor 
of Michigan." Mr. Jenks presented the career of Governor Hull in a more favor- 
able light than commonly recalled and gave many hitherto-unpublished details 
of his life, and asserted that he had been punished during his court-martial for 
results due to the inefficiency of his superiors and the departments at Washing- 
ton rather than for his own fault. 

Miss Krum, librarian of the Burton Historical Collection, spoke of Mr. 
Burton's magnificent contribution to the people of Detroit, of the historical and 
genealogical collection acquired by him through years of effort, and described 
its invaluable worth. Those present were then taken into the adjoining rooms, 
where the Burton Historical Collection is beautifully housed. 

Mr. Burton pointed out particular priceless treasures of early manuscripts and 
Indian deeds, maps, and diaries, and related how possession of these had been 
obtained, and their destruction prevented. 

Secretary Raymond E. Van Syckle announced that the new Year Book of the 
Chapter disclosed that 30 per cent of the membership of Detroit Chapter served 
in the Army and Navy of the United States during the late war. Of the 378 
members enrolled, 117 received Service Medals from the Chapter in recognition 
of their services in the war. 

Anthony Wayne Chapter held its annual meeting for the election of officers 
February 13, at the Toledo Club, with Hon. Wallace McCamant, President 
General, as guest of honor and speaker of the evening. His address on the life 
and character of Lincoln was scholarly and eloquent. Another guest was 
Dr. Martin, of Grand Rapids, who while a young man occupied desk room in 
Lincoln's Springfield office. Still another guest was Rev. Robert Lincoln Long, 
of Toledo, pastor of Collingwood Avenue Presbyterian Church, bom in Ken- 
tucky and named after the son of the great emancipator. A committee was ap- 
pointed for marking historic sites in northwestern Ohio and another committee 
on American history in the public schools of Ohio. 

The Minnesota Society has made a notable advance by issuing for the first 
time a charter to a local Chapter, namely, Minneapolis Chapter, No. i. The 
Chapter was organized on December 14, 1921, due to the energy of Mr. Charles 
E. Rittenhouse, then President of the State Society, who at that time delivered 
the charter to Dr. Douglas P. Wood, the President of the Minneapolis Chapter, 
and fifteen members, who had originally petitioned for the same, and the charter 
roll has now been signed by about fifty-four, and will be held open until the 
next meeting, to be held on Lexington Day, April 19, thus affording an oppor- 
tunity to others to come in as charter members. A great deal of interest has 
been aroused by this organization, and there is every evidence that the State 
Society will be built up locally through this action. The membership is limited 
to Hennepin County, in which Minneapolis is situated. The new President of 
the Minnesota State Society, Kenneth G. Brill, at a meeting on Washington's 
Birthday, emphasized the importance of this movement in the annals of the 

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State Society. Upon this occasion Dr. Wood offered a prize of $50, to be 
divided among the junior hig^ and upper grades of the schools of Minneapolis, 
for the best four essays on the Battle of Lexington and Concord. 

The Montana Society held its twenty-eighth annual meeting on Wadnesday 
evening, February 22, in the Y. M. C. A. banquet room. President Marcus 
Whritenour presided over the business session, using an historical cherry-wood 
gavel. Five new members were admitted to the Society and applications from 
nine otiiers were announced. A report from the special committee having charge 
of a State-wide prize essay contest for pupils of high schools was made by 
Mr. Charles L. Clark, chairman, and the winning four, two girls and two boys, 
will receive the S. A. R. medals shortly. Officers for the ensuing year were 
elected, as follows: President, Paris B. Bartley; Vice-President, Lyman H. 
Bennett; Secretary-Treasurer, Leslie Sulgrove; Registrar, Willis Jones Egles- 
ton; Historian, Marcus Whritenour; Chaplain, William R. Burroughs; Li- 
brarian, Ranney Y. Lyman. Addresses were made by the retiring President, 
Mr. Whritenour and the newly elected officers, and later a reception, arranged 
by the Oro Fino Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, took place, 
with an enjoyable program of music and dancing. 

Tfae New Jersey Society^ — ^Threefold ceremonies under the auspices of the 
New Jersey Society, Sons of the American Revolution, marked the observance 
of Washington's Birthday, and which covered a period of four days. Beginning 
with Saturday, February 18, when Judge Wallace McCamant, President General, 
was the guest of the New Jersey Society, the final number on the program oc- 
curred at noon on the natal of the Father of His Country. 

First of all the functions was a luncheon given in honor of the President 
General by Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams, Director General and 
Past President of the State Society, the others present being Frank B. Steele, 
Secretary General ; Rev. Dr. Lyman Whitney Allen, Chaplain General and Presi- 
dent of the New Jersey Society; Louis Annin Ames, Past President General; 
David L. Pierson, Past Historian General and Secretary of the New Jersey So- 
ciety; Past Vice-President General Thomas W. Williams; Harry F. Brewer, 
Vice-President New Jersey Society; Carl M. Vail, Past President of the New 
Jersey Society; Judge Adrian Lyon, and Elvord G. Chamberlin, President of 
the Montclair Chapter. A number of toasts were proposed, and after the very 
delightful affair Judge McCamant and Secretary General Steele were escorted 
to the Ford Mansion at Morristown, where Washington made his headquarters 
in 1779-1780. After an inspection of the large number of colonial relics gath- 
ered tiiere, including the original commission issued to Washington by the 
Continental Congress as the Commander-in-Chief, the party returned to Newark 
and to the Robert Treat Hotel, where a banquet was tendered the President 
General by the New Jersey Society, at 7.30 in the evening. 

Major Adams, who presided, announced Sylvester H. M. Agens, President of 
the Newark Chapter, as the toastmaster. Tribute to the State of New Jersey 
for its heroic part in the War for American Independence was paid by the 
President General in the only speech delivered, after the one of welcome by the 
toastmaster. Toasts were drunk to the President of the United States, the 

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Army, the Navy, and the Sons of the American Revolution. The benediction 
was offered by Rev. Dr. Allen, Chaplain General. 


Photograph taken after placing wreath on the Washington Statue on 
February 22, 1922 

Then the party adjourned to the headquarters of the New Jersey Society, at 
33 Lombardy Street, Newark, which was then given its official housewarming. 
The building, of brownstone, three stories in height, was occupied on October 

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27, 1921, the anniversary of Roosevelt's birthday, and in less than two months, 
the purchase price amounting to many thousands of dollars, was paid, and the 
property is now held free and clear by the Sons of the American Revolution 
Realty Company. There was no speechmaking at the headquarters, the recep- 
tion committee of the house committee being Chester N. Jones, chairman ; Wil- 
liam J. Conkling, and Russell B. Rankin. 

On Sunday afternoon the Montclair Chapter held its annual service, in memory 
of Washington's Birthday, at the First Congregational Church, on Fullerton 
Avenue, in that city. The handsome church, nearly filled, has a seating capacity 
of 1,200. President General McCamant was the speaker of the afternoon, and 
thrilled the large congregation with an illuminating address on the life and char- 
acter of the First American. The procession as it entered the church from the 
chapel was one of the most inspirational scenes connected with the New Jersey 
Society, in its nearly third of a century of existence. Nearly every Chapter, of 
which there are twelve, carried its colors, and other societies also were well 
represented. "Onward Christian Soldiers" was the processional hymn, follow- 
ing which came the invocation offered by President General Dr. Lyman Whitney 
Allen; the pledge to the Flag by President Elvord G. Chamberlin, of the Mont- 
clair Cl^apter; the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and an address of wel- 
come by President Chamberlin. Prayer was offered by Rev. Frederick P. Young. 
Rev. Dr. Allen introduced the President General, as the President of the New 
Jersey Society, and Major Adams, in behalf of Montclair Chapter. 

Another event in the series of celebrations of Washington's Birthday remem- 
brances' was the presentation of a charter to the Captain Abraham Godwin 
Chapter^ at Paterson, on Tuesday night, February 21. The Chapter was insti- 
tuted on October 22, with eighty members. Compatriot Albert Lincoln Wyman, 
President, and who presided, presented the national colors and Compatriot Peter 
Quackenbush the S. A.. R. colors to the Chapter. Rev. Dr. Lyman Whitney 
Allen; President, made the address of presenting the charter and then called 
upon David L. Pierson, Secretary, to make the formal presentation as the one 
who had suggested and assisted in perfecting the organization. Congressman 
Walter M. Chandler, of New Yock, delivered a glowing address on "The Re- 
public of the Fathers." The G. A. R. and the D. A. R. were largely represented 
in the meeting. 

Compatriots of the New Jersey Society gathered at the headquarters in the 
forenoon of Washington's Birthday, and at 11 o'clock held informal exercises 
in remembrance of the day. Sylvester H. M. Agens, chairman of the committee 
of arrangements, made an address of welcome; the invocation was offered by 
Rev. M. S. Waters, Historian of the State Society, and an address on "Indi- 
vidual Responsibility" was deHvered by David L. Pierson, Secretary. Chester 
N. Jones, master of ceremonies, then formed a procession, led by the chairman 
and State Secretary, which proceeded to the Washington statue, in Washington 
Park, and just at 12 noon a large wreath of calix and other leaves, surmotmted 
with the national and S. A. R. colors, was placed thereon by Robert Osborne 
Washington, eight years old, a direct descendant of the family of which Wash- 
ington was a member. Returning to headquarters, a picture of the building and 
of the colors and official party was taken. 

Passaic Vai,i.Ey Chapter held a very interesting meeting at the Summit 
Y. M. C. A, on Friday, February 24. The speaker of the evening was John 

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Lenord Merrill, Past President of the State Society and twice President of 
Orange Chapter, now occupying the office. 

The Second River Chapter has elected new officers as follows : John N. 
Klein, President; Edward C. Axtell, Vice-President; Henry L. Denison, Secre- 
tary; Brewster H. Jones, Treasurer; Edwin R. Ackerman, Historian; W. W. 
Draper, Registrar; Chaplain, Rev. J. Garland Hamner. The Chapter enjoyed a 
dinner on January 27, at the Second Reformed Church, Belleville, the speakers 
including Compatriots Rev. Dr. Frank A. Smith, of Elizabeth, and Chester N. 
Jones, Past President of the State Society. 

Newark Chapter met at the headquarters on January 27 and listened to a 
very able address by Colonel James W. Howard, on "The Citizens' Duty." Rus- 
sell B. Rankin is the Registrar of the Chapter, a recently created office. He has 
been instrumental in adding a number of compatriots to the roster. 

Rev. Charles L. Reynolds, Chaplain of the Newark Chapter, was the speaker 
at the February meeting, held at the home of Colonel James W. Howard, on 
February 27. An address by Rev. Dr. Lyman Whitney Allen, Chaplain General 
and President of the New Jersey Society, was expected, but he was seized with 
an attack of laryngitis during the day and was unable to attend. President" 
Sylvester H. M. Agens presided, and others who spoke were Chester N. Jones, 
Past President, and David L. Pier son. Secretary of the New Jersey Society. 
Russell B. Rankin, Registrar, reminded the Chapter that its tenth anniversary 
will occur on March 29 and it will be observed with a meeting at the State 
headquarters, as now planned. 

Orange Chapter met at the headquarters on January 23, and, with the genial 
manners and resourcefulness of President Merrill, the meeting was, with the 
address on Americanization by Compatriot Harry F. Brewer, Jr., First Vice- 
President of the State Society, made very delightful. 

Francis Edwin Elwell, member of the New Jersey Society, died suddenly at 
Noroton, Conn., on January 23, while waiting for a trolley car. He was de- 
scended from forebears who battled at Concord Bridge and he was a friend of 
Emerson, Thoreau, Louisa Alcott, and others of the intellectual group gathered 
at Concord in the period of half a century ago. Compatriot Elwell designed 
innumerable memorials, but of them all the one at Orange, in the old burying- 
ground, showing the Dispatch Rider in almost lifelike pose, is considered one of 
his best. His unusual ability to portray real life and give warmth and glow to 
bronze makes his work stand out pre-eminently as among the leaders of artistic 
merit. Mr. Elwell was also a member of Orange Chapter. 

Compatriots Major Adams and Albert Lincoln Wyman have both delivered 
addresses over the radio, the Major on the night of Washington's Birthday, 
. which is also his. 

Empire State Society. — ^The State Society has been active and represented on 
many important occasions during 1922. It was represented by Compatriot Louis 
Annin Ames, Director General of the National Society, who spoke before the 
Montclair Chapter of the S. A. R. on the evening of February 7, at the New 
Jersey headquarters, Newark, N. J., and attended on Friday, February 17, at the 
Union League Club, New York, the meeting of the National Executive Board 
and a luncheon tendered the President General, at the Union League Club, on 
February 18; also a banquet tendered the President General by the New Jersey 

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Society at the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, N. J.; also at the meetings of the 
Daughters of the Cincinnati and the Dames of the Loyal Legion. 

New York Chapter. — ^Washington's Birthday observances of the New York 
Chapter were extensive and successful as usual this year and included the reg- 
ular Chapter meeting on the eve of Washington's Birthday, Tuesday, February 
21, 1922, at the Army and Navy Club. Preceding the meeting a dinner was 
served and largely attended. The Chapter had as its honored guest Hon. Wal- 
lace McCamant, Portland, Oregon, President General of the National Society, 
who spoke eloquently of the need of active and constructive work by the Na- 
tional Society and all its chapters and members. He spoke of the important 
need of Americanization work in our schools and gave quotations to prove that 
many teachers and even text-book histories needed the true Revolutionary 
Americanization spirit. Such work was pointed out as extremely appropriate 
and practical for those in the S. A. R. who sought activities of real benefit to 
the "men of tomorrow." 

A patriotic mass meeting was largely attended by members of the S. A. R. 
at Carnegie Hall, Wednesday morning, February 22, 1922. The annual church 
service was held on Sunday afternoon, February 26, at the Church of the Divine 
Paternity, and an eloquent appeal for Americanization was made by Compatriot 
Joseph Fort Newton, D. D., Chaplain of the Chapter. The cadets of the New 
York State Nautical School were the escort of honor. The following patriotic 
societies were represented: Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters 
of the Revolution, Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Dames of America, Colonial 
Dames of State of New York, Patriotic Women of America, United States 
Daughters of 1812, Daughters of the Cincinnati, Society of Colonial Wars, Mili-* 
tary Order of the Loyal Legion, Founders and Patriots of America, Society of 
American Wars, Saint Nicholas Society, Saint Andrews' Society, Canadian So- 
ciety, Huguenot Society, National Security League, The Union Society of the 
Civil War, and Veterans of the World War. 

Rochester Chapter. — On December 18, 1921, the South Congregational Church 
of this city conducted a special Forefathers' Day patriotic service, in which the 
members of this Chapter participated. The pastor, Rev. Joseph B. Kettle, deliv- 
ered an address upon "The Pilgrim Fathers." On January 20 the regular quar- 
terly meeting of the Chapter was held in the D. A. R. Chapter House, at which 
the wives of the members, the officers of the Irondequoit Chapter, D. A. R., and 
many new or eligible members attended. Compatriot Charles Francis Adams, 
Past President of the Buffalo Chapter, S. A. R., gave a unique and delightful 
monologue, both in poetry and prose. A luncheon was served in the dining- 
room of the Chapter House, at which the President of the Empire State Society, 
Hon. Harvey F. Remington, and wife were present. At the Board of Managers' 
meeting in December a committee was appointed to co-operate with the Roch- . 
ester Historical Society in erecting a tablet upon the site of the home of Col. 
Nathaniel Rochester, founder of the city. This committee includes compatriot 
Rochester H. Rogers, a descendant of Colonel Rochester. On Sunday evening, 
February 12, the Chapter members attended a special Abraham Lincoln service 
at the First Methodist Episcopal Church. On the 28th of February Judge Mc- 
Camant, President General of the National Society, S. A. R., visited the Roch- 
ester Chapter and was entertained by the officers and many compatriots. 

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The C01...C0RNE1.IUS Van Dyck Chapter. — ^This Chapter, in co-operation with 
the Schenectady Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the 
Beukendaal Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, had a very 
interesting meeting on March 7. Mr. Harry V. Bush, of Canajoharie, spoke on 
"The Mohawk Valley," which address was illustrated with stereopticon pictures 
of historical places in the valley. The speaker was introduced by E. R. Whitney, 
President of the Chapter. 

Painted Post Chapter. — ^At the annual election of officers of the Painted Post 
Chapter the following were chosen: Hon. Alanson B. Houghton, newly ap- 
pointed ambassador to Germany, President; E. Stuart Underbill, Jr., of Corning, 
Vice-President; John L. Chatfield, of Painted Post, Secretary; William J. Heer- 
mans, of Corning, Treasurer; Uri Mulford, of Corning, Historian; Arthur A. 
Houghton, of Corning, Dr. Byron Pierce, of Coopers Plains, and Hon. Delmar 
M. Darrin, of Addison, Board of Managers. The Chapter has had an active 

Genesee Chapter. — This Chapter is co-operating with Deo-on-go-wa Chapter, 
D. A. R., in a search for the graves of men who fought in the Revolution and 
who are buried in this county. Many have been located. When one is found, 
the man's service record is looked up in the rosters of the Revolutionary regi- 
ments and tabulated, along with all matters concerning his life. Regular meet- 
ings have been held the fourth Friday in each month, which have been well 
attended and at which important historical matters have been treated. The 
membership included compatriots in Batavia, Warsaw, Oakfield, Elba, Medina, 
and Alexander. 

The Buffaw) Chapter held a most interesting meeting on the evening of 
Saturday, February 11, at the Touraine Hotel. The occasion was a dinner, 
which was attended by about fifty members. The speaker of the evening was 
Mr. Frederick J. Libby, Executive Secretary of the National Council for the 
Limitation of Armaments. Mr. Libby gave a most illuminating and eloquent 
address on the workings of the Conference in Washington and made a plea for 
the influence of our members toward the early ratification of the treaties. ' 

North Dakota. — This Society has been making very encouraging gains in 
membership this year, so that it dares to look with envy upon one of the Travel- 
ing Banners. Whether successful or not in securing either of these, North Da- 
kota hopes to give other contestants cause to look carefully to their laurels in 
this important matter. A local Chapter has been organized at Grand Forks, the 
first one in this State to be authorized by the State Society. The organization 
meeting was held February 27, local members and ladies attending a dinner 
presided over by Past President Vernon P. Squires and addressed by Com- 
patriot Prof. John Adams Taylor, of the State University, on "The Social and 
Economic Life of the Pilgrims." The charter of the new Chapter will be pre- 
sented at the annual meeting and dinner of the State Society to be held in Grand 
Forks on Patriots' Day, April 19, at which time the new Chapter will entertain 
the State Society. The officers of the new Chapter elected at this organization 
meeting are: President, Vernon P. Squires; Vice-President, John Adams Tay- 
lor ; Secretary- Registrar, George F. Rich ; Treasurer, F. F. Burchard ; Historian, 
A. H. Yoder, and Chaplain, Dr. S. Paige Jordan. 

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Ohio Society. — Members of Anthony Wayne Chapter, Sons of th» American 
Revolution (Toledo), were delightfully entertained in the home of Compatriot 
A. M. Woolson, on Parkwood Avenue, Tuesday evening, November 22, 1921". 
The evening was arranged by Dudley Watson Moor, President of the local 
Chapter, and Walter J. Sherman, President of the Ohio Society, assisted by 
Compatriots George E. Pomeroy, O. S. Brumback, George Seney, Whitney, 
Gardiner, Nye, and Middleton. Prof. Josef Martin, who has lately come from 
New York to make Toledo his home, gave several splendid piano selections, 
and an impromptu talk by Dr. Allen A. Stockdale was also an interesting feature 
of the program. 

The Oklahoma Society held its annual meeting on February 22, at which time 
new officers were elected, Mr. George L. Bowman, of Kingfisher, being the new 
President of the Society and Mr. Edward Ferris McKay, retiring President, 
assuming the office of Secretary. Features of the program were patriotic read- 
ings and music, including "A Letter of 1748" and the recently issued brochure 
on Fort McHenry. Mr. Barritt Galloway, the retiring Secretary, spoke on "Fort 
McHenry Today," having had ten months of service there during the World 
War. Resolutions were adopted petitioning Congress to make a permanent me- 
morial of Fort McHenry. An address on "Washington" was given by Rev. 
E. D. Salkeld. Resolutions were adopted requesting the next Oklahoma Legis- 
lature to commemorate in some suitable way the centennial of the establishing 
of Fort Gibson and Fort Towson in Oklahoma, which anniversary occurs in 1924. 

The Oregon Society held its annual meeting on February 22, at which the fol- 
lowing officers were elected: President, B. B. Beekman; Vice-President, Win- 
throp Hammond; Secretary, B. A. Thaxter; Treasurer, A. A. Lindsley; Regis- 
trar, Alfred Parker; members of Board of Managers, Charles F. Beebe, B. E. 
Sanford, P. P. Dabney, and J. S. Cooper, Jr. A resolution was passed endors- 
ing the 'movement to secure congressional action setting aside Fort McHenry as 
a national memorial park, and a special committee was appointed to confer with 
Oregon Senators and Representatives relative thereto. The action of the Board 
of Managers in electing Wallace McCamant President General and Dr. John H. 
Boyd, now deceased, honorary life members of the Oregon Society was unani- 
mously ratified. The annual dinner on the evening of the same day was an ex- 
ceptionally pleasant event and was enjoyed by a large number of members and 
guests. Dr. Richard F. Scholz, President of Reed College, deliver^ a very 
scholarly and forceful address upon the subject "Washington and the American 
Tradition"; Prof. Alfred E. Zimmern, formerly of Oxford University, more 
recently of the University of Wales, who attended the Washington Conference 
on Limitation of Arms as observer and is now engaged in lecturing in American 
colleges on international relations, spoke instructively on "The Present Inter- 
national Situation" ; the closing address, given by Dr. William Hung, Professor 
of History in the University of Pekin, on "Washington's Influence on the Chi- 
nese," was very pleasing and informative. The three addresses furnished a 
most interesting review of Washington's service and far-reaching influence from 
American, British, and Chinese viewpoints. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Pennsylvania Society held its annual meeting February 22, with election 
of officers in the afternoon, at the Chamber of Commerce, in Pittsburgh, and a 
banquet in the evening, at which addresses were heard by ex-Gov. Andrew J. 
Montague, of Virginia; Congressman A. W. Barkley, of Paducah, Ky.; Bishop 
Charles B. Mitchell, of Minnesota, and Dr. Dorsey C. Murphy, dean of Slippery 
Rock Normal School. The new President of the Pennsylvania Society is Mr. 
W. C. Lyne, of Pittsburgh, senior member in point of service of the State Board 
of Managers, and represents an old colonial Revolutionary family, distinguished 
for service in the English Parliament, the American Congress, the President's 
Cabinet, and during the Revolutionary period was represented on Washington's 
staff and the House of Virginia Burgesses, and also furnished, in William Lyne, 
the chairman of the famous Committee of Safety of King and Queen County, 

President Lyne has been active in the work of Americanizing foreign citizens, 
and during the war was on the Executive National Committee, of which Theodore 
Roosevelt was the advisory head. He also was a delegate to the Win-the-War 
Convention, held in Philadelphia, presided over by ex- President Taft, and served 
on the Executive Council of the Four Minute Men, organized by Woodrow 
Wilson, and was a member of the Intercollegiate Bureau, acting in an advisory 
relation with the Administration in Washington. 

McKeesport Chapter, the newest chapter of the Pennsylvania Society, was 
formally organized on February 10 with a charter membership of twenty-five 
and about fifteen. others pending. About fifty attended the organization meeting, 
at which the charter was presented by officers of the State Society. The charter 
is dated January 19, 1922. The first officers chosen were: President, A. E. 
Leffler; Vice-President, A. B. Holmes; Secretary, John A. Kelso; Treasurer, 
Gilbert F. Myer; Historian, J. C. Miller; Registrar, Marion M. Ginn; Chaplain, 
Rev. George R. PhilUps. The formation of this new Chapter is largely due to 
the efforts and enthusiasm of the late Dr. J. P. Blackburn, former Vice-President 
of the Pennsylvania Society and resident of McKeesport. 

The Pennsylvania Society deeply mourns the death, on January 22, of Dr. 
James Power Blackburn, of McKeesport. Dr. Blackburn was Vice-President 
of the Pennsylvania State Society and member of the Board of Managers. He 
was deeply beloved by all who knew him and highly respected and regarded 
among the members of the medical profession. He was always deeply inter- 
ested in S. A. R. matters and was instrumental in organizing a Chapter at 
McKeesport, which held its initial meeting on February 10 with twenty-five 
charter members. Dr. Blackburn was a member of the American Medical Asso- 
ciation and the Pennsylvania State and Allegheny County Medical Societies. 
He was instrumental in forming the McKeesport Academy of Medicine and 
served as its first President and was on the staff of the local hospital since its 
inception. He was chief surgeon for the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad 
and consulting surgeon for the Pittsburgh Railway Company. Dr. Blackburn 
was also interested in Masonic affairs, being actively associated with McKees- 
port Lodge, F. and A. M., Royal Arch Masons, Commandery, Knights Templar, 
and Mystic Shrine. He traced his lineage far back of his American Revo- 
lutionary ancestry, of which he was justly proud, to that of William the Con- 
queror. The Society at large joins with Pennsylvania in a sincere sense of loss 
in the death of Dr. Blackburn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Rhode Island Society annual meeting took place on February 22, the busi- 
ness session being held at noon in the rooms of the Rhode Island Historical So- 
ciety and a banquet in the evening at the Turks Head Club. The new. President 
of the Society is Mr. Herbert Ambrose Rice. The speaker at the banquet was 
the Hon. Alexander Monro Grier, K. C, of Toronto, Ontario, who made an 
eloquent and charming address. 

The Tennessee Society. — One more than twice the number ever present prior 
to this year attended the meeting of the Tennessee Society in Nashville on the 
evening of February 22, when twenty-two new members took the obligation of 
the ritual. The Society was addressed, on "George Washington, the Gentleman," 
by Dr. Edwin Mims, of Vanderbilt University, who said: "It is always a very 
fine thing to renew the ideals of our country, and if we keep before us always 
these ideals, this same unselfishness, this same love of country that we were all 
lifted to four years ago, we have solved the problem of citizenship." 

W. K. Boardman, F. W. Millspaugh, John C. Brown, J. Tyree Fain, and Capt. 
Douglas Henry were elected delegates to the Springfield Congress, with Edward 
West Foster, Robert C. Foster, Leland Hume, and L. E. Gates as alternates. 
Tennessee is planning to send a full delegation. 

On February 25 the Society presented the patriotic play "America First" in 
the Ryman Auditorium, in Nashville, before an audience of several thousands. 
The curtain raiser was "A Colonial Tea Party," a tableau presented by the 
Colonial Dames, the D. A. R., and the Girls' Cotillion Club. The entire proceeds 
were given to the 114th Machine-Gun Battalion toward their fund for a marker 
in honor of the many Tennessee boys who gave up their lives in France in 1918. 

On March 12 the Tennessee Society joined with the Colonial Dames in pre- 
senting Americanization films, which were seen with great interest by recently 
naturalized citizens and by those who have applied for naturalization. The 
series of films will be displayed in local theaters for five weeks by the patriotic 
organizations of the city. 

Tennessee expects to announce to the National Congress the formation of 
four Hve chapters in the State. 

The Tennessee Society expects to go before the 1922 Congress with an urgent 
invitation for the Congress of 1923 to be held in Nashville. The Society feels 
that a great and much-needed impetus will be given to the organization in 
Tennessee if this invitation be accepted, and that it would also be of benefit to 
the visiting delegates in familiarizing them with points of historical interest in 
that section and with its commercial and social aspects. 

The Utah Society had a large attendance at its annual meeting, held in Salt 
Lake City, December 27, 1921. Much enthusiasm was displayed and a reso- 
lution was unanimously adopted to invite the holding of the Thirty-fourth 
Annual Congress of the National Society in Salt Lake City in the summer of 
1923, and measures have been taken to, if possible, secure this Congress of the 
National Society for the Rocky Mountain West, but one meeting of the National 
Society having ever been held on the western side of the Continental Divide. 
Hon. Robert E. McConaughy, of Salt Lake City, was chosen as President in 
succession to former Governor Heber M. Wells, retiring President, now resid- 
ing in Washington, D. C, and General John Q. Cannon was chosen as Vice- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


President. The twenty-eighth annual banquet will be held at the Weber Club, 
Ogden, Utah, on April 19, the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, Hon. 
Stuart P. Dobbs, of Ogden, being chairman of the banquet committee. This is 
the first time the annual banquet has been held outside of Salt Lake City, and 
the Salt Lake members and their ladies will make the thirty-seven-mile trip by 
automobile over the boulevard connecting these very beautiful cities. 

Vennoiit Society.— The annual meeting of this Society was held in Burlington, 
on the afternoon of February 22. The officers of 1921-22 were, without excep- 
tion, re-elected to serve for the ensuing year. In the evening a joint meeting 
with other patriotic organizations was held, including a banquet at the Hotel 
Sherwood. The speaker of the evening was President Paul D. Moody, of 
Middlebury College, and Compatriot Walter H. Crockett, Secretary of the 
Vermont Society, spoke for the S. A. R. 

The Washington State Society. — Seatti^e Chapter.— The Chapter has held 
five meetings during the year, all well attended. The outstanding effort of the 
year was the Pslgeant, which held first place in the Independence Day cerebration 
of the city of Seattle. The Spirit of '76, a Bunker Hill Phalanx of thirteen 
members in Continental costume, a large American Flag^ carried by the members 
of the Chapter, followed by a beautiful historical float showing an Indian man and 
maid, two Pilgrims and Priscilla, George Washington, a Minute Man, Abraham 
Lincoln, a Civil War Veteran, and the Goddess of Liberty made a really fine 
display, which .was given much space in the local press and created much 
favorable comment. The Seattle Chapter felt great encouragement over the 
success of this effort and the impetus given the Chapter generally as a result of 
this public demonstration. The annual meeting held on the 21st resulted in the 
election of new officers, with the exception of the President, Mr. Walter Burgis 
Beals, who was unanimously re-elected. 


There have been enrolled by the Registrar-General, from November 30, 192 1, 
to March i, 1922, 441 new members as follows: Arizona, 4; California, 14; 
Colorado, 5; Connecticut, 17; Delaware, i; District of Columbia, 12; Florida, 2; 
Georgia, 3; Idaho, i; Illinois, 19; Indiana, 18; Iowa, 19; Kansas, 7; Kentucky, 
6; Louisiana, 13; Maine, 15; Maryland, 10; Massachusetts, 24; Minnesota, 10; 
Missouri, 6 ; Nebraska, 5 ; New Hampshire, i ; New Jersey, 87 ; New Mexico, 3 ; 
New York (Empire State), 35; North Dakota, i; Ohio, 24; Oklahoma, 2; 
Oregon, 4; Pennsylvania, 27; Rhode Island, to; South Dakota, 4; Tennessee, 17; 
Texas, i; Vermont, 4; Virginia, 6; Washington State, 2; Wyoming, 2. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Xtt JB^mortam 

Frank Abbott, District of Columbia Society, died July 15, 1921. 

Frsdsrick Giraro Acsns, New Jersey Society, died December a, 1921. 

Frank E. Alfred, Vermont Society, died September 20, 1921. 

Burton J. Ashlev, Illinois Society, died December 4, 1921. 

Jesse A. Baldwin, First Vice-President, Illinois Society, died December 8, 1921. 

Merrick Reimer Baldwin, New Jersey Society, died February 17, 1922. 

Lewis E. BeitlER, Pennsylvania Society, died January 22^ 1922. 

James Power Blackburn, Pennsylvania Society, died January 23, 1922. 

Frederick Bostwick, Registrar, Connecticut Society, died January 22^ 1922. 

Herbert Bowen, Michigan Society, died December 17, 1921. 

Orlando Bowman, New Hampshire Society, died May 5, 19 18. 

John H. Boyd, Oregon Society, died January 12, 1922. 

Charles Henry Bradbury, Life Member Massachusetts Society, died January 30, 1 

Newton May Brooks, District of Columbia Society, died July 2, 1921. 

George Vanderhopf Brower, Empire State Society, died October 14, 192 1. 

Hon. Emory Albert Chase, Empire State Society, died June 25, 192 1. 

Gracey Childers, District of Columbia Society, died March 18, 1921. 

William Franklin Clark, District of Columbia Society, died January 24, 1922. 

MiLON Oscar Clupf, Massachusetts Society, died November 21, 1921. 

William Brown Cogswell, Empire State Societ^^ died June 7, 192 1. 

Charles William Coombs, District of Columbia Society, died January 16, 1922. 

Aaron Baldwin Curry, North Dakota Society, died March 13, 1921. 

George Alvin Dana, Vice-President Nebraska Society, died October 27, 1921. 

j6sEPH Dorr, Massachusetts Society, died December 15, 1921. 

John Elrick, Pennsylvania Society, died November 6, 1921. 

Francis Edwin Elwell, New Jersey Society, died January 23, 1922. 

Rev. W. E. Eyster, Nebraska Society, died June 18, 1921. 

Jerome T. Flint, Vermont Society, died April 21, 1921. 

Charles Flowers, Michigan Society, died Octobrt* 27 ^ 1921. 

Oscar B. Frye, Iowa Society, died July 9, 192 1. 

Clinton Burt Gibbs, Empire State Society, died September 24, i92i. 

George Lambert Gould, Massachusetts Society, died October 30, 192 1. 

Charles F. Greene, Vermont Society, died November 15, 1921. 

David Allston Gurney, Massachusetts Society, died June 6, 1921. 

Frank Hanford, Washington State Society, died November 20, 1921. 

Rosslyn Joseph Hanson, North Dakota Society, died October 18, 1921. 

William P. Harris, Michigan Society, died February 5, 1922. 

Bernard Hooe Harrison, District of Columbia Society, died September 19, 1921. 

Clifford Cyrus Haynes, Massachusetts Society, died November 13, 1920. 

Paul T. Hayne, South Carolina Society, died September 14, 1921. 

G. Warren Haywood, Massachusetts Society, died January 23, 1922. 

Nathaniel W. Hobbs, New Hampshire Society, died August 2, 1921. 

Alexander Martin Holden, Empire State Society, died May 31, 1921. 

Benjamin Proctor Holmes, New Jersey Society, died January 20, 1922. 

Charles Fred Jennings, Utah Society, died December 27 , 1921. 

A. R. JobES, Oregon Society, died November 23, 1921. 

Joseph Taber Johnson, District of Columbia Society, died March 12, 1921. 

Wallace Lowe Kimball, Massachusetts Society, died December 7, 1921. 

Theodore G. Lewis, Empire State Society, died September 28, 1920. 

William Wilson Lighthipe, Empire State Society, died August 7, 1921. 

William Elias Litchfield, Massachusetts Society, died November 19, 1921. 

Maxwell Bundy Llewellyn, Minnesota Society, died September 29, 192 1. 

James Edward McDowell, Pennsylvania Society, died September 3, 1921. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


William E. Martin, Pennsylvania Society, died November 4, 1921. 

Henry B. Miller, Oregon Society, died November 28, 1921. 

William John Nevins, New Jersey Society, died February 11, 1922. 

George W. Orr, Michigan Society, died January 23, 1922. 

K. Southard Parker, District of Columbia Society, died October 21, 1921. 

Jesse Peterson, vEmpire State Society, died October 12, 1921. 

Francis Mohun Phelps, District of Columbia Society, died March 17, 1921. 

Henry Blackman Plumb, District of Columbia Society, died May 2jy 192 1. 

Franklin Chase Poppleton, Ohio Society, died November 18, 1921. 

Charles Allen Rice, Pennsylvania Society, died January 30, 1922. 

Mason Noble Richardson, District of Columbia Society, died November 12, 1921. 

William W, Riter, Utah Society, died January 17, 1922. 

George P. Rust, Oklahoma Society, died January 31, 1920. 

James F. Seavey, New Hampshire Society, died August 15, 1920. 

William Sherer, Empire State Society, died November 20, 1921. 

William Sherbr, Jr., Empire State Society, died November 5, 1921. 

Daniel Howe Simmons, real son of a Revolutionary soldier, member Oregon Society, 

died January 12, 1922. 
Addison Henry Smith, Massachusetts Society, died October 18, 192 1. 
George W. Sparks, Delaware Society, died November 2jy 1921. 
Welton Stanford, Empire State Society, died January 17, 1922. 
EJ. R. Sullivan, Pennsylvania Society, died February 3, 1922. 
Hon. David A. Taggert, New Hampshire Society, died February 9, 1922. 
Major Henry Sherman Vail, Illinois Society, died February 16, 1919. 
John T. Van Orsdale, Colonel, U. S. Army, Empire State Society, died October 18, 

Reuben E. Walker, New Hampshire Society, died January i, 1922. 
Frederick M. Wells, Vermont Society, died May 19, 192 1. 
Herman John Westwood, Empire State Society, died November 22, 1921. 
Charles White Whittlesey, Massachusetts Society, died November 26^ 1921. 
Dorvil Miller Wilcox, Massachusetts Society, died January 24, 1922. 
Nathan Gallup Williams, Empire State Society, died July 30, 1921. 
Joseph Clark Winans, New Jersey Society, died August 9, 1921. 
Henry C. Winsor, New Jersey Society, died February 6, 1922. 
Edward Cazneau Wyeth, Massachusetts Society, died January 19, 1922. 
Osborne I. Yellott, President Maryland Society, died (suddenly) March 19, 1922. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


NOVEMBER 30, 1921, TO MARCH 1, 1922. 

ENOCH BOOTH ABELL, Md. (353So). Supplemental. Son of James F. and Maria 
James (Nuthall) Abell; grandson of Enoch B. and Ann (Norris) Abell; great-grandson 

of John Booth and Elizabeth ( ) Abell; great*-grandson of John Abell, Lieutenant, 

St. Mary's County, Maryland Militia. 

FRED DEAN ADAMS, Warren, Ohio. (36480). Son of Fred W. and Olive (Palmeter) 
Adams; grandson of Whittlesey and Margaret (Smith) Adams; great-grandson of Asael 
and Lucy (Mygat) Adams; greats-grandson of Asahel Adams, private, Connecticut Line 
and "Guards." 

FRED WHITTLESEY ADAMS, Warren, Ohio. (36478). Son of Whittlesey and Mar- 
garet (Smith) Adams; grandson of Asael and Lucy (Mygatt) Adams; great-grandson of 
Asahel Adams, private, 7th Regt., Connecticut Line and "Guards." 

GUILFORD JONES ADAMS, Humboldt, Tenn. (36072). Son of John Jeremiah Robert 
and Jennie (Webb) Adams; grandson of Jeremiah Mitchell and Ann (Hampton) Adams; 
great-grandson of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Griggs) Adams; great'-grandson of Richard 
Adams, Jr.; greats-grandson of Richard Adams, member Virginia Convention of 1775. 

NORMAN WHITTLESEY ADAMS, Warren, Ohio. (36479). Same as Fred Dean Adams, 
Ohio (36480). 

SYLVESTER HALSEY MOORE AGENS, N. J. (32374). Supplemental. Son of Freder- 
ick Girard and Emma Louise (Moore) Agens; grandson of Sylvester Halsey and Hen- 
rietta Malvina (Peshine) Moore; great-grandson of Jacob and Prussia Ailing (Ball) 
Peshine; greats-grandson of Pierre Abraham PSchin, French patriot, house burned by 
Hessians and young son taken prisoner. 

WILLIAM HENRY ALEXANDER, Columbus, Ohio. (36476). Son of Thomas Carroll 
and Martha Ann (Banta) Alexander; grandson of Henry and Susan (Winniford) Banta; 
great-grandson of Isaac and Eliza (Barker) Banta; great*-grandson of David and Mary 
(De Mott) Banta; great*-grandson of Hendrick (Henry) Banta, private, York County, 
Pennsylvania Militia and Associators, member Committee of Observation. 

FRANK OILMAN ALLEN, Norwood, Mass. (36122). Life Member. Son of Frank 
(Mitchell) and Abbie L. (Oilman) Allen; grandson of Isaac M. and Diana (Page) Allen; 
great-grandson of Isaac and Susanna (Mitchell) Allen; greats-grandson of Asa and Abi- 
gail (Blunt) Allen; great*-grandson of Samuel Allen, private, Senior Class, Col. Gravy's 
Regt., Massachusetts Militia, Member Com. of Correspondence, Rhode Island Legislature 
and Justice of Court of Common Pleas. 

FREDERICK CRANE ALLING, New York, N. Y. (36385). Son of Charles and Harriet 
(Scovile) Ailing; grandson of John and Jane (Robinson) Ailing; great-grandson of John 
and Sally Fulton (Hamilton) Ailing; greats-grandson of John Ailing, Lieutenant, Bald- 
win's New Jersey Regt., Artillery Artificers. 

WIRT HIMES ALLISON, Sioux Falls, So. Dak. (30669) Son of James and Dorothy A. 
(Himes) Allison; grandson of William and Nancy Ann (Feeter) Himes; great-grandson 
of William and Elizabeth (Bellinger) Feeter; greats-grandson of Adam Bellinger, private, 
scout and guide, Tryon County, New York Militia. 

EARLE HOLMES AMOS, Indianapolis, Ind. (35515). Son of James Oliver and Beulah 
Mary (Holmes) Amos; grandson of Francis Marion and Eunice Ann (Cisne) Amos; great- 
grandson of Emanuel and Sarah (Girard) Cisne (Cessna); greats-grandson of Stephen 
and Mary (Rose) Cessna; greats-grandson of Jonathan and Rebecca (Worley) Cessna; 
great*-grandson of John Cessna, Major, Bedford County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

JAMES OLIVER AMOS, Terre Haute, Ind. (35514)- Son of Francis Marion and Eunice 
Ann (Cisne) Amos; grandson of Emanuel and Sarah (Girard) Cisne (Cessna); great- 
grandson of Stephen and Mary (Rose) Cessna; greatS-grandson of Jonathan and Rebecca 
(Worley) Cessna; greaf'-grandson of John Cessna, Major, Bedford County, Pennsylvania 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SPENCER ElrWELL ANDERSON, Seattle, Wash. (34049). Son of Wendell A. and 
Susan M. (Small) Anderson; grandson of Abraham W. and Joannah T. (Waterman) 
Anderson; great-grandson of John Waterman, private, Col. Thcophilas Cotton's Regt., 
Massachusetts Militia; great-grandson of John and Mary (Harris) Waterman; great-- 
grandson of William Harris, Captain, Cumberland County, Massachusetts Militia. 

JESSE CHARLES ANDREW, West Point, Ind. (36430). Son of Thomas M. and Lida 
(Atkins) Andrew; grandson of Jesse and Sarah Warwick (Nichol) Andrew; great- 
grandson of John Andrew, Surgeon, New Jersey Militia; grandson of Joseph and Lor- 
etta (Hooper) Atkins; great-grandson of Pontius and Lydia (Clark) Hooper; great-- 
grandson of Samuel Clark, Captain and Major, New York Troops; greats-grandson of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Fowler) Clark; great*-grandson of Samuel Fowler, private, Ulster 
County, New York Militia. 

JOSEPH ATKINS ANDREW, La Fayette, Ind. (36429). Same as Jesse Charles Andrew, 
Indiana. (36430). 

THOMAS MOORE ANDREW, Jr., Boston, Mass. (Ind. 36428). Same as Jesse Charles 
Andrew, Indiana. (36430). 

A. LESTER ANDRUS, Portland, Ore. (35063). Son of Wallace R. and Annie (Mead) 
Andrus; grandson of Marcus and Harriet (Sturges) Mead; great-grandson of Calvin 
Mead, private, Ninth Regt., Connecticut Militia, pensioned. 

ALFRED WEBSTER ANTHONY, San Diego, Calif. (36409). Son of Charles Elara and 
Lucy M. (Elmar) Anthony; grandson of Elam and Nancy (Hunt) Anthony; great- 
grandson of Humphrey JJunt, private and Corporal, New Hampshire Troops. 

ROBERT SILL APPLETON, Peoria, 111. (36218). Son of Edward Everett and Ellen 
Maria (Sill) Appleton; grandson of Thomas Oilman and Almira (Phelps) Sill; great- 
grandson of Thomas and (Oilman) Sill; great'-grandson of Thomas Sill, Captain, 

Warner's Conn. Additional Cont'l Regt., killed. 

BRENT ARNOLD, Jr., Louisville, Ky. (34724). Son of Brent and Elizabeth Mills (Jones) 
Arnold; grandson of James Madison and Lucy Jane (Thompson) Arnold; great-grandson 
of Foster and Polly (Williams) Thompson; greats-grandson of Roger Thompson, Captain, 
Albemarle County, Virginia Minute-Men; great--grandson of David Williams, Lieutenant, 
Eighth Regt., Virginia Troops. 

HERBERT TRUMAN AYERS, East Providence, R. I. (34922). Son of Henry Thomas 

and Susan Melissa ( ) Ayers; grandson of Thomas L. and Sarah Ann (Wilson) 

Ayers; great-grandson of John and Sarah Orne (Bellamy) Wilson; great*-grandson of 
John and Tamesia (Haley) Bellamy; great'-grandson of John Bellamy, Sergeant, York 
County, Massachusetts Militia. 

GEORGE WILLIAM AYRES, Kimberly, Minn. (N. J. 36390). Junior Member. Son of 

Horace B. and Ida ( ) Ayres; grandson of George H. and Sarah Bray (Shaw) Ayres; 

great-grandson of Robert Cummins and Keziah (Johnson) Shaw; greats-grandson of John 
and Mrs. Sarah (Bray) Cox Shaw; greats-grandson of Andrew Bray, private, Hunter- 
don County, New Jersey Militia, and 2nd Battalion, 2nd Establishment Cont'l Line. 

J. BUCHER AYRES, McKeesport, Pa. (36308). Son of William and Ellen (Criswell) 
Ayres; grandson of William and Mary Elizabeth (Bucher) Ayres; great-grandson of 
John Ayres, private, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

JOSEPH JAMES AYRES, Keokuk, Iowa. (36245). Son of Thomas Robinson Jameson 
and Sarah Ann (Smith) Ayres; grandson of Nathaniel Ruggles and Margery (Smith) 
Smith; great-grandson of Ralph Smith Gentleman, private, Massachusetts Militia for 
defense of Boston Harbor. • 

CLARENCE EVERETT BACON, Montclair, N. J. (36386). Son of Clarence Everett and 
Katharine Sedgwick (Whiting) Bacon; grandson of Gurdon Saltonstall and Catherine 
(Sedgwick) Whiting; great-grandson of Albert and Mary Lucy (Hunt) Sedgwick; great-- 
grandson of John Andrews and Nancy (Buel) Sedgwick; great'-grandson of John Sedg- 
wick, Major, Connecticut Cont'l Troops, and Lieutenant-Colonel, Connecticut Militia. 

FRED L. BAKER, Topeka, Kans. (.36727). Son of Cassius Newell and Adelia (Bogart) 
Baker; grandson of Harris Porter and Emily (Holcomb) Baker; great-grandson of 
Zumri and Rumah (Porter) Baker; greats-grandson of Elijah Baker, Corporal, Col 
Chapman's Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PAUL HOLTON BALLOU, Chester. Vt. (33846). Son of Henry Lincoln and Carrie 
May (Hubbard) Ballon; grandson of William Sabin and Esther Amanda (Andrews) 
Ballon; great-grandson of John and Sophia (Sabin) Ballon; great-grandson of John and 
Elizabeth (Pickering) Ballon; great'-grandson of Seth Ballou, private. Col. Ashley's 
Regt., New Hampshire Militia; grandson of Charles Leonard and Abby Elizabeth (Hoit) 
Hubbard; great-grandson of Leonard Clark and Caroline Phillips (Maynard) Hubbard; 
greats-grandson of Daniel and Catharine (Griffin) Hubbard; great'-grandson of Levi 
Hubbard, private, Col. Luke Drury's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great*-grandson of 
Samuel Hubbard, Captain, ' First Regt., Worcester County, Massachusetts Militia; great- 
grandson of Theophilus and Mary Damon (Chandler) Hoit; greats-grandson of Theophilus 
and Sabrina (Shaw) Hoit; great'-grandson of Abiathar Shaw, private and Fifer, Massa- 
chusetts Militia; greats-grandson of Abel and Mary (Burrell) Chandler; greats-grandson 
of Benjamin Burrell, private. Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt., Massachuset^ Militia for 
sea-coast defense. 

CLIFFORD AUGUSTUS BANTLEON, Kansas City, Kans. (33322). Son of Henry Au- 
gustus and Mary (McNally) Bantleon; grandson of Graham P. and Elizabeth (Kent) 
McNally; great-grandson of James and Elizabeth (Hammer) Kent; great'-grandson of 
Joel and Hannah (Otty) Hammer; great'-grandson of William Otty, Sergeant, Third 
Regt., Pennsylvania Troops. 

JONATHAN MARSHALL BARTON, St. Louis, Mo. (35561). Son of Jonathan M. and 
Louisa (Hutson) Barton; grandson of William and Sarah (Dunning) Barton; great- 
grandson of David and Hannah (Hill) Barton; great*-grandson of Joshua Barton, private, 
Col. Sevier's and Col. Shelby's Regts., South Carolina Troops. 

WALTER HAYWOOD BEARDSLEY, Bartley, Neb. (33899). Son of Truman Charles 
and Alice (Maurer) Beardsley; grandson of Oliver Augustus and Mary Eliza (Miller) 
Beardsley; great-grandson of James and Elizabeth (Darby) Miller; great*-grandson of 
Benjamin Beardsley (Beardslee), private, Fourth Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

JAMES EVERETT BEEBE, Warren, Ohio. (36481). Son of Robert McEwan and Hulda 
(Case) Beebe; grandson of James and Abi (McEwan) Beebe; great-grandson of Bezaleel 
Beebe, Lieutenant-Colonel, 17th Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

EDWARD LE HERON BEECHER, Buffalo, N. Y. (36193).. Son of James' Curtis and 
Josephine (Heron) Beecher; grandson of Hiram Sylvester and Elsie Maria (Curtis) 
Beecher; great-grandson of Sylvester and Hanna (Stedman) Beecher; greats-grandson of 
Joseph Beecher, Captain, First Co., Farmington, Connecticut Militia. 

ELDRIDGE MARTIN BEECHER, New Britain, Conn. (35495)- Son of William Eld- 
ridge and Mary (Barnes) Beecher; grandson of Martin and Lois Adeline (Parker) 
' Barnes; great-grandson of Leman and Lois (Augur) Parker; greats-grandson of Daniel 
Parker, private and Sergeant, Connecticut Militia. 

ALFRED HANSON BENJAMIN, Montclair, N. J. (36682). Son of Alfred Benjamin 
and Eleanor Savery (Hanson) Benjamin; grandson of David and Cornelia (Smith) 
Benjamin; great-grandson of Elijah Benjamin; greatS-grandson of David Benjamin, 
private, Connecticut Militia. 

ARTHUR HARRY BENNETT. Topeka, Kans. (33323). Son of Arthur Henry and Allicia 

Sophia (Mcllravy) Bennett; grandson of Fayette Henry and Mary Eliza (Merriman) 

Bennett; great-grandson of Ashley Cooper and Charlotte Sophia (Cooper) Bennett; 

. greatS-grandson of Zebulon and Sarah (Cooper) Bennett, Jr.; greats-grandson of Zebulon 

Bennett, private, Col. Huntington's Regt., Connecticut Militia, killed. 

ARTHUR NORTON BENNETT, Fort Collins, Colo. (36336). Son of Elisha Wood and 
Carrie Nason (Dana) Bennett; grandson of N. H. and Lois C. (Tolman) Dana; great- 
grandson of Thomas and Jane (Cook) Tolman; greatS-grandson of Charles and Elizabeth 
(Burbeck) Cook; great'-grandson of Edward and Jane (Milk) Burbeck; great*-grandson 
of William Burbeck, Lieutenant-Colonel, Massachusetts Artillery and Superintendent of 

FAY ASHLEY BENNETT, Topeka, Kans. (36728). Same as Arthur Harry Bennett, 
Kans. (33323). 

LUTHER WILLIAM BENSON, Chicago, 111. (36219). Son of Luther William and Anna 
Collord (Slade) Benson; grandson of Cieorge Washington and Mary Amande (Towner) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Slade; great-grandson of Abel and Emeline (Collord) Towner; great*-grandson of 
Thomas Bradbury Chandler and Catherine (Tremper) Collord; great*-grandson of 
Michael Tremper, private, Dutchess County, New Vork Militia. 

BARTLETT T. BENT, Newington, Conn. (35496). Son of Thomas B. and Hattie M. 
(Johnson) Bent; grandson of E. Emory and Ann Josephine (Calkins) Johnson; great- 
grandson of Emory and Elizabeth Ann (Card) Johnson; greats-grandson of Jared and 
Sarah (Ransom) Johnson; greats-grandson of John Johnson, private, Connecticut Militia, 

JAMES EDGAR BENTON, Fairbury, Nebr. (33895). Son of Herman Osceola and Carrie 
Emma (Sanderson) Benton; grandson of Lucius and lyucretia Marland (Prentiss) 
Sanderson; great-grandson of Joseph and Rhoda Maria (Hill) Prentiss; great*-grandson 
of Festus G. and Rhoda (Torrance) Hill; greats-grandson of Robert Torrance, Salisbury, 
Connecticut Artificer. 

JEROME BENTON, Batavia, N. Y. (36461). Son of John Pheat and Betsey (Townsend) 

Benton; grandson of Daniel and Abigail ( ) Benton; great-grandson of Joel Benton, 

private, Vermont Militfa. 

THURI.OW WEED BERGEN, Washington, D. C. (36126). Son of George B. and 
Isserella (Winner) Bergen; grandson of Isaac and Mary Ann (Freeman) Winner; great- 
grandson of William and Mary (Swayzee) Freeman; greats-grandson of William Pree- 
'man, private, Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia. 

RICHARD CONSTABLE BERNARD, Baltimore. Md. (36089). Son of Alfred Duncan 
and Martha Hanson (Constable) Bernard; grandson of Richard and Frances A. (Dun- 
can) Bernard; great-grandson of Johnsie and Julia A. (Gore) Duncan; great*-grandson 
of William and Ann (Shipley) Duncan; great'-grandson of John Duncan, private. Third 
Regt., Maryland Militia. 

FLOYD BISHOP BOTHWELL, Utah. (3263a). Son of Glenn R. and Jessie E. (Glenn) 
Bothwell; grandson of Henry Hartsock and Elizabeth (Grasier) Glenn; great-grandson 
of George Knox and Sarah (Hartsock) Glenn, Jr.; greats-grandson of George Knox and 
Rachel (Adams) Glenn; greats-grandson of Alexander Adams, Pennsylvania Gunner, 
U. S. Navy. 

ROY CLAYTON BOTHWELL, Utah. (32211). Supplemental. Same as Floyd Bishop 
Bothwell, Utah. (32632). 

JAMES HARKNESS BOWMAN, Hawthorn, N. J. (36368). Son of James Harkness and 
Martha L. (Watson) Bowman; grandson of John H. and Eliza Jane (Hopper) Bowman; 
, great-grandson of Cornelius P. and Leah (Ryerson) Hopper; greats-grandson of Peter 
A. Hopper, private, Bergen County, New Jersey Militia. 

MURRAY SWETT BR'aDISH, Portland, Me. (34522). Son of Walter Foster and Frances 
(Swett) Bradish; grandson of Martin and Louisa Ann (Gilson) Bradish; great-grandson 
of David and Amelia Maria (Colville) Bradish; greatS-grandson of David Bradish, M'ajor 
and Captain, Col. Bigelow's and Col. Phinney's Regts., Massachusetts Militia. 

ROGER DE WITT BROADBENT, Upper Montclair, N. J. (36685). Son of De Witt and 
Ella (Kierstead) Broadbent; grandson of Edward and Electa (Messier) Broadbent; great- 
grandson of Abraham C. and Gertrude (Garrabrant) Messier; greatS-grandson of Garra- 
brant N. Garrabrant, private, Essex County, New Jersey Militia, State Troops, Artillery 
and Cont'l Line, pensioned. 

LOUIS L'ECLUSE BROWNE, Morristown, N. J. (36689). Son of Thomas Quincy and 
Juliet Frances (Wheildon) Browne; grandson of Thomas and Mary Ann (Thompson) 
Browne; great-grandson of Timothy and Sarah (Calder) Thompson, Jr.; greatS-grandson 
of Timothy Thompson, Sergeant, Col. Bond's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

MONMOUTH SELA GEDNEY BUCKBEE. White Plains, N. Y. (36183). Son of Mon- 
mouth Samuel and Mabel Francis (Keyser) Buckbee; grandson of Sela and Martha Ann 
(Smith) Buckbee; great-grandson of Monmouth Hart Guion and Sally (Avery) Buck- 
bee; greatS-grandson of Henry and Hannah (Rockefeller) Avery; greats-grandson of 
William Rockefeller, Lieutenant, Col. Henry Livingston's Regt., New York Militia; 
great*-grandson of Simeon Rockefeller, private. Col. Livingston's Regt., New York 
Militia; great*-grandson of Diel Rockefeller, Captain, Col. Livingston's Regt., New York 
Militia; greatS-grandson of Edward and Elizabeth (Lyon) Buckbee; greatS-grandson of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


John Buckbee, private and Sergeant, Westchester County, New York Militia; grcat*- 
grandson of Benjamin Lyon, private, New York Militia; great'-grandson of Solomon 
Avery, private, Connecticut Troops at Wyoming; great-grandson of Samuel Ferris and 
Susan (Barger) Smith; greats-grandson of Lemuel and Charity (Kirkham) Smith; greaf- 
grandson of Philemon Smith, private, Connecticut Militia and State Troops, pensioned; 
greats-grandson of Nathaniel and Susan (Crawford) Barger; great'-grandson of John 
Barger, private. New York Cont'l Troops and Militia. 

WILLIAM J. BULLEIT, Congdon, Ind. (3SS16). Son of Victor Henry and Mahala 
(Johnson) Bulleit; grandson of Amos and Charlotte (Shuck) Johnson; great-grandson 
of Henson Johnson, private, Virginia Militia, pensioned. 

WILLIAM BUCHANAN BURKE, Tenn. (36056). Son of Jerome Buchanan and Mary 
Elizabeth Chapman (Elliston) Burke; grandson of Samuel Burke, Sergeant, Fifth Regt., 
Virginia Cont'l Line; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Hurley) Burke; great-grandson of 
Thomas Hurley, private, Third and Seventh Regts., Virginia Line, killed; great-grandson 
of William Burke, private. Seventh Regt., Virginia Cont'l Line, pensioned; grandson of 
Robert and Sally (Mount joy) Elliston; great-grandson of John Mount joy, Captain, Third, 
Sixth and Tenth Regts., Virginia Troops; great*-grandson of William Mount joy. Quarter- 
master and Paymaster, Third Virginia Regt.; great-grandson of John and Mary Anne 
(Garrard) Mountjoy; great*-grandson of William Garrard, County-Lieutenant, Stafford 
County, Virginia Militia. 

CLARENCE BURLEIGH, Pittsburgh, Pa. (36313). Son of Thomas Dearborn and Mary 
L. (Cook) Burleigh; grandson of Jonathan and Charlotte Fifield (Wyatt) Burleigh; 
great-grandson of Jonathan Burleigh, private. Col. Tash's Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

CLARENCE BURLEIGH, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. (36314). Son of Clarence and Ida May 
(Weir) Burleigh; grandson of Thomas Dearborn and Mary L. (Cook) Burleigh; great- 
grandson of Jonathan and Charlotte Fifield (Wyatt) Burleigh; great-grandson of Jona- 
than Burleigh, private. Col. Tash's Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

JULIAN ASHBY BURRUSS, Blacksburg, Va. (35097). Son of Woodson Cheadle and 
Cora Emmett (McDowell) Burruss; grandson of Jacob and Lucinda (Collins) Burruss; 
great-grandson of Pleasant and Nancy (Cheadle) Burruss; greats-grandson of William 
and Susanna (Terrell) Burruss; great'-grandson of Jacob Burruss, private. Col. Alex- 
ander Spottswood's Regt., Virginia Troops. 

ORVILLE O. BUTCHER, Kokomo, Ind. (35521). Son of John Bryant and Sarah J. 
(Thomas) Butcher; grandson .of William and Sidonie (Hancock) Butcher; great-grand- 
son of Francis and Elizabeth (Poore) Hancock; greats-grandson of John G. and Avis 
(Turpin) Hancock; greats-grandson of William Hancock, private, Col. Alden's Regt., 
Massachusetts Cont'l Line. 

JOSEPH WELLINGTON BYRNS, Nashville, Tenn. (36074). Son of James H. and 
Mary Emily (Jackson) Byrns; grandson of John and Elizabeth (Long) Byrns; great- 
grandson of John and Margaret (Johnson) Long; greatS-grandson of Henry and Mary 
(Karr) Johnson, Jr.; greats-grandson of Henry Johnson, private. Second Regt., North 
Carolina Troops. 

EDWARD THOMPSON CAIRUS, Montclair, N. J. (36353). Son of James Robert and 
Nellie (Thompson) Cairus; grandson of Hiram Cook and Sarah (Richards) Thompson; 
great-grandson of Asa and Emily (Roberts) Thompson, Jr.; greatS-grandson of Asa and 
Sarah (Cook) Thompson; great*-grandson of Ephraim Cook, Captain, Tenth Regt., 
Connecticut Militia. 

KENYON STAFFORD CAMPBELL, Columbus, Ohio. (36489). Son of Thomas Huffman 
and Lulu (Stafford) Campbell; grandson of Jehu Bennetta and Alzina (Huffman) Camp- 
bell; great-grandson of Armstead and Nancy (Button) Huffman; greatS-grandson of 
Ambrose Huffman, private, Virginia Cont'l Troops. 

EDWARD NORRIS CARPENTER, Cranston, R. I. (34923). Son of Edward Everett and 
Maria (Hamblin) Carpenter; grandson of Joseph and Nancy Mason (Bullock) Carpenter; 
great-grandson of James and Lucy (Bliss) Carpenter; greatS-grandson .of Thomas Car- 
penter, Colonel, Massachusetts Militia. 

ARTURO YNOCENCIO CASANOVA, Jr., Washington, D. C. (36127). Son of Arturo 
Ynocencio and Jenie (McCausland) Casanova; grandson of William Hervey and Laura 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bell (Hoop) McCausland; great-grandson of Thomas and Charlotte (Piersol) McCaus- 
land; greats-grandson of William McCausland, Major, First Battalion, Lancaster County, 
Pennsylvania Militia. 

KELLOGG KENNON VENABLE CASEY, Wilmington, Del. (35662). Son of Joseph 
James and Mary Calloway (Martin) Casey; grandson of Charles C. Venable and Fannie 
Holder (Williams) Martin; great-grandson of Richard and Catherine (Holder) Williams; 
greats-grandson of John Holder, Captain, Virginia and Kentucky Militia; great*-grandson 
of John and Frances (Calloway) Holder; greats-grandson of Richard Calloway, Justice 
of the Peace and Delegate to Virginia Assembly of *77. 

ELBERT HOWARD CATLIN, Houston, Tex. (Conn. 36706). Son of John Howard and 
Josephine Aurilla (Wooster) Catlin; grandson of John and Laura (Humiston) Catlin; 
great-grandson of Levi and Anna (Landon) Catlin; greats-grandson of Thomas Catlin, 
Ensign, First Regt., Connecticut Militia, Member of Clothing Committee. 

ARTHUR BEEBE CHAPIN, Boston, Mass. (36123). Son of Edward Whitman and Mary 
Lavinia (Beebe) Chapin; grandson of Whitman and Theodosia (McKinstry) Chapin; 
great-grandson of Moses and Kezia (Chapin, dau. of Ephraim) Chapin; greats-grandson 
of Ephraim Chapin, Captain, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Militia. 

HtVRY AARON CHAPIN, St. Louis, Mo. (35560). Son of Charles Henry ^nd Sarah 
Ann (Nettleton) Chapin; grandson of Henry and Catherine (Fisher) Chapin; great- 
grandson of Phineas Chapin, private, Col. Webb's Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Line. 

JOHN CARROLL CHASE, Derry, N. H. (Mass. 36124). Son of Charles and Caroline 
(Chase) Chase; grandson of Joseph (father of Charles) and Mehitable (Hall) Chase; 
great-grandson of Stephen and Rhoda (Blake) Chase; greats-grandson of Jacob Chase, 
private, Col. Thomas Stickney's Regt., New Hampshire Militia, Member Com. of Safety, 
and other committees, and Representative State Convention of 1780. 

LEON WILLIAM CHUMLEA, Lafayette, Ind. (35522). Son of William David and Imo- 
gene Roselle (Collins) Chumlea; grandson of William and Elizabeth Ann (Woodmansee) 
Collins; great-grandson of Lorenzo Dow and Hannah Maria (Van Gorden) Woodmansee; 
greats-grandson of Daniel and Rachel (Cushman) Woodmansee; greats-grandson of 
James Woodmansee, Lieutenant, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia. 

CARROLL LINDLEY CHURCH, Gardiner,' Me. .(36577). Son of James and Susan 
(Noyes) Church; grandson of Manthano and Lydia (Stuart) Noyes; great-grandson of 
Thomas Noyes, private, Cumberland County, Massachusetts Militia. 

HARRY MANTHANO CHURCH, Gardiner, Me. (36576). Son of James and Susan 
(Noyes) Church; grandson of Manthano and Lydia (Stuart) Noyes; great-grandson of 
Thomas Noyes, private, Cumberland County, Massachusetts Militia. 

ROGERS PLATT CHURCHILL, Elmira, N. Y. (38184). Son of Jesse L. and Maud 
(Piatt) Churchill; grandson of Charles and Esther Jane (Rogers) Churchill; great- 
grandson of William and Bathsheba (Williams) Churchill; greatS-grandson of Joseph 
Churchill, private, Massachusetts Militia. 

IRA BENTON CLARK, Nashville, Tenn. (36070). Son of John W. and Maria (Stow- 
baugh) Clark; grandson of Amos and Elizabeth (Leakey) Clark; great-grandson of 
Abraham and Nancy (White) Clark; greatS-grandson of Daniel Clark, private. First 
Regt., New Jersey Militia, died at Valley Forge. 

JEROME BORDEN CLARK, Foxcroft, Me. (36578). Son of Albert W. and Eunice Ham- 
mond (Cleaves) Clark; grandson of Joshua and Susan (Haskell) Cleaves; great-grandson 
of Zebulon Haskell, Corporal and Sergeant, Massachusetts Militia. 

DANIEL ALFRED CLARKE, Jr., North Scituatc, R. I. (34924). Son of Daniel A. and 
Mary E. (Harrington) Clarke; grandson of Simeon and Waite (Angell) Harrington; 
great-grandson of Simeon Harrington, Captain, Second Co., Scituate, Rhode Island 

JOSEPH BURT CLOUGH, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. (35898). Son of Ansel Bennett and 
Lucinda (McBonney) Clough; grandson of Joseph Blaney and Lepha Ann (Tewksberry) 
Clough; great-grandson of Richard and Peggy (Chase) Clough; greatS-grandson of Win- 
throp Clough, private. Col. Bedell's Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CLARENCE B. CLUFF, Westfield, N. J. (36690). Son of MUon O. and Elizabeth (Ward- 
man) Cluff; grandson of Daniel B. and Lucy A. (Webster) Cluff; great-grandson of John 
and Hannah (Cummings) Webster; great'-grandson of Ebenezer Webster, private, Col. 
William Grigg's Regt., New Hampshire ContT Troops. 

SIDNEY WALTER COAN, Muskogee, Okla. (35243). Son of Peter and Helena Maria 
(Cox) Coan; grandson of David A. and Amy (Fleming) Cox; great-grandson of Peter 
and Sarah (Caughey) Fleming; great*-grandson of James Fleming, private, Rowena 
County, North Carolina Militia, pensioned. 

PAUL COCKERILLE, Washington, D. C. (36132). Son of Samuel Johnstone and Hevila 
Ruter (Dufour) Cockerille; grandson of Richard Henry and Anne (Coleman) Cockerille; 
great-grandson of James and Hannah (Cleveland) Coleman; great-grandson of James 
Cleveland, Captain, Second Regt., Loudoun County, Virginia Militia. 

JOHN BRIDGER COFFIN, Rochester, N. Y. (36185). Son of Henry Fosdick and Hepsi- 
beth (Coffin) Coffin; grandson of John Bridger and Phoebe (Gardner) Coffin; great- 
grandson of Benjamin and Judith (Coffin) Gardner; great*-grandson of Josiah Coffin, yrd., 
private, Massachusetts Militia, died on prison ship *'Jcrsey." 

IRA (K)RDON COLBY, Claremont, N. H. (36253). Son of Ira and Louisa Mehiuble 
(Way) Colby; grandson of Ira and Polly (Foster) Colby; great-grandson of Zebulon and 
Polly (Story) Foster; great-grandson of Aaron Poster, private and Cleric, Massachuset«^s 
Militia; grandson of (Gordon and Abigail (Perley) Way; great-grandson of Cieorge and 
Sarah (Douglas) Way; great-grandson of George Douglas, Member New London, Conn., 
Committee on supplies for soldiers' families and guardian of town records; great-grand- 
son of William and Mary (Lathrop) Way; great*-grandson of Jedediah Lathrop, private, 
Norwich, Connecticut, State Troops; great-grandson of Edmund and Abigail (Bailey) 
Perley; great— grandson of Nathan Perley, Sergeant, Massachusetts Militia at Lexington 

FRANK BEACH COLE, Tacoma, Wash. (36231). Son of William and Lucetta (Webster) 
Cole; grandson of William and Nancy (Stratton) Cole; great-grandson of John and 
Katherine (Bryan) Cole; great-grandson of Phillip Cole, Colonel, Fourth Battalion, 
Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Associators. 

JAMES EDGAR COLE, Delavan, Minn. (35692). Son of Edgar H. and Eva (Sharply) 
Cole; grandson of George Horatio find Clementine Erphilia (Rorman) Cole; great-grand- 
son of Richard and Emily (Morgan) Cole; great-grandson of William Cole, Corporal, 
Col. Paul Sargent's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great-grandson of Benjamin Morgan, 
Surgeon's Mate, CoL Joseph Vose's Regt., Massachusetts Troops. 

RICHARD SINCLAIR COLFAX, Pompton, N. J. (36375). Son of William and Adelia 
(Roome) Colfax; grandson of William W. and Esther (Mandeville) Colfax; great- 
grandson of William Colfax, Lieutenant, Washington's Guards, and (^ptain. Col. Swift's 
Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Line. 

WILLIAM SCHUYLER COLFAX, Pompton Lakes, N. J. (36362). Son of William and 
Adelia (Roome) Colfax; grandson of William W. and Esther (Mandeville) Colfax; 
great-grandson of William Colfax, Captain, Gen'l Swift's Regt., Connecticut Troops. 

ALBERT COM STOCK, Paterson, N. J. (36364). Son of Albert and Anne (Colfax) 
Comstock; grandson of William W. and Ester (Mandeville) Colfax; great-grandson of 
William Colfax, Lieutenant, Washington's Guards, and Captain, Col. Swift's Regt., 
Connecticut Cont'l Line. 

DICK COOK, Chicago, 111. (36220). Son of Walter and Helen (Dick) Cook; grandson of 
Herman M. and Mary (Swarner) Dick; great-grandson of John and Agnes (Waugh) 
Swarner; great-grandson of Samuel and Jean (Grayson) Waugh; great'-grandson of 
James Waugh, private, Second Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

HILLIARD DUNNING COOK, Gardiner, Me. (36579). Son of Harold Elijah and Alberta 
Fayette (Parkhurst) Cook; grandson of George Delwin and Helen Melvina (Dunning) 
Cook; great-grandson of Reuben and Lucy (Holden) Dunning; great-grandson of 
Samuel Holden, private and drummer. Sixth Regt., Massachusetts Cont'l Line. 

HENRY BECKER COOKE, East Orange, N. J. (36091). Son of Augustus Gambrill and 
Ida (Gillard) Cooke; grandson of John and Mary Ann (Logan) Cooke, great-grandson 
of John and Sarah (Root) Cooke; great-grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth (Crowell) 
Root; great-grandson of Henry Crowell, Signer of the Maryland Association Agreement. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

NATiONAi, Society; s. a. r. 47 

WARREN PATTEN COON, Captoin-Chaplain, A. E. F., Newark, N. J. (36387). Son of 
George Washington and Emily Elizabeth (Lc Van) Coon; grandson of Stephen Potter 
and Maryette (Drake) Coon; great-grandson of Alexander Coon; great*-grandson of 
IVUliam Coon, private, Albany Countyi New York Militia. 

WARD CHARLES COOPER, Kokomo, Ind. (35517)- Son of Charles Edwin and Ida 
(McCool) Cooper; grandson of Gabriel W. and Martha M. (Kennedy) McCool; great- 
grandson of Robert and Elizabeth (King) Kennedy; great*-grandson of George King, 
private and Orderly Sergeant, Berkeley County, Virginia Militia, pensioned. 

JOHN S. P. COPLAND, Portland, Ore. (35066). Son of Walter and Emma S. (Picker- 
ing) Copland; grandson of John (Starbird) and Emily (Wood) Pickering; great-grandson 
of Henry and Sarah (Adams) Wood; great*-grandson of Josiah Adams, Paymaster 
Twelfth Regt., Massachusetts Cont'l Troops. 

HARRY HAWES COREY, Newark, N. J. (36298). Son of Ashley Spencer and Lcttie 
Thirza (Hawes) Corey; grandson of William C. and Olive Arvilla (Cady) Hawes; 
great-grandson of Eleazor and Olivia (Hyde) Hawes; greats-grandson of William 
Hawes, private. Col. Thomas Nixon's Regt., Massachusetts Cont'l Troops. 

HUBERT RAY CORNISH, Paterson, N. J. (36289). Son of Demmon and Mary Catherine 
(Haner) Cornish; grandson of Benjamin and Lucy (Deming) Cornish; great-grandson 
of Benjamin Cornish, private, Vermont Militia. 

GEORGE GRISWOLD COTTON, Syracuse. N. Y. (36465). Son of Sandford Dennis 
and Jane Ellen (Terry) Cotton; grandson of George Holbrook and Clarissa (Earll) 
Cotton; great-grandson of Willard Cotton, private, Windsor County, Vermont Militia; 
great'-grandson of Thomas Cotton, Jr., private, Connecticut Militia. 

JAMES DICKINSON COWAN, N. J. (35187). Supplemental. Son of Perez Dickinson 
and Margaret Elizabeth (Rhea) Cowan; grandson of Samuel and Martha (Lynn) Rhea; 
great-grandson of Joseph and Frances (Breden) Rhea; great'-grandson of Joseph Rhea, 
Chaplain, Col. William Christian's Regt., Virginia Troops; grandson of James Henrey 
and Lucinda (Dickinson) Cowan; great-grandson of James and Margaret Christie (Rus* 
sell) Cowan; greats-grandson of Andrew Russell, Captain, Fifth Regt., Virginia Troops; 
great*-grandson of Andrew and Margaret (Christian) Russell; great*-grandson of William 
Christian, Captain, Col. William Christian's Regt., Virginia Troops; great-grandson of 
Perez and Lucinda (Foster) Dickinson; great-grandson of Nathaniel Poster, Jr., private. 
Col. Ebenezer White's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; greats-grandson of Nathaniel and 
Lydia (Bamaby) Foster, Jr.; great>-grandson of Samuel Barnaby, Member Massachusetts 
First Const'l Convention and Committee of Correspondence, also Massachusetts Militia. 

WILLIAM CRAIG, Blue Springs, Nebr. (33898). Son of Thomas and Catharine ( ) 

Craig; grandson of Thomas Craig, Colonel, Pennsylvania Cont'l Troops. 

HERBERT ROYAL CRANE, N. J. (20340). Supplemental. Son of Charles G. and 
Marie E. (Dickinson) Crane; grandson of Philemon and Mary E. Roll (De Camp) 
Dickinson; great-grandson of Philemon and Hetty (Paradise) Dickinson; great'-grandson 
of Brainard Dickinson, private. New Jersey State Troops. 

CHARLES LOUIS CRISS, Pittsburgh, Pa. (36306). Son of Rittenhouse and Eliza Jane 
(Stewart) Criss; grandson of Robert and Margaret (Wilson) Stewart; great-grandson 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Stewart; greats-grandson of George Stewart, 
Colonel, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia, widow pensioned. 

NICHOLAS RITTENHOUSE CRISS, Pittsburgh, Pa. (36309). Same as Charles Louis 
Criss, Pa. (36306). 

FRED WILDER CROSS. South Royalston, Mass. (361 18). Son of Wilder and Roxanna 
A. (Knight) Cross; grandson of Peter and Lucy (Hammond) Cross; great-grandson of 
Benjamin and Sarah (Fiske) Hammond; greatS-grandson of Joseph Hammond, Lieutenant- 
Colonel, New Hampshire Militia. 

STANLEY MORGAN CROWELL. Bloomfield, N. J. (36397). Son of Levi Howes and 
Alice May (Morgan) Crowell; grandson of Levi and Angeline (Baker) Crowell, Jr.; 
great-grandson of Levi and Julia Ann (Baker) Crowell; greatS-grandson of Thomas and 
Anna (Howes) Crowell; great*-grandson of Edward Crowell, private, Massachusetts 
Militia atXexington Alarm. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


JOHN PERKINS CRUIKSHANK, Fort Madison, Iowa. (36233). Son of Alexander and 
Keziah (Perkins) Cruikshank; grandson of Stephen and Catherine (Summe) Perkins; 
great-grandson of George Perkins, private, South Carolina Militia, pensioned. 

MYRON EATON CURTISS, Virginia. Minn. (N. Y. 36186). Son of Myron Royt a|id 
Sarah Ann (Owen) Curtiss; grandson of Milton and Harriet (Doolittle) Curtiss; great- 
grandson of Joseph an4 Ruth (Roys) Curtiss; great*-grandson of Jonathan Curtiss, 
private, Col. John Ashly's Regt., Berkshire County, Massachusetts Militia. 

ISAAC NEWTON CUSHMAN, Chula VisU, Calif. (36410). Son of Clark and Abigail 
(Tucker) Cushman; grandson of Holmes Cushman, private, Plymouth County, Massa- 
chusetts Militia and Cont'l Troops. 

FRANK HOWARD CUSTER. Summitville, Ind. (35518). Son of WilUam F. and Ella F. 
(Howard) Custer; grandson of James F. and Harriet (Foster) Howard; great-grandson 
of John and Margaret (Jones) Howard; great'-grandson of Adam Howard, private, Vir- 
ginia Militia, pensioned. 

LEVITT LUZERN CUSTER. Dayton, Ohio. (35897). Son of Levitt Ellsworth and Effie 
Jane (Zimmerman) Custer; grandson of Isaac and Anna (Ober) Zimmerman; great-grand- 
son of Jacob and Barbara (Coble) Ober; great-grandson of David Coble, private, Col. 
Lowry*s Regt., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

WILLIAM EDWARD DALLAS, Longmont, Colo. (36339). Son of William Albert and 
Sarah Lucinda (McLaran) Fallas; grandson of William and Wealthy (Winslow) Fallas; 
great-grandson of William and Hannah (Stone) Fallas; great*-grandson of Silas Stone, 
private. Col. Nathan Sparhawk's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

LYNN BOARDMAN DANA, Warren, Ohio. (36482). Son of William Henry and Emma 
Jane (Tuttle) Dana; grandson of Junius and Martha (Potter) Dana; great-grandson of 
Anderson and Ann (Dennison) Dana; great-grandson of Daniel and Dollie (Kibbe) Dana; 
grcat'-grandson of Anderson Dana, Delegate to Connecticut Assembly, private, Connecti- 
cut Militia at Wyoming, killed. 

HE(n'OR DAWES, Chicago, 111. (36209). Son of George and Elizabeth (Ames) Dawes; 
grandson of William Mears and Abby (Nabby) Kendall (Holden) Dawes; great-grandson 
of William Dawes, 2nd Major, Col. Henry Bromfield's Boston Regt., and assistant to 
Paul Revere. 

WILUAM RUGGLES DAWES, Evanston, 111. (36210). Son of Hector and Jane Au- 
gusta (Ruggles) Dawes; grandson of George and Elizabeth Johnson (Ames) Dawes; 
great-grandson of William Mears and Abby (Nabby) Kendall (Holden) Dawes; great— 
grandson of William Dawes, 2nd Major, Col. Henry Bromfield's Boston Regt., and 
assistant to Paul Revere. 

ARTHUR DEAN, Nevada, Iowa. (36243). Son of Moses and Rachel (Evens) Dean; 
grandson of Ruben and EHzebeth (Divine) Dean; great-grandson of Solomon Dean, 
private, Ulster County, New York Militia, and Col. Baldwin's Regt., New York Cont'l 

MYSTRU VAUDRUBURG DE FORREST, Sharon, Pa. (36318). Son of William Coon 
and Elizabeth (Locke) De Forest; grandson of Gurshum V. and Elanor (Dunham) 
De Forest; great-grandson of Abraham De Forest, Corporal and Ensign, Somerset and 
Hunterdon Counties, New Jersey Militia. 

WILFRID THEODORE DEMERS, Gardiner, Me. (34523). Son of Theodore H. and 
Gertrude (Higgins) Demers; grandson of W^illiam and Henrietta (McCausland) Higgins; 
great-grandson of William H. and Eliza A. (Berry) McCausland; great-grandson of 
Andrew and Mary H. (Bates) McCausland; great-grandson of Henry McCausland, 
private, Col. Sherborn's Regt., Massachusetts Cont'l Line, wife pensioned. 

FRED FAY DEXTER, Longmeadow, Mass. (36125). Son of John P. and Myra A. (Fay) 
Dexter; grandson of William and Independence (Root) Fay; great-grandson of Timothy 
and Hannah (Jones) Fay, Jr.; great-grandson of Timothy Fay, private, Massachusetts 
Militia and Connecticut Cont'l Troops, 6 years service. 

AQUILLA GIBBS DIBRELL, Sparta, Tenn., Commander, U. S. Navy. (36073). Son of 
Frank and Louisa (Rhea) Dibrell; grandson of George Gibbs and Mary E. (Leftwich) 
Dibrell; great-grandson of Anthony and Milly (Carter) Dibrell; great-grandson of 
Charles Dibrell, Ensign, Virginia Militia, pensioned. 

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JOHN UNCOIyN DICKEY, Ohio. (14877). Supplemental. Son of John Parsons Alex- 
ander and Hannah Caroline (Peterson) Dickey; grandson of Alexander Brown and Jane 
(Henry) Dickey; great-grandson of Robert Dickey, member Col. Wm. Bratton's Regt., 
South Carolina lyight-horse, and member Second South Carolina Provincial Congress. 

JOHN NEWTON DRUMMOND DICKINSON, Keokuk, Iowa. (36238). Son of Bencsly 
Waugh and Manetta (Miller) Dickinson; grandson of John and Susan (Mellinger) 
Miller; great-grandson of John and Barbara (Roahland) Mellinger; great'-grandson of 
John Jacob Mellinger, private, Col. I^ambert Cadwalader's Third Regt., Pennsylvania 

GEORGE FRANK DIPPELL, Fargo, N. Dak. (33024). Son of George Washington and 
Clara Adell (Fleming) Dippell; grandson of John Luther and Esther Hazen (Bush) 
Dippell; great-grandson of Luther and Eunice (Cornish) Bush; greats-grandson of 
Jonathan Bush, Captain, Eighth Co., Nineteenth Regt., Connecticut Trained Band. 

ALSON M. DOAK, Ligonier, Pa. (36322). Son of William and Margaret Jane (Lock- 
hart) Doak; grandson of Moses and Rachel (Stephens) Doak; great-grandson of Robert 
Doak, private. Third and Fourth Battalions, Pennsylvania Troops. 

FREDERICK RUSSELL DOLBEARE, Hartford, Conn. (35497). Son of Frederick Lewis 
and Eleanor Leigh (Russell) Dolbeare; grandson of Frederick William and Armenia 
(Lewis) Dolbeare; great-grandson of John and Alathea (Overton) Lewis; great'-grandson 
of Benjamin and Zintha (Muntt) Lewis; great'-grandson of Eleazer Lewis, private. 
Fourth Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Line. 

ALBERT E. DOREMUS, East Orange, N. J. (36691). Son of James Martin and Mary T. 
(Sawyer) Doremus; grandson of Jacob G. and Rachel (Berry) Doremus; great-grandson 
of Goline and Hester (Mead) Doremus; greats-grandson of Thomas Doremus, private. 
New Jersey State Troops. 

LOUIS B. DORR, New Rochelle, N. Y. (36454)- Son of Charles Bartlett and Priscilla 
(Rogers) Dorr; grandson of Joseph and Mary (Barto) Dorr; great-grandson of Joseph 
and Sabrina (Bartlett) Dorr; greats-grandson of IVilliam Dorr, Fifer and private, 
Massachusetts Militia and Heath's Cont'l Infantry. 

WILLIS GIFFORD DOWDEN. Maplcwood, N. J. (36694). Son of George Augustus 
and Martha (Anderson) Dowden; grandson of Charles and Susan (Barkalow) Dowden; 
great-grandson of Christopher and Mary (Beekman) Barkalow; great*-grandson of Chris- 
topher and Martha (Veghte) Beekman; great«-grandson of Garrit Veghte {Vedder), 
Captain, New Jersey Militia. 

ROBERT HAROLD DOWNING, Meadville, Pa. (36310). Son of James Davis and Angie 
( ) Downing; grandson of Andrew G. and Leanah (Walters) Downing; great-grand- 
son of Philip and Catherine (Tracy) Walters; greats-grandson of John Walters, private, 
Fourth and Third Regts., Pennsylvania Troops. 

JOHN SMITH DRAKE, Crafton, Pa. (36687). Son of William Henry and Emma Lam- 
bert (Smith) Drake; grandson of John Stout and Abigail P. (Hunt) Drake; great-grand- 
son of William and Achsah (Weart) Drake; greatS-grandson of Enoch and Catharine 
(Stout) Drake; greats-grandson of Thomas Drake, Lieutenant, Hunterdon County, New 
Jersey Militia. 

WILBUR ARTHUR DRAKE, Plainfield, N. J. (36684). Son of Charles M. and Elizabeth 
(Antea) Drake; grandson of John D. and Susan (Mundy) Drake; great-grandson of 
Daniel and Margery (Reynolds) Drake; greatS-grandson of Jeremiah Drake, private, 
Somerset County, New Jersey Militia. 

GEORGE IRVING DREW, San Francisco, Calif. (35960). Son of Loraine Judkins and 
Louisa Elvira (Tyler) Drew; grandson of Rowland and Sally (Ginn) Tyler; great- 
grandson of Ebeneser Tyler, Lieutenant, Massachusetts Militia. 

JOHN BOYD DUFF, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. (3631 1). Son of John Boyd and Alice Ells- 
worth (Vance) Duff; grandson of John Felix and Mary Jane (Burtt) Duff; great-grand- 
son of Joseph Smith and Rebecca (Bougher) Burtt; greatS-grandson of Abraham Bougher 
(Booker or Bugher), private, Ninth and Thirteenth Regts., Virginia Troops. 
WILLIAM GRAY DUFF, Bellevue, Pa. (36312). Same as John Boyd Duff, Jr., Pa. 

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WAYNE DUMONT. Paterson, N. J. (36377). Son of John Finley and Anna Eliza 
(Klein) Dumont; grandson of John and Mary (Finley) Dumont; great-grandson of 
John Finley, private and Wagon-Master, Hunterdon County, New Jersey Militia, Cor- 
poral, New Jersey Cont'l Troops, widow pensioned. 

JOHN ANTHONY DUNLAP, Keokuk, Iowa. (36235). Son of David Riddle and Harriet 
Ann (Wilkins) Dunlap; grandson of John and Jean (Nesmith) Dunlap; great-grandson 
of Jonathan and Elenor (Dickey) Nesmith; great'-grandson of James Nesmith, Jr., 
private. New Hampshire Militia and Cont'l Troops. 

LOUIS ALLEN DUNLAP, Stewart, Minn. (35690). Son of Walter Clarence and Minnie 
Briggs) Dunlap; grandson of Nathan Drai^^r and Harriet (Doud) Dunlap; great-grand- 
son of Josiah and Mary (Draper) Dunlap; great*-grandson of William Dunlap, Ser- 
geant, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia, pensioned. 

JAMES AMBROSE EASLEY, Springfield, 111. (36212). Son of Robert Henry and Mary 
(Frances) Easley; grandson of James B. and Margaret (Dodds) Easley; great-grandson 
of Joseph and Mattie (Drennan) Dodds; great'-grandson of William and Mary (Thomas) 
Drennan; great*-grandson of William Drennan, private, Cumberland County, Pennsyl- 
vania Militia. 

SAMUEL WILLIS ELLIOTT, Batavia. N. Y. <364S9). Son of Jesse and Phoebe (Yeo- 
mans) Elliott; grandson of William Elliott, private, New Hampshire Militia and mem- 
ber Mason, New Hampshire, Committee of Safety. 

GUSTAV H. EMERY, Washington, D. C. (36133). Son of William O. and Augusta 
(Roetzal) Emery; grandson of Ira and Emmaline Melissa (Stearns) Emery; great- 
grandson of John and Sarah (Waldo) Stearns; great»-grandson of Elijah and Betsey 
(Augier) Waldo; great«-grandson of Edward Waldo, Second Lieutenant, Col. Hobert's 
Regt., New Hampshire Militia, pensioned. 

CHARLES OTTO ERNEST, Paterson, N. J. (36299). Son of Otto and Florence I. 
(Westervelt) Ernest; grandson of Cornelius and Eleanora J. (Young) Westervelt; great- 
grandson of William H. and Cornelia Eleanor (Archer) Young; greats-grandson of 
James Archer, Lieutenant, Westchester County, New York Militia. 

GEORGE WASHINGTON ERNEST, Paterson, N. J. (36300). Same as Charles Otto 
Ernest, New Jersey. (36299). 

ARCHIE LEWIS ERWIN, Nashville, Tenn. (36075). Son of Joseph Boyd and Frances 
Caldonia (Smith) Erwin; grandson of William Pryor and Louisa Andrews (Dean) 
Smith; great-grandson of Greenberry and Eleanor (Wilson) Dean; greats-grandson of 
Joseph Wilson, private, Virginia Cont'l Troops. 

TRUMAN PEEBLES ETTELE, Harrisburg, Pa. (36324). Son of Henry and Ma"Vy 
Catherine (Peebles) Ettele; grandson of Philip and Sarah (Radabach) Ettele; great-grand- 
son of David Ettele (Atley), private. Eighth Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 
Associators; great*-grandson of Gottlieb David Ettele, Signer of Oath of Allegiance and 
Contributor of Supplies tp the Army. 

HARRY BOMBERGER ETTER, Middletown, Pa. (36325). Son of Henry Augustus and 
Mary Elizabeth (Schreiner) Etter; grandson of Henry and Christiana (Bomberger) 
Schreiner; great-grandson of John and Rachel (Blattenberger) Bomberger, Jr.; great-- 
grandson of John Bomberger, private, Ninth and Third Battalions, Lancaster County, 
Pennsylvania Militia. 

DAVID RICHARD FAIN, Nashville, Tenn. (36062). Son of Richard Walker and Anne 
Catherine (Walker) Fain; grandson of Henry Jeffries and Elizabeth (Owen) Walker; 
great-grandson of Henry and Mary Gibson (Spencer) Walker; greats-grandson of Henry 
Walker, private, Tenth and Sixth Regts., Virginia Troops. 

MOSES WILFORD FAITOUTE, Summit, N. J. (36354). Son of Aaron H. and Sarah 
M. (Winans) Faitoute; grandson of Moses and Elizabeth (Higgins) Faitoute; great- 
grandson of James Higgins, private, Capt. Nixon's Troop, Middlesex County, New 
Jersey Light-Horse. 

PHILO TAYLOR FARNSWORTH, Jr., Utah. (24359). Son of Philo Taylor and Julia P. 
(Murdock) Farnsworth, Jr.; grandson of Philo Taylor and Margaret (Yates) Farns- 
worth; great-grandson of Reuben and Lucinda (Kent) Farnsworth; greats-grandson of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Reuben Farnsworth, private, Col. Gideon Warren's Regt., Vermont Militia; greats-grand- 
son of Ceplias and Lydia (Sheldon) Kent; great»-grandson of Cephas Kent, member Ver- 
mont Committee of Safety and private Col. Ira Allen's Regt., Vermont Militia; grandson 
of John Riggs ahd Almira (Lott) Murdock; great-grandson of Cornelius P. and Per- 
melia (Darrow) Lott; great«-grandson of Joseph and Mary (Ward) Darrow; great-- 
grandson of George Darrow, Captain, New York Militia. 

IRVING LORD FARR, Montclair, N. J. (36376). Son of Mortimer Ives and Henrietta 
Rose (Lord) Farr; grandson of William and Elizabeth (Alden) Lord, Jr.; great-grandson 
of William Lord, private, Col. Thaddeus Cook's Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

FREDERICK O. FAYERWEATHER, Paterson, N. J. (36391). Son of W. O. and La- 
vinia (Cooke) Fayerweather ; grandson of John Somerville and Abigail (Oakley) Fayer- 
weather; great-grandson of Curtis and Sally (Johnson) Fayerweather; great'-grandson of 
Joseph and Rachel (Beers) Fayerweather; great'-grandson of Johi%and Abigail (Curtis) 
Fayerweather; great*-grandson of Jonas Curtis, private, Col. Waterbury's Regt., 
Connecticut Militia. 

JOHN ARTHUR FEE, Albuquerque, N. Mex. (30095). Son of Lee Moore and Grace 
(Ward) Fee; grandson of John S. and Abigail Almira (Moore) Fee; great-grandson of 
William and Mary (Curry) Moore; greats-grandson of* Robert Curry, private. Fourth 
Regt., Virginia Light Dragoons. 

GERALD BATTELLE FENTON, Columbus, Ohio. (36477). Son of Clarence M. and 
Cora (Battell) Fenton; grandson of Benjamin and Julia A. (Sagnaish) Fenton; great- 
grandson of Solomon and Sarah H. (Sturges) Fenton; great*-grandson of Aaron Burr 
and Selima (Wakeman) Sturges; greats-grandson of William Wakeman, Sergeant, Fair- 
field County, Connecticut Militia. 

THADDEUS CLAY FERRELL, Humboldt, Tenn. (36066). Son of Thaddeus Newton 
and Louisa (Clay) Ferrell; grandson of Samuel and Louisa (EdWard) Clay; great- 
grandson of Joshua an^ Sarah (Jennings) Clay; greats-grandson of John Clay, private, 
Virginia Militia. 

COLIN SPANGLER FEW, Middletown, Pa. (36751). Son of Kirk and Mary (McCurdy) 
Few; grandson of Colin Kurtz and Louisa M. (Spangler) McCurdy; great-grandson of 
Zachariah and Sarah (Gardner) Spangler; great'-grandson of John Spangler, private. 
Third Battalion, York County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

FREDERICK WORTMAN FLETCHER,. Freeport, N. Y. (36199). Son of Theodore Com- 
ings and Carrie E.. G. (Simonds) Fletcher; grandson of Edward P. and Isabella (Wort- 
man) Fletcher; great-grandson of Comings and Sally (Wheeler) Fletcher; greats-grand- 
son of Ebenezer Fletcher, Fifer, Col. Nathan Hale's Regt., New Hampshire Cont'l 
Troops, prisoner. 

CARLOS M. FLOWER, Los Angeles, Calif. (La. 3599o). Son of Charles Mulholland 
and Caroline (Merrill) Flower; grandson of Oliver Saunders and Emma Louise (Trim- 
ble) Merrill; great-grandson of Misgate and Hannah (Chapman) Merrill; great'-grand- 
son of Aaron and Mercy (Levitt) Merrill; greats-grandson of Stephen Merrill, Captain, 
Massachusetts Militia at Lexington Alarm. 

HERBERT CLARENCE FOOKS, Baltimore, Md. (36090). Son of George W. and Sarah 
Emily (Causey) Fooks; grandson of Irving and Charlotte J. (Coulbourn) Fooks; great- 
grandson of Uriah and Eliza Jane (Johnson) Fooks; greatS-grandson of Jesse Fooks 
(Fooke), private, Wicomico Company, Maryland Militia; grandson of Josiah and Sallie 
(Nutter) (^usey; great-grandson of Patrick and Polly (Cropper) Causey; greats-grand- 
son of Patrick Causey, private, Wicomico Company, Maryland Militia. 

HERBERT MERRILL FOIiRISTALL, Saugus, Mass. (361 10). Son of Alpheus Merrill 
and Sarah M. (Adams) Forristall; grandson of Joseph Mellen and Fanny (Grigham) 
Forristall; great-grandson of Joseph Forristall, private and Corporal, Massachusetts 
Militia, pensioned. 

RUFUS EDWARD FOSTER, New Orleans, La. (35994). Son of Gustavus and Catherine 
(Moore) Foster; grandson of Isaac and Elizabeth (Smith) Foster; great-grandson of 
Isaac Foster, Lieutenant, Gloucester County, Virginia Militia. 

SIDNEY A. FOSTER, Des Moines, Iowa. (36247). Son of Austin and Sarah (Stout) 
Foster; grandson of Peter L. and Waite (Luther) Stout; great-grandson of Jesse Stout, 
private, Hunterdon County, New Jersey Militia. 

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GEORGE HERBERT FOX. Mansfield, Ohio. (36485). Son of Edward L. and Ida 
(Sharp) Fox; grandson of George Alexander and Martha (Howsc) Sharp; great-grandson 
of Robert and Mary (Beaty) Howse; great'-grandson of William Btaty, Captain, Bruns- 
wick County, Virginia Militia. 

EDWARD LUDIXDW FREELAND, Phoenix, Ariz. (36602). Son of Henry Randin and 
Caroline Steel (Walker) Freeland; grandson of William and Caroline (Steel) Walker; 
great-grandson of Thomas and Mary (Eaton) Walker; great-grandson of Abel Walker, 
private. Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. McNAUGHTON frost, Jamul, Calif. (36411). Son of Josiah Bent and 
Ellen Cornelia (Mills) Frost; grandson of Calvin Paine and Sarah (Rice) Frost; great- 
grandson of Josiah Frost, private, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Militia. 

WALTER BLISS FROST, Providence, R. I. (34925)- Son of William F. and Lois Maria 
(Bliss) Frost; gi^ndson of George and Lois (Martin) Bliss; great-grandson of James 
Bliss, Surgeon's Mate, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

GEORGE H. FRYE, Windsor. Colo. (36340). Son of Benjamin Abbot and Ellen (Wal- 
lace) Frye; grandson of Jesse and Susannah Manning (Abbot) Frye; great-grandson of 
Benjamin and Dorcas (Noyes) Abbot; great-grandson of Benjamin Abbot, Sergeant, 
Col. Stark's Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

CHARLES GRANT FRYER, Schenectady, N. Y. (36468). Son of John May and Har- 
riet (Brackett) Fryer; grandson of John Adams and Abigail M. (Sturges) Brackett; 
great-grandson of James and Anna Watson (Flower) Brackett; great-grandson of 
Nathan Brackett, Jr., private. Col. Jonathan Bass' Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

FRANK CHARLES FULLER, Madison, So. Dak. (30667). Son of Albert E. and Esther 
O. (Buck) Fuller; grandson of Frank and Esther Ann (Aldrich) Fuller; great-grandson 
of William H. and Mary W. (Blackmarr) Fuller; great-grandson of John Puller, Sar- 
geant, Litchfield County, Connecticut Militia, pensioned. 

LOUIS WEAVER GABELL, West Philadelphia, Pa. (36307).* Son of CromweU Pearce 
and Louise (Gross) Gabell; grandson of Columbus W. and Mary Francis (Weaver) 
Gabell; great-grandson of Cromwell Pearce and Charity Cooper (Richardson) Weaver; 
great-grandson of Isaac and Frances Brassington (Pearce) Weaver; great-grandson of 
Cromwell Pearce, Colonel, Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

HARRY EZEKIEL GAVITT, Topeka, Kans. (36726). Son of William Wellington and 
Rejina L. (Spangle) Gavitt; grandson of Ezekiel Stanton and Elizabeth (Miller) Gavitt; 
great-grandson of William Gavitt, Jr., privateer, Brig "Favorita," Sloops "Randolph" 
and *'De Grasse," prisoner on "Jersey" prison-ship. 

CHARLES HARDEN GAY, Gardiner, Me. (36581). Son of Charles Martel and Catherine 
Maria (Harden) Gay; grandson of Charles and Almira (Stevens) Gay; great-grandson 
of Seth Gay, private, Massachusetts Militia at Lexington Alarm; great— grandson of 
William Gay, private at Lexington Alarm. 

WILLIAM RUFUS GAY, Gardiner, Me. (36580). Same as Charles Harden Gay, Me. 

ANTHONY WAYNE GEISSINGER, Columbus, Ohio. (36491). Son of James and Hen- 
rietta A. (Dorsey) Geissinger; grandson of Alfred Warfield and Charlotte (Hcckrotte) 
Dorsey; great-grandson of Allen and Elizabeth (Smith) Dorsey; great-grandson of Ely 
Dorsey, member Anne Arundel County, Maryland, CcJmmittee of Observation. 

EDWARD TINKHAM GIBSON, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36197). Son of Edward Griswold and 
Sarah Emily (Tinkham) Gibson; grandson of Solomon Donald and Nancy Ann (Martin) 
Gibson; great-grandson of David Gibson, Corporal, Col. JoSiah Whitney's Regt., Massa- 
chusetts Militia. 

LOUIS SYLVESTER GILBERT, Hartford, Conn. (35498). Son of Henry S. and Emily 
L. (Miller) Gilbert; grandson of Elijah and Louisa Matilda (Gilderslecve) Miller; great- 
grandson of Sylvester and Rebecca (Dixon) Gilderslecve; great-grandson of Philip 
Gildersleeve, private. Third Regt., New York Cont'l Line. 

HENRY MILTON GOODNOW, Clifton, N. J. (36369). Son of Richard and Clara 
(Brown) (Joodnow; grandson of Milton W. and Matilda (Williams) Goodnow; great- 
grandson of James and Sarah (Hunt) Williams; great-grandson of David Hunt, Regi- 
mental Quartermaster, Fifth Regt., New York Line. 

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WILLIAM WALLACE GOODRICH, Winchester, Ind. (35523). Son of John B. and 
Elizabeth Putnam (Edgar) Goodrich; grandson of Edward and Jane Gray (Putnam) 
Edger; great-grandson of Ernestus and Elizabeth (Gray) Putnam; great-grandson of 
Aaron J. Putnam, private. Second Regt., Albany County, New York Militia. 

HAROLD GORDON, Westfield, N. J. (36295). Son of William Henry and Margaret 
Ursula (Voorhees) Gordon, Jr.; grandson of William Henry and Sarah E. (Disbrow) 
Gordon; great-grandson of Samuel and Abigail (Buckelew) Gordon, Jr.; great-grandson 
of Samuel Gordon, private, Middlesex County, N. J. Militia. 

CHARLES ALLISON GREENE, New Orleans, La. (35988). Son of Allison Lawson and 
Susan Cary (Rosenbury) Greene; grandson of Charles Edward and Charlotte (Storrs) 
Rosenbury; great-grandson of Lucina and Susan Young (Caryl) Storrs; great-grandson 
of Dan Storrs, Clerk, Col. Experience Storr's Regt., Conn. Militia at Lexington Alarm. 

RICHARD THURSTON GREENE. Montclair, N. J. (36357). Son of James Gardner and 
Mary Helen (Rice) Greene; grandson of Appleton and Mary (Meacham) Rice; great- 
grandson of Martin Rice, private and Fifer, Massachusetts Militia. 

WILLIAM MORSE GRISWOLD, London, Eng. (Conn. 35499). Son of Charles and 
Irene (Morse) Griswold; grandson of Edward and Laura (Hubbard) Griswold; great- 
grandson of Daniel W. and Esther (Case) Griswold; great-grandson of White Griswold, 
private. Eighth Regt., Connecticut Line, prisoner. 

CORNELIUS JAMES GWYNNE, Wood Ridge, N. J. (N. Y. 36471). Son of Alexander 
and Emily (Bishop) Gwynnc; grandson of Cornelius and Hannah (Winchell) Bishop; 
great-grandson of Henry and Rebecca (Ladieu) (Ladew) Winchell; great-grandson of 
James Winchell, private. Fourth Regt., New York Cont'l Line. 

WHITMAN CATLIN HAFF, Stamford, Conn. (36701). Son of Edward Payson and 
Frances (Wright) Haff; grandson of John Bascom and Caroline Matilda (Henderson) 
Wright; great-grandson of (^orge R. and Margaret (Hallenbeck) Hendrickson; great- 
grandson of Hendrick and Rachel (Winne) Hallenbeck; greaf-grandson of Bernardus 
Hallenbeck, Second Lieutenant, First Regt, Albany County, New York Militia. 

ARTHUR ANDREWS HALL, Adams, Mass. (36801). Son of Andrews and Susan Hark- 
ness (Anthony) Hall; grandson of Alanson and Rebecca (Walker) Hall; great-grandson 
of Erastus and Polly (Moss) Hall; great-grandson of Benjamin Hall, private. Col. 
Roger Enos' Battalion, Connecticut Militia, member Wallingford Com. of Inspection. 

STEPHEN LOW ARNOLD HALL, Adams, Mass. (36802). Same as Arthur Andrews 
Hall (Mass., 36801). 

JAMES MADISON HAMILTON, Rutland, Vt. (33849). Son of Jamin Hannibal and 
Ellen Mariah (Goff) Hamilton; grandson of Hannibal Charles and Julia Emily (Thomp- 
son) Hamilton; great-grandson of Nathan and Phebe (Ballard) Hamilton; great-grand- 
son of Blisha Hamilton, private, Massachusetts and Vermont Militia. 

DANIEL STANTON HAMMOND, Paterson, N. J. (36290). Son of Daniel Stanton and 
Hclyne Myra (Scott) Hammond; grandson of Daniel Stanton and Sophia Augusta 
(Blakslee) Hammond; great-grandson of Pardon Tillinghast and Roby Hopkins (Stan- 
ton) Hammond; great-grandson of William and Alice (Tillinghast) Hammond, Jr.; 
great-grandson of William Hammond, Rhode Island Commissary-General for recruits 
and supplies. 

WILLIAM L. F. HARDHAM, Newark, N. J. (36679). Son of Lawrence J. and Mary B. 
(Hiscox) Hardham; grandson of Freeman H. and Nancy (Westerfield) Hiscox; great- 
grandson of David and Anna (Thompson) Hiscox, Jr.; great-grandson of David Hiscox, 
Lieutenant, Col. Samuel McClellan's Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

EDWIN MORTIMER >HARRISON, Montclair, N. J. (36383). Son of Edwin M. and 
Mary Frances (Hamilton) Harrison; grandson of Jared Erwin and CUitharine (Egbert) 
Harrison; great-grandson of Moses Harrison, private, Essex County, New Jersey Militia. 

HENRY TURNER HARRISON, Worcester, Mass. (Md. 36082). Son of Joseph Nathan 
and Julia Anne (Turner) Harrison; grandson of Thomas Edward and Cecelia (Dent) 
Harrison; great-grandson of Gideon Dent, private, Charles County, Maryland Militia. 

JAMES EDWARD HARRISON, Baltimore, Md. (36085). Son of Spencer and Wilhel- 
mina Augusta (Byns) Harrison; grandson of Theophilus and Martha Elizabeth (Turner) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Harrison; great-grandson of Thomas Edward and Cecelia (Dent) Harrison; great*-grand- 
son of Gideon Dent, private, Charles County, Maryland Militia. 

ROLAND LEE HARRISON. Washington. D. C. (Md. 36083). Same as Henry Turner 
Harrison (Md., 36082). 

THEOPHILUS KENOLEY HARRISON, Baltimore, Md. (36084). Same as James Edward 
Harrison (Md.. 36085). 

THOMAS CHAPMAN HARRISON, Charlotte Hall, Md. (36081). Same as Henry Turner 
Harrison (Md., 3608a). 

JOHN ROCHAMBEAU HAUDENSHIELD, Carnegie, Pa. (36315). Son of John Edward 
and Mary Holmes (Burk) Haudenshield ; grandson of William Henry and Susan (Steel) 
Burk; great-grandson of Samuel and Nancy (Detrich) Steel; great*-grandson of Andrew 
and Mary (Stitt) Steel; great'-grandson of John Steel, Captain, Pennsylvania Independent 
Co. of Foot. 

AARON B. HAVILAND, Hillside, N. J. (36400). Son of Aaron and Hannah Morris 
(Blair) Haviland; grandson of Aaron and Eliza (Brant) Haviland; great-grandson of 
Jacob and Eliza (Freeman) Brant; great'-grandson of David Brant, Teamster, Wagon- 
master C^eneral's Department, New Jersey Militia. 

JOHN FENTON HAWKEN, St. Louis, Mo. (35562). Son of Otis R. and Uly Boggs 
(Long) Hawken; grandson of John Fenton and Frances Elizabeth (Pipkin) Long; great- 
grandson of William Lindsay and Elizabeth (Sappington) Long; great*-grandson of John 
Long, Captain, Virginia Troops. 

ELBERT DANIEL HAYFORD, Hallowell, Me. (36582). Son of Daniel and Virginia 
Ellen (Brown) Hayford; grandson of Samuel and Charlotte (Pompilly) (Pumpelly) 
Hay ford; great-grandson of William and Philena (French) Hayford, Jr.; great*-grandson 
of William Hayford, private, Massachusetts Militia. 

CHESTER BARRETT HEAL, New York City, N. Y. (36187). Son of George Albert 
and Emma L- (Griffith) Heal; grandson of Joseph H. and Mary Van Pelt (Smith) Heal; 
great-grandson of James and Eliza (Barrett) Heal; great'-grandson of Reuben anj Sarah 
(Thorndike) Barrett; great*-grandson of Nathan and Miriam (Hunt) Barrett; great-- 
grandson of James Barrett, Colonel, Concord Massachusetts Militia, member State Con- 
vention and Provincial Congress. 

DOUGLAS SELPH HENRY, Captain, A. E. F., NashviUe, Tenn. (36064). Son of Robert 
A. and Emily (James) Selph; grandson of Hey Nunn and Nancy Thomas (Brown) 
Selph; great-grandson of Henry Hill and Nancy Ellington (Marshall) Brown; great-- 
grandson of Jeremiah and Martha (Hill) Brown; greaf-grandson of Green Hill, mem- 
ber North Carolina Assembly and Congress, and Major, North Carolina Militia. 

ROBERT SELPH HENRY, Captain, A. E. F., Nashville, Tenn. (36063). Same as Douglas 
Selph Henry (Tenn., 36064). 

JOSEPH DWEN HIGGINS, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36194). Son of Francis Taylor and Henri- 
etta Josephine (Stockton) Higgins; grandson of Samuel Wesley and Mary Ann (Seeley) 
Stockton; great-grandson of W. H. and Mary Ann (Pendleton) Seeley; great-grandson 
of Joseph Pendleton, Captain and Major, Westerly and Kings County, Rhode Island 

CHARLES HILL, Harriman, Tenn. (36065). Son of Isaac Alexander and Margaret 
(Kendrick) Hill; grandson of Barney and Nancy Green (Millican) Hill; great-grandson 
of Joab and Elizabeth (T^ane) Hili; greats-grandson of William Hill, Jr., member North 
Carolina Com. of Safety; great^'-grandson of William Hill, member Hillsboro, North 
Carolina Provincial Congress; great"-grandson of Isaac and Sarah (Russell) Lane; 
great*-grandson of George Russell, Lieutenant, Col. Sevier's Regt., North Carolina Militia; 
grandson of John and Martha (Owens) Kendrick; great-grandson of Samuel Sumpter 
and Sarah (Randolph) Owens; great-grandson of Edward and Elizabeth (Sumpter) 
Owens; greaf-grandson of William Sumpter, Captain, Burke County, North Carolina 
Militia; great-grandson of Samuel Kendrick, private, Virginia State Troops; great-grand- 
son of Edom Kehdrick, private, Virginia Militia; grandson of Barney and Nancy G. 
(Millican) Hill; great-grandson of Joab and Elizabeth (Lane) Hill; great-grandson of 
Isaac Lane, Lieutenant, Col. John Sevier's Regt., North Carolina Militia, pensioned; 
great'-grandson o^ Tidence L^ne, patriot preacher. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GEORGE ALBERT HILL, Jr., Ridgewood, N. J. (36380). Son of George Albert and 
Josephine Lyon (Hazleton) Hill; grandson of Edmund F. and Sarah (Garfield) Hazle- 
ton; great-grandson of Josiah and Sarah (Emerson) Hazleton; great*-gtandson of John 
Bmerson, private, Col. Moses Nichols* Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

HAROLD DYER HILL, Paterson, N. J. (36351). Son of Robert Clark Hutchinson and 
Elizabeth (MacChesney) Hill; grandson of Samuel and Ann (Capner) Hill; great-grand- 
son of Smith Hill, Quartermaster, First Regt., Burlington County, New Jersey Militia. 

JEREMIAH FRANCIS HILL. Newark, N. J. (36696). Son of Charles Freeman and 
Lavinia Ann (Parker) Hill; grandson of Jeremiah and Lucinda (Libby) Hill; great- 
grandson of Joshua and Mary (Gilpatrick) Hill; greats-grandson of Joseph (Gose) Hill, 
private, Col. Moses Kelley's Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

ROBERT SHERRARD HILL, Steubenville, Ohio. (36494). Son of Joseph Welsh and 
Mary Ann (Sherrard) Hill; grandson of Robert Hill, private, Third Battalipn, Washing- 
ton County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

JOHN WILLIAM HILTON, Betheny, Nebr. (33896). Son of John B. W. and Mary 
Elizabeth (Redgate) Hilton; grandson of Edmund and Lydia Ann (Miller) Redgate; 
great-grandson of Stephen and Elizabeth (Weeks) Miller; great'-grandson of Stephen 
Weeks, private. Col. Drake's Regt., Westchester County, New York Militia. 

LESLIE ROBERTS HIMES, New Bethlehem, Pa. (36317). Son of John Rutherford and 
Mary (Roberts) Himes; grandson of Joseph C. and Margaret (Rutherford) Himes; 
great-grandson of John and Sylvina (Space) Himes; great-grandson of Zephaniah and 
Katie (Armstrong) Space; great«-grandson of John Space, private, Second Regt., New 
Jersey Cont'l Line. 

ARTHUR GARFIELD HOLUS, Oklahoma City. Okla. (35242). Son of Alonzo K. and 
Minnie Field (Harris) Hollis; grandson of George and Sarah (Field) Harris; great- 
grandson of Joseph and Lucretia (Lord) Harris; great-grandson of Israel Harris, Cap- 
tain, Col. Benjamin Simond's Regt., Massachusetts Militia, pensioned. 

REUBEN R. HOLMES, Dayton, Ohio. (36486). Son of Samuel A. and Virginia (Rose) 
Holmes; grandson of Samuel B. and Catharine (Shafor) Holmes; great-grandson of 
William and Jane (Ryerson) Shafor; great-grandson of Peter Shafor, private, Somerset 
County, New Jersey Militia. 

FRANK WARD HOLT, Mich. (18318). Supplemental. Son of Ira Farnsworth and Perla 
M. (Ward) Holt; grandson of Nicholas Mosher and Ann (Reynolds) Holt; great-grand- 
son of Abiel and Mary (Mosher) Holt; great-grandson of Abiel Holt, private, Connecti- 
cut Militia. 

FREDERICK SHERMAN HOPKINS, Springfield, Mass. (361 17). Son of Frederick Eu- 
gene and Harriet Ann (Sherman) Hopkins; grandson of William Fay and Laura (Camp- 
bell) Hopkins; great-grandson of Herman and Miriam (Blaisdell) Hopkins; great- 
grandson of Henry and Sarah (Fay) Hopkins; great*-grandson of Weight Hopkins, 
Major and Captain, Seth Warner's Regt., Vermont Militia. 

CRAFT ACKERMAN HOPPER, Paterson, N. J. (36291). Son of Charles Craft and 
Louisa (Ackerman) Hopper; grandson of Abram and Charity Ann (Romaine) Acker- 
man; great-grandson of John and (^therine (Post) Ackerman; great-grandson of Abram 
A. and Mary (Manning) Ackerman; great-grandson of Abraham Manning, private, 
Bergen County, New Jersey Militia, 7 years' service. 
EDWIN NOTT HOPSON, Paterson, N. J. (36355). Son of Charles R. and Mary Eliza- 
beth (May) Hopson; grandson of John and Mary (Doremus) May; great-grandson of 

Pieter and CUitharine ( r) Doremus; great-grandson of Thomas Doremus, private. 

Second Regt., Essex County, New Jersey Militia. 
ROY MARTIN HOUGHTON, New Haven, Conn. (36707). Son of David and Amanda H. 
.(Smith) Houghton; grandson of Daniel and Lydia (Cutler) Houghton; great-grandson 

of James and Mary ( ) Houghton; great-grandson of Jonathan Houghton, Captain, 

Worcester County, Massachusetts Militia. 
CARL CLIFFORD HOWARD. Glasgow, Ky. (34725). Son of Thomas S. and Queen 
(Langford) Howard; grandson of Harmon P. and Cansada (Morehead) Howard; great- 
grandson of Jesse and Lucy (Mayfield) Howard; great-grandson of John and Sarrah 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


(McDougal) Mayfield; great*-grandson of Alexander McDougal, Lieutenant, South Caro- 
lina Troops. 

JOHN LUTHER HOWLAND, Providence, R. I. (36501). Son of Amasa W. and Rebecca 
Adelaide (Emerson) Howland; grandson of Oliver Ackley and Sarah Ann (Cothrane) 
Emerson; great-grandson of Theodore Emerson, private, Massachusetts Militia. 

CLIFFORD BURTON HOYT, East Orange, N. J. (36680). Son of Charles Wesley and 
Artemisia V. (Bull) Hoyt; grandson of Ezra Dibble and Sarah M. (White) Bull; great- 
grandson of Horace and Mary (Dibble) Bull; greats-grandson of Asa Bull, private, Col. 
Charles Webb's Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

PHILIP HUBBELL, Pajarito, N. Mex. (30096). Son of J. Filipe and May Helene ( ) 

Hubbell; grandson of James L. and Julianita (G ) Hubbell; great-grandson of John 

L. and Sophia (Morse) Hubbell; great*-grandson of John and Parrillas (Foote) Hub- 
bell; great'-grandson of Comfort Hubbell, member Connecticut Committee of Safety and 

JOSEPH FRANCIS HUGGINS, Portland, Ore. (35067). Son of James Francis and Alice 
(Patterson) Huggins; grandson of Joseph Stillman and Elizabeth Grimes (Murdough) 
Huggins; great-grandson of Joseph and Hannah (Bingham) Huggins; greats-grandson 
of Elias Bingham, Corporal, Seventh Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

CHURCHILL HUNGERFORD, Wenonah, N. J. (36286). Son of Henry and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Churchill) Hungerford; grandson of William and Mary Myrick (Haden) Churchill; 
great-grandson of Solomon Churchill, private, Massachusetts Militia for coast defense, 
pensioned; grandson of Henry and Jeannette (Northrup) Hungerford; great-grandson 
of Benjamin and Zadde (Newell) Hungerford; greats-grandson of Benjamin Hungerford, 
2nd Lieutenant, Col. Benjamin Hinsman's Regt., Connecticut Militia; grandson of Wil- 
liam and Mary Myrick (Haden) Churchill; great-grandson of Solomon and Elizabeth 
(Bartlett) Churchill; great'-grandson of Thomas Bartlett, private, Massachusetts Coast 

RALPH BENJAMIN HUNTER, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. (36493). Son of Thomas Ed- 
win and Jennie (Oman) Hunter; grandson of Benjamin and Sarah (Jump) Hunter; 
great-grandson of Samuel and Jane (Paul) Hunter; greats-grandson of George Hunter, 
private, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

FRANK B. HUTCHENS, Los Angeles. Calif. (36401). Son of Charles Tanner and Ange- 
line (Chadwick) Hutchens; grandson of Noah and Phoebe (Tanner) Hutchens; great- 
grandson of Noah Hutchens, private and Corporal, Massachusetts Militia. 

ROBERT PARKE HUTCHINSON, Bethlehem, Pa. (36316). Son of Elias Smith and 
Mary (Seely) Hutchinson; grandson of David and Betsey (Hayward) Hutchinson; great- 
grandson of Jesse and Polly (Searitt) Hutchinson; greatS-grandson of Andrew Searitt^ 
private. New Hampshire and Massachusetts Militia, pensioned. 

ALBERT ICKSTADT, Jr., Chicago, 111. (36213). Son of Albert and Mildred (Quimby) 
Ickstadt; grandson of John Bartlett and Sarah Eliza (Leland) Quimby; great-grandson 
of Cyrus and Sarah (Howard) Leland; greatS-grandson of Cyrus and Betsey (Kimball) 
Leland; greats-grandson of Noah Brooks and Persis (Brigham) Kimball; greats-grandson 
of Aaron Kimball, Captain, Worcester County, Massachusetts Militia. 

KENNETH CARR INGRAHAM, Seattle, Wash. (36651). Son of Edward Sturgis and 
Myra A. (Carr) Ingraham; grandson of W. F. and Jane (Whipple) West; great-grand- 
son of Jeremiah R. and Nancy A. (Pelton) Whipple; greatS-grandson of Ezra and Cleo 
(Wright) Pelton; greats-grandson of Ithmar Pelton, Ensign, Twenty-third Regt., 
Connecticut Train Band. 

CHARLES WESLEY JACOBY, Waldo, Ohio. (35895). Son of Michael and Catharine 
(Emery) Jacoby, Jr.; grandson of Michael and Elizabeth (Worline) Jacoby; great-grand- 
son of Henry and Catharine (Cline) Worline; greatS-grandson of Conrad Cline, private. 
Sixth Regt., Pennsylvania Cont'l Line. 

EDWIN LE ROY JACOBY, East Orange, N. J. (36488). Son of John and Eliza (Van 
Brimmer) Jacoby; grandson of Michael and Elizabeth (Worline) Jacoby; great-grandson 
of Henry and Catharine (Cline) Worline; greatS-grandson of Conrad Cline, private, Sixth 
Regt., Pennsylvania Cont'l Line. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


JOHN JACOBY, Marion, Ohio. (36487). Son of Michael and Elizabeth (Worline) Jacoby; 
grandson of Henry and Catharine (Cline) Worline; great-grandson of Conrad Clinc, 
private, Sixth Regt., Pennsylvania Cont'l Line. 

SAMUEL LAWRENCE JAMES, New Orleans, La. (35992)- Son of Samuel Lawrence 
and Emma Dorothy (Hart) James; grandson of James Lawrence and Beulah Biddle 
(Arney) James; great-grandson of Samuel Lawrence and Mary (Hall) James; great-- 
grandson of Edward Hall, Major, First Battalion, Salem Cotinty, New Jersey Militia. 

HOLDER MORGAN JAMESON, Watertown, Mass. (36119)- Son of John Alexander and 
Theodora Parker (Holder) Jameson; grandson of Nathaniel and Hannah Dodge (Mor- 
gan) Holder; great-grandson of Andrew and Rachael (Safford) Morgan, Jr.; great-- 
grandson of Andrew Morgan, private, Massachusetts sea-coast defense; Seaman and mate 
Massachusetts brigantine "Tyranniside" and privateer "Junius Brutus," prisoner. 

CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN JOHNSON, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36464). Son of William and 
Angeline (Chamberlain) Johnson; grandson of Jacob Payspn and Catherine (Kuney) 
Chamberlain; great-grandson of John and Mary (Lee) Chamberlain; great*-grandson of 
Jacob Chamberlain, member Boston Committee for purchasing ammunition and of other 
war committees. 

CLINTON HERBERT JOHNSON, Jr., Prividence, R.-I. (36502). Son of Clinton H. and 
Claribel (Bentley) Johnson; grandson of John and Miranda (Chaplin) Bentley; great- 
grandson of Moses and Betsey (Smith) Chaplin; great*-grandson of Moses and Lucy 
(Page) Chaplin; great'-grandson of Jonas Page, Sergeant, Col. Brooks* Regt., Massa- 
chusetts Militia. 

FRANCIS HOPKINS JOHNSON, N. J. (36388). Son of Thomas M. and Fanny (Sped- 
dued) Johnson; grandson of James and Anne Matthews (Richards) Johnson; great-grand- 
son of James Johnson, Colonel, Frederick County, Maryland Militia. 

HARRY BISHOP JOHNSON, Providence, R. I. (36506). Son of Lyman Humiston and 
Mary Lucinda (Bishop) Johnson; grandson of David Chittenden and Lucinda (Baldwin) 
Bishop; great-grandson of Jonathan Chittenden and Julia (Tyler) Bishop; greats-grandson 
of James Bishop, private, Connecticut Militia, widow pensioned. 

ROBERT NELSON JOHNSON, Fort Madison, Iowa. (36237). Son of Nelson and Nancy 
Ann (Porter) Johnson; grandson of Seth and Lavina (Adams) Johnson; great-grandson 
of Daniel and Lucretia (Prout) Johnson; great*-grandson of Seth Johnson, private, Mid- 
dlesex County, Connecticut Militia; great-grandson of Reuben and Rozillah (Hoodley) 
Adams; greats-grandson of 'Nathaniel Hoodley, private, Col. William Douglas' Regt., 
Connecticut Militia, pensioned; grandson of William and Catherine (Pollock) Porter; 
great-grandson of William and Sarah (Fruit) Pollock; greats-grandson of Robert Fruit, 
private, Pennsylvania Militia and chairman Committee of Safety. 

LESTER ALEXANDER JOHNSTON, Paterson, N. J. (36692). Son of Wesley S. B. and 
Rose (Edwards) Johnston; grandson of John T. and Martha (Tredwell) Johnston; 
greatrgrandson of Levercth and Martha (Tredwell) Treadwell (son of Jacob); great-- 
grandson of John and Phebe (Pell) Tredwell (father of Martha); great»-grandson of 
Samuel Tredwell, Captain, Westchester County, New York Light Horse. 

GEORGE ELWOOD JONES, Newark, N. J. (36392). Son of Charles Bines and Annie 
Elizaheth (Onderdonk) Jones; grandson of Gerrard and Mary Ann (Carhart) Jones; 
great-grandson of Joel and Ann (Van Pelt) Carhart; greats-grandson of Thomas Car- 
hart, private and Corporal, New Jersey Militia and Cont'l Troops. 

EDWIN BLACK JUDD, Hartford, Conn. (36702). Son of John Dwight and Frances 
Barbara (Black) Judd; grandson of Willard and Sophia (Searle) Judd; great-grandson 
of Allen and Sarah (Snow) Judd; greats-grandson of Thomas Judd, private. Col. Wood- 
bridge's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; grandson of Archibald and Eleanor (Wooden) • 
Black; great-grandson of John Black, private. Col. Wynkoop's Regt., Massachusetts 
Militia; great-grandson of James and Elizabeth (Towsend) Wooden, Jr., greatS-grandson 
of James Wooden, Corporal and Bombardier, Massachusetts Artillery. 

SAMUEL GILBERT JUMP, Muncie, Ind. (36431). Son of Samuel Vaughn and Mary 
Sophia (Gilbert) Jump; grandson of Othniel Jedithan and Seraph (Webster) Gilbert: 
great-grandson of Uri and Mercy (Ashley) Webster; greats-grandson of Daniel Ashley. 
Lieutenant, Col. Baldwin's Regt., New Hampshire Militia; greats-grandson of Samuei 
Ashley, Colonel, Thirteenth Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

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ROBERT FULTON KEIPER, Middletown, Pa. (36752). Son of Edw. Smith and Annie 
Margaret (Dctwciler) Keiper; grandson of Joseph and Cordelia (Smith) Keiper; great- 
grandson of Jacob and Susanna (Grisc) Keiper; great*-grandson of John Grist, private, 
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

DAVID HENRY KELLER, PineviUe, La. (35998). Son of James E. M. and Uura A. 
(Whitesell) Keller; grandson of David and Ellen (Brown) Keller; great-grandson of 
Jacob and Susanna (Overpeck) Brown; grcat^-grandson of John Brown, Captain, Fifth 
Battalion, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

GEORGE MARTIN KELLOGG, Jr.. Chicago, 111. (36214). Son of Oorge Martin and 
Mary Edna (Jackson) Kellogg; grandson of George Washington and Mary (McMillan) 
Kellogg; great-grandson of Otis and Priscilla (Gibson) Kellogg; great-grandson of Mar- 
tin and Patty (Gibson) Kellogg; great«-grandson of EUphalet Kellogg, private, Albany 
County, New York Militia. 

WILLIAM SETON KENT, Washington, D. C. (36134). Son of Jonathan Yates and Ellen 
Victoria (Belt) Kent; grandson of William J. and Ellen Ursula (Bowie)' Belt; great- 
grandson of /. Sprigg Belt, Second Lieutenant, Maryland Militia; great-grandson of John 
B. and Catherine (Hall) Bowie; great*-grandson of Benjamin Hall, member Maryland 
Constitutional Convention and Major, Middle Battalion, Maryland Troops. 

HOWARD NATHANIEL KENYON, Lieut. U. S. M. C, Quantico, Va. (D. C. 36128). 
Son of Nathaniel C. and Ella Eugenie (Scofield) Kenyon; grandson of Archibald and 
Juliana (Pratt) Kenyon; great-grandson of Samuel R. and Clarissa (Miller) Kenyon; 
great'-grandson of David and Mary (Rogers) Kenyon; great'-grandson of fVilUam Ken- 
yon, Ensign, Colonel Dyer's Regt., Rhode Island Militia, pensioned; grandson of Aaron 
and Mary (Hay) Scofield; great-grandson of William and Mary (Hays) Hay; great-- 
grandson of James Hays, Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Northumberland County, Penn- 
sylvania Militia; great-grandson of Sylvanus and Martha (Lyon) Scofield; greats-grand- 
son of Hait Scofield, private, Fairfield County, Connecticut Militia, pensioned. 

RALPH CLAUDE KEPHART, U. S. Navy. Calif. (36402). Son of George Elwood and 
Anna C. (Weisel) Kephart; grandson of Henry (Harmon) and Amy T. (Hyde) Kephart; 
great-grandson of Jacob and Magdalena (Puth) Kephart; great'-grandson of John Kep- 
hart, private, Philadelphia German Regt., Cont'l Line. 

JOSEPH AUSTIN KILBOURN, Hartford, Conn. (36708). Son of Horace and Mary 
(Young) Kilbourn; grandson of Joseph and Hannah (Sellew) Kilbourn; great-grandson 
of Philip Sellew, member Connecticut Cont'l Army Clothing Committee, Tax Collector, 
and member Connecticut General Assembly of '83. 

JOSEPH BIRNEY KILBOURN, Hartford, Conn. (36703). Son of Joseph Austin and 
Sarah Alacoque (Dooley) Kilbourn; grandson of Horace and Mary (Young) Kilbourn; 
great-grandson of Joseph and Hannah (Sellew) Kilbourn; great-grandson of Philip 
Sellew, member Clothes Purchasing Committee for Cont'l Army, and member Connecticut 
General Assembly of '83. 

HARRY DONLY KIRKOVER, EggertsvUle, N. Y. (36188). Son of Henry D. and Emma 
J. (Barnard) Kirkover; grandson of Robert and Hannah C. (Manning) Barnard; great- 
grandson of Joseph and Margaret (Wafel) Barnard; greats-grandson of Henry Wafel, 
private. New York Militia. 

PHILIP GORDON KITCHEN, Wynewood, Pa. (36305). Son of James G. and Margaret 
Amelia (Webb) Kitchen; grandson of James Lamborn and Susan Rapp (Graeff) Webb; 
great-grandson of Daniel and Margaret (Rapp) Graeff, Jr.; great*-grandson of Daniel 
Graeff, Captain, Berks County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

PHAON SILAS KOHLER, Glassport, Pa. (36319). Son of Edward and Lydia (Remely) 
Kohler; grandson of John Peter and Susanna (Kern) Kohler; great-grandson of Jacob 
Kohler, private. Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

GEORGE WARNE LABAW, Paterson, N. J. (36287). Son of John Chamberlain and 
Mary (Warne) Labaw; grandson qf George and Sarah (Fulmer) Warne; great-grandson 
of John Warne, private, Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia. 

ALBERT WALSH LANG, Boston, Mass. (361 11). Son of Albert Seavey and Mary Ann 
(Walsh) Lang; grandson of Alfred and Susan (Burley) Lang; great-grandson of Samuel 
and Lydia (Furber) Lang; greats-grandson of Thomas Lang, private. New Hampshire 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Militia; great-grandson of Ezra and l/ucy (Hyde) Burley; great'-grandson of Jacob 
Burley (Burleigh), private, Col. Stephen Evans' Regt., New Hampshire Troops; grcat*- 
grandson of Josiah Burly {Burleigh), private, Col. Joshua Wingate's Regt., New Hamp- 
shire Militia. 

GlyENN BURNEIX LANTZ, New Brighton, N. Y. (36462). Son of Stephen P. and Mar- 
tha Catherine (Myers) Lantz; grandson of John and Nancy Priscilla (Hoback) Myers; 
great-grandson of William K. and Martha Esther (Her rick) Hoback; greats-grandson of 
Samuel and Katherine (Malloy) Herrick; great*-grandson of Joseph Herrick, private. 
Col. Johnson's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great*-grandson of Israel Herrick, private. 
Col. Frye's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

HAROLD FOWLER LARKIN, West Hartford, Conn. (36709). Son of James Edwin and 
Adella Hannah (Fowler) Larkift; grandson of Perez Marshall and Lois Elvira (Miller) 
Fowler; great-grandson of Chauncey Burritt and Apphia (Twining) Fowler; great-- 
grandson of TUus Fowler, Sergeant, Col. John Moseley's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

HAROLD EMERSON LAWRENCE, Paterson, N. J. (36288). Son of Will Francis and 
Jennie Lord (Verry) Lawrence; grandson of Thomas Reed and Polly Barnes (Litch- 
field) Lawrence; great^-grandson of Thaddeus and Joa (Oakes) Lawrence; great'-grand- 
son of Timothy Lawrence, private, Massachusetts Militia. 

WILLIAM KEMP LE:M0N, Jr., Middletown, Pa. (36753). Son of James Henry and 
Emma Minerva (Shaffer) Lemon; grandson of William Kemp and Catherine (Heckert) 
Lemon; great-grandson of Simon and Jane (Sweigart) Lemon; great-grandson of George 
Leamon {Lemon), private. First Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

CLAUDE FREDERICK LESTER, Wash. (28935). Supplemental. Son of Fred Volney 
and Eva M. (Conklin) Lester; grandson of Volney and Mary Jane (Smith) Lester; 
great-grandson of Martin and Esther (Bronson) Smith; greats-grandson of Simeon and 
Chloe (Smith) Smith; greaf-grandson of Bldad Smith, private, Connecticut Militia at 
Lexington Alarm. 

ROBERT KENDALL LEWIS, Jr., Chicago, 111. (36215). Son of Robert Kendall and 
Annabella Whaley (Jones) Lewis; grandson of John Bayley and Anna America (Follin) 
Jones; great-grandson of James and Mary Ann (Cross) Follin; greats-grandson of John 
Follin, sailor, Virginia Navy, prisoner. 

HENRY PETER LEWMAN, Louisville, Ky. (36529). Son of George and Adeline (Peter) 
Lewman; grandson of John and Mary (Grisamore) Lewman; great-grandson of Moses 
and Elizabeth (Cash) Lewman; great*-grandson of John Lewman, Sergeant, Sixth Regt., 
Pennsylvania Cont'l Line; greats-grandson of John Cash, private, Lancaster County, 
Pennsylvania Militia. 

JOHN BUREL LEWMAN, Prather, Ind. (Ky. 36528). Son/ of Moses T. and N. L. 
(Conover) Lewman; grandson of John and Mary (Grisamore) Lewman; great-grandson 
of Moses and Elizabeth (Cash) Lewman; greatS-grandson of John Lewman, Sergeant, 
Sixth Regt., Pennsylvania Cont'l Line; greatS-grandson of John Cash, private, Lancaster 
County, Pennsylvania Militia; grandson of Garrett and Susanna (Monteith) Conover; 
great-grandson of William Conover, private. First Regt., Monmouth County, New Jersey, 

DAVID SPECHT LING, Sheldon, Iowa. (36242). Son of Henry and Mary (Specht) 
Ling; grandson of David and Priscilla (Bissel) Specht; great-grandson of Christian 
Specht, private, Pennsylvania Militia, pensioned. 

PAUL BRADNER LITTLEHALE, Cranford, N. J. (36683). Son of Wilbur Stearns and 
Etta E. (House) Littlehale; grandson of Daniel Stearns and Joanna B. (Davis) Little- 
hale; great-grandson of Daniel Stearns and Joanna B. (Davis) Littlehale; greats-grand- 
son of Roger Lan^don and Mary (Griffin) Littlehale; greats-grandson of Abraham 
Littlehale, private, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia. 

RICHARD CARPENTER LOCKWOOD, N. Y. (26471 ). Supplemental. Son of Jeremiah 
Talcott and Louise (Carpenter) Lockwood; grandson of Jeremiah Talcott and Jane 
(Shurrager) Lockwood; great-grandson of James and Nancy Vorhies (Albin) Lockwood; 
greatS-grandson of Jacob Lockwood, Drummer, Third Regt., Connecticut Troops; great- 
grandson of Simeon and Annie Ekert (Ackert) Shurger (Shurrager); greatS-grandson of 
Andres Shurger, Ulster County, New York patriot, killed by Indians and Tories. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


FRANK OTEY LONG, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. (.36776)'. Son of Henry and Frances Burton 
(Scurlock) Long; grandson of T. P. and Anne (Huntsman) Scurlock; great-grandson of 
Adam and Sarah Wesley (Quarles) Huntsman; great*-grandson of William Queries, 
Ensign and Second Lieutenant, First Regt., Virginia Troops. 

LEON MILNER LONG. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. {36777)- Same as Frank Otey Long. Tenn. 

CHARLES LAWRENCE LONGLEY, Boise, Idaho. (35108). Son of Alfred and Julia M. 
(Read) Longley; grandson of Thomas and Martha Arms (Taylor) Longley; great- 
grandson of Edmund Longley, Captain, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia. 

ANDREW J. LOOMIS, Santa Fe, New Mex. (30093). Son of Thompson and Laura 
(A ) Loomis; grandson of Solomon and Hannah (Armstrong) Loomis; great-grand- 
son of Simon Loomis, private, Connecticut Militia, Col. Sheldon's Light Dragoons and 
Putnam's Cont'l Troops, pensioned. 

MILTON E. LOOMIS, Westfield, N. J. (36693). Son of L. Rood and Mary W. (Early) 
Loomis; grandson of Charles H. and Julia Ann (Rood) Loomis; great-grandson of 
Anson and Highly (Hitchcock) Loomis; great'-grandson of Michael Loomis, Ensign, Col. 
John Fellows' Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

HAROLD CLARENCE LOUNSBERRY, Marshalltown, Iowa. (36246). Son of Harvey 
Wellington and Sarah Agnes (Gonsley) Lounsberry; grandson of Joshua Whitney Hill- 
man and Priscilla M. (Gager) Lounsberry; great-grandson of Joseph and Mary (Whit- 
ney) Lounsberry; greats-grandson of Michael Lounsberry, private. Ninth Regt., New 
York Militia. 

ROBERT ADDISON LUSE, Sharon, Pa. (36320). Son of Robert and Calista Freelove 
(Slater) Luce; grandson of Nathan and Freelove (Grossman) Slater; great-grandson of 
Benjamin Slater, private, Connecticut Militia. 

ROBERT WILLIAM LUSE, Sharon, Pa. (36321). Son of Robert Addison and Henrietta 
Marvin (Fell) Luse; grandson of Robert and Calista Freelove (Slater) Luse; great- 
grandson of Nathan and Freelove (Grossman) Slater; great'-grandson of Benjamin 
Slater, private, Connecticut Militia. 

DONALD FISHER LYBARGER, Ohio. (34598). Supplcmentals. Son of Jesse James 
and Margaret Shuler (Fisher) Lybarger; grandson of Elijah Crum and Julydia Work- 
man (Winterringer) Lybarger; great-grandson of James Thompson and Amelia Eagle 
(Crum) Lybarger; greats-grandson of Andrew and Naomi (Thompson) Lybarger; great'- 
grandson of Ludwick Lybarger, private, Bedford County, Pennsylvania Militia; great-- 
grandson of Lewis Crum; greats-grandson of John Crum, private, Eleventh and Seventh 
Regts., Virginia Troops. 

EDWARD CANFIELD LYON, Caldwell, N. J. (36381). Son of Edward Thomas and 
Mary Waynman (Canfield) Lyon; grandson of Thomas and Abigail Parmelia (Mead) 
Lyon; great-grandson of Caleb Lyon, Jr., private, Westchester County. New York 
Militia; greats-grandson of Caleb Lyon, private, Fourth Regt., Westchester County, New 
York Militia; grandson of Abraham C. and Sarah C. (Waynman) Canfield; great-grand- 
son of Jacob and Eunice (Munson) Canfield; greats-grandson of Abraham Canfield, 
Express Rider, New Jersey Light Horse; greatS-grandson of Moses Munson, Captain. 
Morris County, New Jersey Militia, Captain and Foragemaster Team Brigade. 

OLIVER CRANE LYON. Montclair, N. J. (36285). Son of Edward Canfield and Caroline 
H. (Crane) Lyon; grandson of Edward T. and Mary Waynman (Canfield) Lyon; great- 
grandson of Thomas and Abigail Parmelia (Mead) Lyon; greatS-grandson of Caleb 
Lyon, Jr., private. Fourth Regt., Westchester County, New York Militia; grandson of 
Oliver and Marion Dunn (Turnbull) Crane; great-grandson of Stephen Fordham and 
Matilda Howell (Smith) Crane; gfeat^-grandson of Peter Smith; Lieutenant, Third and 
Fifth Regts., Pennsylvania Troops and Private Secretary to General Washington. 

LOUIS BLALOCK McCARTHY, West Roxbury, Mass. (36803). Son of Louis and 
Theodosia (Blalock) McCarthy; grandson of Samuel W. and Nancy S. (Young) Blalock; 
great-grandson of Tilman and Sarah Ainsworth (Wilson) Blalock; great--grandson of 
John Blalock, Lieutenant, Col. Downman's Regt., and Captain of Guards, North Caro- 
lina Militia, pensioned. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DAVID McCONAUGHY, Montclair, N. J. (36382). Son of David and Uana (Mathews) 
McConaughy; grandson of James Burroughs and Catherine (Griffith) Mathews; great- 
grandson of Samuel Griffith, Captain, Maryland Cont'l Troops. 

FRANK KELLY McCUTCHEN, Dalton, Ga. (35225). Son of Cicero Decatur and Frances 
Cornelia (Kelly) McCutchen; grandson of Thomas Davis and Phoebe Caroline (Bryan) 
Kelly; great-grandson of Andrew and Delphie Garnett (Jones) Bryan; great*-grandson 
of Andrew Bry-an, private, Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

COREY FULLER McFARLAND, Keokuk, Iowa. (36239). Son of Jacob Corey and Mary 
(Woodcock) McFarland; grandson of David and Polly (Stevens) MacFarlin; great- 
grandson of Elijah and Sarah (Marshall) MacFarlin, Jr.; greats-grandson of Elijah 
MacParling, private, Plympton County, Massachusetts Troops, died in service. 

CLEMENT L. McKEE, Washington, Pa. (36323). Son of Finley and Eliza Ann (Harper) 
McKee; grandson of Henry and Susanna (Hornbeck) McKee; great-grandson of John 
McKee, private, Fayette County, Pennsylvania Militia, pensioned; grandson of Daniel 
and Margery (Huston) Harper; great-grandson of William and Mary (Morrison) Huston; 
great*-grandson of Joseph Huston, private, Capt. George Vance's Co., Pennsylvania 
Rangers and Frontiersmen. 

NEWTON FELCH McKEON, Paterson, N. J. (36393). Son of Marcus James and Par- 
thenea Dow (Felch) McKeon; grandson of Isaac Newton and Margaret Holmes (Dow) 
Felch; great-grandson of Nathan and Rebecca (Shepard) Felch, Jr.; greats-grandson of 
Nathan Felch, private, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia, pensioned. 

JOHN HOWARD McLAUGHLIN, Westfield, N. J. (36292). Son of Alexander and 
Amanda (Spayde) McLaughlin; grandson of Archibald and Rebecca (Wells) McLaugh- 
lin; great-grandson of Samuel and Hannah (Barnes) Wells; greats-grandson of Samuel 
Wells, private, Col. Charles Armand's Regt., Virginia Cont'l Line. 

WILLIAM HENRY McMASTER, Alliance, Ohio. (36484). Son of James Nelson and 
Susan Elizabeth (Neff) McMaster; grandson of Samuel and Sarah Ann (Gregory) Mc- 
Master; great-grandson of Robert and Sarah (Meek) McMaster; great*-grandson of 
William McMaster, private, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania "Associators." 

HENRY W. McMillan, West Burlington, Iowa. (36241). Son of Charles and Mary E. 
(Woodworth) McMillan; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Sample) Woodworth; great- 
grandson of John and Ann (Taylor) Sample; greats-grandson of Henry and Mary 
(Blackburn) Taylor; greats-grandson of Robert Taylor, private. Fifth Regt., Virginia 

STEPHEN YERKES McNAIR, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36452). Son of Stephen Yerkes and 
Mattie E. (Knowles) McNair; grandson of John and Mary (Yerkes) McNair; great- 
grandson of Stephen and Alice (Watson) Yerkes; greatS-grandson of Harman Yerkes, 
private, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

EARL CLEVELAND MAIN, Sioux Falls, So. Dak. (30666). Son of Gilbert S. and Alice 
Maria (Brainerd) Main; grandson of Alfred Kellogg and Hannah Merritt (Small) 
Brainerd; great-grandson of Halsey and Rachelua (Kellogg) Brainerd; greatS-grandson 
of Joshua and Hannah (Fuller) Brainerd; greats-grandson of Abner Brainerd, Lieutenant, 
Capt. Holmes' Co., Connecticut State Troops and Cont'l Line. 

BENJAMIN BROWN MANCHESTER, Providence, R. I. (36505). Son of Silas Henry 
and Ellen Frances (Munroe) Manchester; grandson of Jonas and Julia Ann (Smith) 
Munroe; great-grandson of Abraham and Sarah (Knight) Munroe; greatS-grandson of 
Nathaniel Munroe, private, Massachusetts Militia at Lexington Alarm. 

HENRY FRANCIS MANCHESTER, Providence, R. I. (36504). Same as Benjamin 

Brown Manchester (R. I., 36505). 
HENRY IRELAND MARBLE, Ridgewood, N. J. (36360). Son of W. Irving and Caro- 
line B. (Ireland) Marble; grandson of James Frederick and Eliza (Monell) Marble; 
great-grandson of James and Charlotte (Smith) Monell, Jr.; greats-grandson of James 
Mounell, Lieutenant, Ulster County, New York Militia. 
WASHINGTON IRVING MARBLE, Ridgewood, N. J. (36359). Son of James Frederick 
and Eliza (Monell) Marble; grandson of James and Charlotte (Smith) Monell, Jr.; 
great-grandson of James Mounell, Lieutenant, Ulster County, New York Militia. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


WILUAM GUY MARKHAM, Rush, N. Y. (36470). Son of Gay and Elira Emma (Wil- 
liams) Markham; grandson of Wiliiam Markham, private and Sergeant, Col. Nichols' 
Regt., New Hampshire Militia. 

%% ROY HARRISON MARKIyEY, Middletown, Pa. (36754). Son of Abram Ackcrman 
and Rebecca Sparks (Kennard) Markley; grandson of William Groyer and Hanxiah 
Matilda (Simmons) Kennard; great-grandson of William and Rachel Ann (Giffitig) Ken- 
nard; great*-grandson of John Kennard, Jr., private, Thirteenth Battalion, Kent County, 
Maryland Militia. 

WILLIAM F. MARSH, Pelham. N. H. (36252). Son of Enoch M. and Mary E. (Hobbs) 
Marsh; grandson of Moody and Elizabeth P. (SpofFord) Hobbs; great-grandson of Dud- 
ley and Mary (Atwood) Spofford; great*-grandson of Thomas Spofford, Ensign and Ser- 
geant, New Hampshire Militia. 

JOHN W. MARSHALL, Richmond, Va. (35098). Son of Elcazer and Rebecca (Wilson) 
Marshall; grandson of Isaac Marshall, private. Fourteenth and Tenth Regts., Virginia 
Troops, prisoner, pensioned. 

GEORGE D. MARTIN, MerchantviUe, N. J. (36394). Son of Julius C. and Mary (D ) 

Martin; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Willett) Martin; great-grandson of Samuel 
Willeit, private, New Jersey Militia. 

WILLIAM BLOOMFIELD PEPPER MARTS, Montclair, N. J. (36398). Son. of Warren 
and Lillian (Pepper) Marts; grandson of William Bloomfield and Emeline Louretta 
(Stithams) Pepper; great-grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth (Tubman) Stithams; great-- 
grandson of Nehemiah and Ann (Peirce) Tubman; great*-grandson of Ahel Peirce, 
drummer and private. Col. Rufus Putnam's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

JAMES PLEASANTS MASSIE, Richmond, Va. (36551). Son of Eugene Carter and 
Laura Roy (EHerson) Massie; grandson of Henry and Susan Elizabeth (Smith) Massie, 
Jr.; great-grandson of Henry and Susan Preston (Lewis) Massie; great*-grandson of 
Thomas Massie, Major, Eleventh and Second Regts., Virginia Cont'l Line; great-grandson 
of Thomas Bolton and Caroline S. R. (Thomson) Smith; greats-grandson of William 
Russell and Elizabeth (Sabb) Thomson; great*-grandson of WUliam Thomson, Colonel 
and Brevet Brig. -General, South Carolina Rangers and member First Provincial Con- 
gress, prisoner. 

HENRY JEFFREY MATCHETT, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. (33321). Son of Abraham J. 
and Amelia (Warwick) Matchett; grandson of Frederick and Eliza (Helm) Warwick; 
great-grandson of George M. and Catherine (Wolfe) Helm; great'-grandson of Wood- 
hull and Eliza (McDonald) Helm; great'-grandson of Thomas Helm; great-grandson of 
William and Dorothy (WoodhuU) Helm; greats-grandson of Nathaniel Woodhull, Brig- 
adier-General, New York Militia, President Provincial Congress, died of wounds. 

GEORGE NICHOLAS MECHAM, Nebr. (33890). Supplemental. Son of Harrison Alex- 
ander and Ruth Alice (Coyle) Mecham; grandson of John Wesley and Ruth Prudence 
(Vallier) Mecham; great-grandson of Joseph and Hannah Ladd (Tyler) Mecham; great-- 
grandson of Joseph and Sarah (Bradford) Mecham; great*-grandson of Samuel and Phoebe 
(Main) Mecham (Meacham); great*-grandson of Samuel Meacham, Selectman, Enfield, 
New Hampshire, in charge of Association Test; great-grandson of Joseph and Mehitable 
Esther (Ladd) Tyler; great«-grandson of Ehenezer Tyler, private. Col. Chase's Regt., 
New Hampshire Militia. 

ROBERT THORNHILL MESSLER, Westfield, N. J. (36296). Son of David Nevins and 
Lounetta (Opdycke) Messier; grandson of William S. and Margaret M. (Van Zandt) 
Messier; great-grandson of Peter and Esther (Smith) Messier; greats-grandson of 
Cornelius Messier, private, Hunterdon and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey Militia. 

BENJAMIN CLEMENT MINER, Summit, N. J. (36397). Son of Champlin Qement and 
Anna E. (Sturdevant) Miner; grandson of Clement and Sally (Crane) Miner; great- 
grandson of Benjamin Miner, Captain, Morris County, New Jersey Militia, pensioned. 

CLAXTON MONRO, Burlington, Vt. (33847). Son of Hezekiah Usher and Harriet M. 
(Barnes) Monro; grandson of George Thomas and Emily A. (Berry) Monro; great- 
grandson of Thomas B. and Clarissa (Sanford) Monro; greats-grandson of Thomas and 
Sybil (Borden) Monro; greats-grandson of Thomas Monro, Surgeon, prisoner on Prison 
Ship "Jersey." 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


THOMAS HUNTINGTON MONROE, Atlanta, Ga. (35223). Son of Alonzo Judson and 
Lucretia Anna (Huntington) Monroe; grandson of Charles Andrew and I^ucretia At- 
wood (Waterman) Huntington; great-grandson of Thomas and Eleanor (Dodge) Water- 
man; great-grandson of Arannah Waterman, Connecticut Minute-Man and Assistant 
Commissary; grandson of Alonzo Welton and Anna Maria (Albee) Monroe; great-grand- 
son of Joseph Porter and (^tha (Putnam) Albee; great-grandson of Dan. Baldwin and 
Maria Ivouise (Ensign) Putnam; great'-grandson of Israel Putnam, Major-General Cont'l 

JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, 2nd., Harrisburg, Pa. (36755). Son of James B. and Emma 
Lynn (Buchecker) Montgomery; grandson of James and Sarah Ann (Peipher) Mont- 
gomery, Jr.; great-grandson of James and Susan (Fedder) Montgomery; great-grandson 
of Robert Montgomery, clerk Fourth Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

BENJAMIN LUCIAN MOORE» Springfield, Tenn. (36071). Son of Jerome Egbert and 
Rebecca (Litzy) Moore; grandson of Risdon Dent and Mary Arseneth (Mitchell) Moore; 
great-grandson of Smith Moore, Second Lieutenant, Fifth Regt., Maryland Troops. 

GEORGE GIDEON MORRIS, Washington, D. C. (36129). Son of James B. and Kezia 
(Way) Morris; grandson of Levi and Lucretia (Stevens) Morris; great-grandson of 
George Morris, private, Third Regt., Pennsylvania Conti Line, pensioned. 

CLARENCE RAYMOND NEIDENGARD, SteubenvOle, Ohio. (36490). Son of Henry 
and Julia Emilie (Odell) Neidengard; grandson of John Valentine and Jane (Fisher) 
Odell; great-grandson of John Fisher, private, Second Regt., Virginia Militia. 

WILLIAM WASHINGTON NEIFERT, Conn. (27344). Supplementals. Son of WUliam 
and Lucinda (Luidner) Neifert; grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth (Faust) Neifert; 
great-grandson of John and Mary Rosina (Huntzinger) Faust; great-grandson of Johan- 
nes Paust, private, Berk's County, Pennsylvania Militia; great-grandson of John G. 
Huntzinger, private, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

SAMUEL BROOKS NEWMAN, East Orange, N. J. • (36370). Son of Samuel Brooks and 
Mattie O. (Lonsdale) Newman; grandson of Samuel Brooks and Jane (Miller) New- 
man; great-grandson of Joseph and Dolly (Brooks) Newman; great-grandson of Thomas 
Newman, Sergeant, Essex County, Massachusetts Militia. 

JASON HOWARD NEWTON, Springfield, Mass. (361 12). Son of Frank H. and Emma 
Reed (Morton) Newton; grandson of George W. and Ellen Butler (Boynton) Morton; 
great-grandson of John Alden and Sophronia (Thayer) Morton; great-grandson of ^noch 
Thayer, private, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Militia. 

NORMAN THOMAS NEWTON, Wyoming, N. Y. (D. C. 36130). Son of John P. and 
Jessie (King) Nevrton; grandson of George Oscar and Amanda Elvira (Vance) King; 
great-grandson of Hollis and Sally (Babcock) King; great-grandson of Levi and Lydia 
(Sartwell) King; great«-grandson of Adonijah King, private. Col. Josiah Whitney's 
Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great*-grandson of William King, private, Third Regt., New 
Hampshire Cont'l Troops; great-grandson of John Henderon and Mary Ann (Games) 
Vance; great-grandson of Robert and Margaret (Moore) Vance; great'-grandson of 
Robert Vance, Captain, Col. John Gibson's Ninth Regt., Virginia Militia. 

RALPH WALDO NICKERSON, Hillside, N. J. (3639ft). Son of George F. and Mary 
Maria (Springer) Nickerson; grandson of Thomas and Mary Ann (Manchester) Springer; 
great-grandson of Knight Springer, private, Rhode Island Militia and Cont'l Troops, 

LIONEL CRENELLE NIGHTINGALE, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36467). Son of Lionel Bridges 
and Julia Stuart (Crenelle) Nightingale; grandson of William Henry and Julia Porter 
(Huntington) Crenelle; great-grandson of Joseph Carew and Julia Stewart (Dodge) 
Huntington; great-grandson of Joseph and Eunice (Carew) Huntington; great*-grandson 
of Andrew and Lucy (Coit) Huntington; great*-grandson of Jabez Huntington, Major- 
(General, Connecticut Militia. 

WILLIAM NORRIS OCHILTREE, Cleveland, Ohio. (36426). Son of William E. and 
Estelle May (Norris) Ochiltree; grandson of John Jasper and Elizabeth C. (Ellis) Norris; 
great-grandson of Aquilla and Sarah (Sargent) Norris, Jr.; great-grandson of Aquilla 
Norris, Captain, Harford County, Maryland Militia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MYLES POWERS O'CONNOR, NashviUe, Tcnn. (36068). Son of Jerome St John and 
Henrietta (Blackman) O'Connor; grandson of Albert Washington and Elizabeth Hard- 
way (Andrews) Blackman; great-grandson of Bennett and Anna (Clinton) Blackman; 
great*-grandson of Richard Clinton, private, South Carolina Militia, pensioned. 

PAUL Q. OLIVER, Westfield, N. J. (36688). Son of William Henry and Katharine 
Mintum (Baker) Oliver; grandson of Nchemiah and Jane Dearman (Mintum) Baker; 
great-grandson of Allen Baker, Essex County, Massachusetts, Minute-Man at Lexington 

HAROLD DEMENT PADGETT, San Francisco, Calif. (36412). Son of Benjamin H. 
and Eliza Belle (Dement) Padgett; grandson of William Edward and Eliza E; (Wolfe) 
Dement; great-grandson of John Edward and Rebecca Dent (Briscoe) Dement; great-- 
grandson of Edward and Sarah Marshall (Wilkinson) Briscoe; great*-grandson of Wil- 
liam Mackall and Asa Herbert (Dent) Wilkinson; great-grandson of John Dent, Brig- 
adier-General, Maryland Militia. 

THOMAS ALEXIS PAINTER, Upper Montdair, N. J. (36293). Son of Thomas Alexis 
and Adelaide Elizabeth (Lockwood) Painter; grandson of Alexis and Thalia Maria 
(McMahon) Painter; great-grandson of Thomas Painter, private, Connecticut State 
Troops, prisoner. 

PAUL BARBOUR PARKER, Kokomo, Ind. (35520). Son of Edmund L. and Elizabeth 
(Barbour) Parker; grandson of Edmund A. and Laura (Hubbard) Parker; great-grand- 
son of Lemuel and Eliza (Hosley) Parker, 3rd.; great*-grandson of Lemuel Parker, Jr., 
musician and drum-major, Massachusetts Militia. 

HENRY HERBERT PARMELEE, Paterson, N. J. (36371). Son of William Smith and 
Mary Elizabeth (Butterworth) Parmelee; grandson of John Edwin and Catherine (Smith) 
Parmelee; great-grandson of IJnus and Priscilla (Handy) Parmelee; great*-grandson of 
Samuel Parmelee, private. Thirteenth Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

OWEN C. PEARCE, Manasquan, N. J.. (36363). Son of Benjamin B. and Annie (Curtis) 
Pearce; grandson of Robert and Rebecca (Newbury) Pearce; great-grandson of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth (Newbury) Pearce; great'-grandson of William Pearce, private. New Jersey 
Conti Line and Monmoudi County Militia. 

JOHN CALDER PEARSON, Ohio. (34140). Supplementals. Son of John Keeling and 
Mary Frances (Perkins) Pearson; grandson of Orrcn and Sarah M. (Clinton) Perkins; 
great-grandson of Joel and Mary (Matthewson) Clinton; great'-grandson of John and 
Mary (Scribner) Clinton, Jr.; great'-grandson of Zacheus Scribner, private, Connecticut 
Militia and Cont'l Line; great-grandson of William and Parthenia (Miller) Perkins; 
great'-grandson of Samuel Miller, Corporal, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massa- 
chusetts Militia; greaf-grandson of John Clinton, Sr., New York patriot and signer Peti- 
tion to Committee of Safety; great'-grandson of William Matthewson, private, Massa- 
chusetts and Rhode Island Militia, pensioned; grcat*-grandson of David Perkins, private, 
Plymout County, Massachusetts Militia; grandson of John and Rebecca (I^ewis) Pear- 
son; great*-grandson of John Lewis, Sergeant, Third Regt., Tryon County, New York 
Militia, prisoner; great«-grandson of Peter Lewis, Tryon County, New York, patriot, who 
had all property destroyed; great'-grandson of John and Sarah (Putnam) Lewis; great*- 
grandson of Teunis Putman, private, Second Ragt., Albany County, New York Militia. 

EDWARD HARRISON PENCE, Chicago, 111. (36221). Son of Winfield Scott and Lillian 
Woods (Grafton) Pence; grandson of Ambrose and Rebecca Ellen' (Woods) Grafton; 
great-grandson of Joseph Hamilton and Sarah (Hcvcring) Woods; great*-grandson of 
Andrew and Mary (Stephenson) Woods; great'-grandson of Joseph Woods, delegate, 
Pennsylvania Provincial Congress. 

VALENTINE R. PENNEY, Los Angeles, Calif. (36403). Son of Rufus and Elosia 

(Parker) Penney; grandson of Valentine and Polly ( ) Parker; great-grandson of 

Nathaniel Parker, private, Col. Gideon Warren's Regt., Vermont Militia. 

CHARLES EDWARD PERKINS, New Orieans, La. (35993). Son of Edward Henry and 
Hannah (Boyce) Perkins; grandson of Henry W. and Harriet C. (Smith) Perkins; 
great-grandson of Willis and Laura (Dickerman) Perkins; great'-grandson of David and 
Lola (Todd) Perkins; fr?at«-grand8on of Reuben Perkins, private, Derby, Connecticut 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ROBieRT MERRITT PERKINS, Newark, N. J. (36372). Son of Merritt Greenwood and 
Matilda Drake (Riker) Perkins; grandson of John and Lucia Willis (Greenwood) Per- 
kins; great-grandson of Asa and Huldah (Hay ward) Perkins; greats-grandson of Timothy 
and Huldah (Ames) Hayward; great«-grandson of Sylvanus and Huldah (Johnson) 
Ames; great*-grandson of Isaac Johnson, Major, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Militia. 

ARTHUR PERRIN, Brookline, Mass. (36804). Son of Franklin and Ivouisa Charlotte 
(Gage) Perrin; grandson of Augustus and Harriet (Child) Perrin; great-grandson of 
Abraham Perrin, private, Connecticut lyight Horse. 

HARRY AMBROSE PERRIN, Jacksonville, 111. (3621 1). Son of Daniel A. and Achsah 
Rebecca (Perrine) Perrin; grandson of James William and Deborah ^Ann (Dey) Perrine; 
great-grandson of William I. and Catherine (Davis) Perrine; great*-grandson of James 
Perrine, private, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia. 

OSCAR HOYT PERRY, Portland, Me. (36583). Son of Albert and Jane Salmon (Hart) 
Perry; grandson of William and Keziah (Drury) Perry; great-grandson of Abel and 
Asenah (Havcii) Perry, Jr.; great*-grandson of Abel Perry, lieutenant, (General Ward's 
Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

AI3ERT HOVEY PEYTON, (Borgia. (35222). Supplemental. Son of Thomas West and 
Mary Thornburg (Hovey) Peyton; grandson of William Marshall and Ellen Eliza 
(Thomburg) Hovey; great-grandson of Thomas and Margaret Catherine (Miller) Thorn- 
burg; great*-grandson of John and Sophia (Clendennin) Miller; great^'-grandson of 
Christian Miller, Sergeant, Shenandoah Co., Virginia Militia, pensioned; great*-grandson 
of William Clendennin, Captain, Virginia Militia. 

JOHN NEWTON PHARR, Olivier, La. (35989). Son of Henry Newton and Anna Jane 
(Smith) Pharr; grandson of John Newton and Henrietta Clara (Andrus) Pharr; great- 
grandson of Elias and Martha (Proline (Orr) Pharr; greats-grandson of Henry and 
Margaret (Bain) Pharr; great'-grandson of Walter Pharr, private, General Horatio 
Gates' Regt, Cont'l Troops, wounded. 

LEWIS EUGENE PIERSON, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36451). Son of Edgar L. and Anna B. 
(Southard) Pierson; grandson of James Washington and Sarah Ann (Peshine) Southard; 
great-grandson of Gilbert and Anna (Wey) Southard; great'-grandson of Thomas South- 
ard, private, Dutchess County, New York Militia; great-grandson of Jacob and Prussia 
Ailing (Ball) Peshine; greats-grandson of Bdzvard Ball, private, Essex County, New 
Jersey Militia and Sergeant, Col. Sheldon's Cont'l Troops. 

WILLIAM BARTLEY PIRTLE» Louisville, Ky. (36526). Son of James Speed and Emily 
Mathusa (Bartley) Pirtle; grandson of William Thompson and Emily Mathusa (John- 
son) Bartley; great-grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Julia (Flournoy) Johnson; great*- • 
grandson of Robert Johnson, Captain under George Rogers Clark, and member Virginia 
Legislature of '82. 

WINTHROP PIZZINI, Lieut., A. E. F., New York City, N. Y. (36453). Son of William 
B. and Florence A. (Webber) Pizzini; grandson of Andrew and Anna Gertrude (Davis) 
Pizzini, Jr.; great-grandson of Benjamin and Burronsinia (Solis) Davis; greats-grandson 
of Daniel and Sarah Helm (Norris) Solis; great*-grandson of Eden and Anna (Hiers) 
Norris; great*-grandson of Henrick and Sarah (Whitlock) Hiers; greats-grandson of 
John Whitlock, Lieutenant, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia, killed. 

WILLIAM NORRIS PLUMMER, San Jose, Calif. (36404). Son of Thomas and Sally 
Jane (Norris) Plummer; grandson of John Boyd and Elizabeth (Craig) Plummer; great- 
grandson of Samuel Craig, Jr., Lieutenant, Captain Orr's Co., Pennsylvania Troops, 
pensioned; greatS-grandson of Samuel Craig, Captain, First Regt., Pennsylvania Troops. 

EDWARD FOUNTAIN PORTER, Keokuk, Iowa. (36236). Son of Edward S. and Mary 
Frances (Moody) Carter; grandson of Benjamin Franklin and Anna Maria (Porter) 
Moody; great-grandson of Julius Risley and Elizabeth K. (Berry) Porter; greatS-grand- 
son of Esekiel Porter, private, Massachusetts Militia. 

HOMER BAIR POSTLETHWAITE, St. Paul, Minn. (35684). Son of William Perry and 
Elizabeth Catherine (Means) P^tlethwaite; grandson of David and Jane Minor (Bell) 
Postlethwaite; great-grandson of John and Sarah (Ross) Postlethwaite, Jr.; greats, 
grandson of John Postlethwaite {Postlewait), private, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


IRA WARREN POSTLETHWAITE, Keokuk, Iowa. (36229). Son of Waiiwn Perry and 
Elizabeth Catherine (Means) Postlethwaite; grandson of David and Jane Minor (Bell) 
Postlethwaite; great-grandson of John and Sarah (Ross) Postlethwaite, Jr.; greaf-grand- 
son of John Postlethwaite, private. Fourth Battalion, Lancaster (^unty, Pennsylvania 

PAUL ADAMS POTTER, Ames, Iowa. (36240). Son of Ezra Cornelius and Minnie 
(Adams) Potter; grandson of Cornelius Seabury and Desdemonia (Barden) Potter; 
great-grandson of Cornelius and Hannah (Barber) Potter; great*>grandson of Eseck and 
Sarah (Stoddard) Potter; great*-grandson of Btech Potter, private, CoL Pope's Regt., 
Massachusetts Militia, died in service. 

WILLIAM GLENN PRATHER, PensacoU, Fla. (299^0). Son of William Vaughan and 
Elizabeth Jane (Ewing) Prather; grandson of William and Sarah Jane (Glenn) Ewing; 
great-grandson of Moses Ferguson and Elizabeth (Cowan) Glenn; great-grandson of 
Archibald Glenn, private, Bedford Covintj, Cont'l Troops. 

WILLIAM PALMER PYLE, Keokuk, Iowa. (36234). Son of N. H. and Grace E. 
(Brown) Pyle; grandson of James Samuel and Emma Rose (Bowlus) Brown; great- 
grandson of Abraham and Lucretia (Grey) Brown; great*-grandson of Levi and Try- 
phemia (Baker) Grey; great*-grandson of Samuel Baker, private. Col. Marinus Willett's 
Regt., New York Levies. 

CHARLES STRONG QUINN, Rochester, N. V. (36455). Son of Arthur Hughes and 
Henrietta Louise (Strong) Quinn; grandson of David and Zilpha (Cady) Strong; great- 
grandson of Josiah Strong, private, Connecticut Cont'l Line, wounded, pensioned. 

FRANK PERRY RAILSBACK, McComb City, Miss. (La. 35990. Son of WiUiam P. 
and Viola (Staples) Railsback; grandson of David and Mary (Smith) Railsback; great- 
grandson of David and Sarah (Stevens) Railsback; great*-grandson of David Railsback, 
private, North C^olina Militia. 

EDWARD STEVENS RANKIN, Jr., Newark, N. J. (36365). Son of Edward Stevens 
and Julie S. J. (Russell) Rankin; grandson of William and Ellen Hope (Stevens) Ran- 
kin; great-grandson of Ashbel and Mary (Mead) Stevens; great'.grandson of Blisha 
Stevens, private. Col. Wolcott*s and Col. Baldwin's Regts., Connecticut Troops, five 
years' service. 

ROBERT PATTISON RAYMOND, Middletown, Pa. (36756). Son of Seymour and 
Anna Ford (Kennard) Raymond; grandson of William and Rachel Ann (Giffing) Ken- 
nard; great-grandson of John Kennard, Jr., private. Thirteenth Battalion, Kent County, 
Maryland Militia. 

CHARLES F. READ, Portland, Ore. (35068). Son of Gilbert E. and Mary Ann ( ) 

Read; grandson of Rufus and Rhoda (K ) Read; great-grandson of Peter and Lydia 

(Gilbert) Read; great*-grandson of John Gilbert, Captain, Connecticut Militia, killed at 
defense of New Haven. 

HARRY JAMES REDFIELD, Washington, D. C. (36135). Son of WilUam Douglas and 
Catherine (Carley) Redfield; grandson of Darius Oliver Griswcdd and Sarah Amanda 
(Boughton) Redfield; great-grandson of John A. and Abigail (Bulkley) Redfield; great*- 
grandson of James Redfield, private, (Connecticut Militia. 

WARREN GARDNER REED, Morgan City, La, (36000). Son of Warren Bettison and 
Grace (Gardner) Reed; grandson of Lyman (Coleman) and Kate ((Bettison) Reed; 
great-grandson of Warren Atherton and Louisa (Lyman) Reed; great-grandson of 
Warren and Mary (Atherton) Reed; great*-grandson of Benjamin Reed, Corporal, Col. 
Sproal's Regt., Massachusetts Militia, pensioned. 

SAMUEL WALLACE REYBURN, New York, N. Y. (36466). Son of Joseph Woods and 
Arkansas Elvira (Lawson) Reybum; grandson of Samuel Wallace and Eliza Ann 
(Woodward) Reyburn; great-grandson of Samuel Wallace and Catherine (Briran) Rey- 
bum; great'.grandson of George Raiborne (Reyburn), fifer, Col. John Neville's Regt., 
Virginia Troops, prisoner. 

CHARLES RHINEHART, Dallas Center, Iowa. (36244^. Son of George L. and Orilla 
Adaline (Albin) Rhinehart; grandson of Andrew and Margaret (Oldshoe) Rhinehart; 
great-grandson of Andrew and Christiana (Sbuey) Rhinehart; great-grandson of John 
Ludwig Shuey, private, Second Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


great'-grandson of Ludwig Henrich Shuey, chairman, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 
Committee of Safety; grandson of William W. and Mary (Burns) .Albin; great-grandson 
of John and Catharine (Moreland) Albin; greats-grandson of John Mor eland, private, 
Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia; great'-grandson of Willianf* Albin, private, West- 
moreland County, Pennsylvania Militia; great-grandson of Thomas and Martha (Sears) 
Bums; great*-grandson of John Burns, private, Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

HALSON WHITTIER RICHARDS, HOULTON. Me. (36584). Son of George W. and 
Jennie F. (Pattee) Richards; grandson of David and Frances Parker (Richards) Pattee; 
great-grandson of EHphalet and Sally (McQuesten) Richards; greats-grandson of Eliphalet 
Richards, private, New Hampshire Militia. 

JOHN KEMP GOODLOE RIDGELY, New Orleans (La. 35995). Son of Frederick W. and 
Harriet Lucretia (Isette) Ridgely; grandson of William S. and Sarah (Graham) Ridgely; 
great-grandson of Frederick Ridgely, Surgeon, Fourth Regt., Maryland Troops. 

EDWIN CLIFFORD ROBINSON, Marshall, Minn. (35691). Son of William Charles 
and Ella W. (Clark) Robinson; grandson of George McCook and Rhozina E. (Grow) 
Robinson; great-grandson of Jonah and Sarah (Morrison) Robinson; greats-grandson of 
Jonah Robinson, private, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Associators. . 

SAMUEL SCOTT ROBINSON, St. Louis, Mo. (35559). Son of Samuel Scott and Isabel 
(McLanahan) Robinson; grandson of Robert and Nancy (Moorhead) McLanahan; great- 
grandson of Joseph and Jane (McElhoes) Moorhead; greats-grandson of Fergus Moor- 
head, pl^vate, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

WAI/TER ALFRED ROBINSON, Columbus, Ohio. (36492). Son of George F. and 
Lavina Day (Bramble) Robinson; grandson of Ayres L. and Deborah (Stites) Bramble; 
great-grandson of Benjamin Stites, Jr.; great*-grandson of Benjamin Stites, Captain, 
Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

WALTER RALPH ROCKHOLD, Glen Ridge, N. J. (36367). Son of Lconidas C. and 
Phebe Ann (Potter) Rockhold; grandson of Amos and Phebe (Denman) Potter; great- 
grandson of Jacob Potter, private and Wagon-Master, Essex County, New Jersey Militia, 

WALTER KING ROSS, Washington, D. C. (36136). Son of George F. and Lucy A. 
(King) Ross; grandson of John A. and Jeannette Eliza (Witherow) Ross; great-grandson 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macklin) Witherow; greats-grandson of James Macklin, private. 
Fourth Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

EDGAR LEOPOLD ROSSELOT, Evansville, Ind. (35519). Son of William Jasper and 
Emily E. (Rider) Rosselot; grandson of Edgar Monroe and Isabelle (Orr) (Seely) 
Rider; great-grandson of Adam Curry and Elizabeth A. (McCullough) Rider; greats- 
grandson of John and Barbara (Akins) McCullough; great'-grandson of James McCul- 
lough, Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster, Fifth Regt.,. Pennsylvania Cont'l Line. 

JAMES WEBB SAFFOLD, Cleveland, Ohio. (35899). Son of Starke Selbert and Harriet 
(W ) Saffgld; grandson of Milton Jefferson and Martha (Harrison) Saffold; great- 
grandson of Reuben and Mary (Phillips) Saffold, Jr.; great'-grandson of Reuben Saffold, 
Captain, Col. Elijah Clark's Regt., (Georgia Militia. 

CHESTER RAY SAMMIS, Huntington, N. Y. (36460). Son of Theodore and Florine 
(Femald) Sammis; grandson of Edgar and Jane Place (Titus) Sammis; great-grandson 
of Jacob and Esther (Douglas) Titus; greatS-grandson of William and Susan (Conklin) 
Douglas; great'-grandson of Thomas Conklin, private, First Suffolk County Regt., New 
York Militia. 

FRANK RAYMOND SANDT, N. J. (3601 1). Supplemental. Son of Jacob and Annie 
(Frey) Sandt; grandson of Leonard and Anna (Correll) Sandt; great-grandson of John 
George and Susanna (Young) Correll; greatS-grandson of Philip Correll, private, Bucks 
County, Pennsylvania Associators. 

GEORGE ELLERY SANFORD, Humboldt, Nebr. (33897). Son of Edwin and Margueret 
(Cockrell) Sanford; grandson of EUpry and Mary (Brook) Sanford; great-grandson of 
Johtf Usher and Chariot (Bourne) Sanford; greats-ggrandson of Shearjeshub and Rachel 
(Kent) Bourne, Jr.; great"-grandson of Shearjeshub Bourne, member Rhode Island 
Legislature that ratified the Declaration of Independence and first Chief Justice Supreme 

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FRED W. SCOFIEI/D, Cannon FaUs, Minn. (35685). Son of WUbur H. and Lucy A, 
(Oakes) Scofield; grandson of Luther and Roxanna (Damon) Scofield; great-grandson 
of Amos Scofi^d; great*-grandson of Silas Scofield, private and Corporal, Westchester 
County, New Y^k Militia. 

HUGH DOGGETT SCOTT, Jr., Fredericksburg, Va. (35099)* Son of Hugh Doggett and 
Jennie Lee (Lewis) Scott; grandson of Louis and Jane Elizabeth (Owen) Lewis; great- 
grandson of Arthur Benjamin and Mary Susan (Taylor) Owen; great*-grandson of John 
and Catherine (Montague) Owen; greaf-grandson of fVitlicm Montague, private, Mid- 
dlesex County, Virginia Militia. 

EDWARD JAY SEEBER, Rochester, N. Y. (36300). Son of Jacob and Lavina (Copper- 
noil) Seeber; grandson of Abram and Nancy (Young) Seeber; great-grandson of Adolph 
and Sally (Yates) Seeber; great*-grandson of William and Elizabeth (Schneer) Seeber; 
great*-grandson of fVilliam Seeber, Lieutenant-(^lonel, Tryon County, New York Militia, 

JAMES PRIMROSE SEELY, Upper Montclair, N. J. (36395). Son of Uriah and Nancy 
(Hopping) Seely; grandson of James and Amanda (Mason) Seely; great-grandson of 
Jahn Seely, private. New Jersey Militia, State Troops and Coot'l Line. 

WILLIAM HOPPING SEELY, Newark, N. J. (36396). Same as James Primrose Seely, 
N. J. (36395). 

EDGAR CALVIN SEIBERT, Orange, N. J. (36384). Son of (George C. and Alice Sea- 
christ (Orth) Seibert; grandson of Adam Godlove and Frances (Seachrist) Orth; great- 
grandson of C^odlove and Sarah (Steiner) Orth; great-grandson of Balzer Ovtfc,, Major, 
Second Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

LUCIUS VINTON SELLEEK, Pueblo, Colo. (36338). Son of Myron Phelps and Eliza- 
beth Evelyn ( ) Selleek; grandson of William Henry and Catherine (Phelps) Selleek; 

great-grandson of Thomas and Sabrina (Johnson) Selleek; greats-grandson of Deodate 
and Madeline (Poupoir) Selleek; great-grandson of John Selleek, Vermont patriot at 
battle of Hubbardton. 

EDWIN JAMES SERVEN, Ukeview, N. J. (36378). Son of Oliver and Mary Ann 
(O'Neill) Serven; grandson of Isaac and Nancy (Scudder) Serven; great-grandson of 
Garret Serven, private, Orange County, New Jersey Militia. 

LEWIS ALBERT SEXTON. Hartford, Conn. (36710). Son of WiUiam Robert and Mary 

Eliza ( ) Sexton; grandson of James G. and Delana ( ) Sparkman; great-grandson 

of William Sparkman, private. North Carolina Cont'l Line. 

JOHN BRCMDKE SHAUGHNESSY, Chicago, 111. (36316). Son of Thomas Henry and 
Mary Elizabeth (Supplec) Shaughnessy; grandson of Hiram Rambo and Mary Julia 
(Brooke) Supplee; great-grandson of John Hunter and Matilda (Milton) Brooke; great*- 
grandson of David and Hannah (Jones) Brooke; great-grandson of Benjamin Brooke, 
(^ptain. Sixth Battalion, Philadelphia Militia; great-grandson of William and Elizabeth 
(Jarrett) Supplee; great-grandson of John and Catherine (Weber) Supplee; great-- 
grandson of Isaac Supplee, private, Pennsylvania Militia. 

GEORGE LEWIS SHORTMAN, Ripley. N. Y. (36189). Son of William L. and Evelyn 
(Beatly) Shortman; grandson of John and Annie (Newton) Beatly; great-grandson of 
Timothy and Polly (Hillsgrove) Newton; great-grandson of John Hillsgrove, private, 
Col. Sargent's and Col. Reed's Regts., New Hampshire Militia. 

BOYD LINCOLN SLOANE, West Paterson, N. J. (36686). Son of Lemuel P. and Clare 
Lincoln (Fleetwood) Sloane; grandson of George and Sarah Ann (Gandy) Fleetwood; 
great-grandson of Ephriam and Sarah (Lee) Gandy; great-grandson of Thomas Gandy, 
private, Cumberland County, New Jersey Militia. 

FREDERICK KINSMAN SMITH, Warren, Ohio. (36483). Son of Edward A. and Laura 
E. (Furman) Smith; grandson of Weed and Laura M. (Lyon) Furman; great-grandson 
of James and Phila (Risley) Lyon; great-grandson of Matthew Lyon, Colonel and Pay- 
master-General, Vermont Troops, member State Legislature of *79. 

HARRY FOWLER SMITH, Portland, Me. (36585). Son of WiUiam Henry and Marcia 
Hodsdon (Smith) Smith; grandson of Gilbert and Betsey (Hamden) Smith; great-grand- 
son of Jacob and Mary (Rotter) Smith; great-grandson of James Smith, private. Third 
and Seventeenth Regts., Massachusetts Militia. 

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HENRY IX)SSON SMITH, Dalton, Ga. (35224). Son of WaUam F. C. and Euphiny 
Smith (McNair) Smith; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Miller) McNair; great-grandson 
of Daniel McNair, private, Col. James McNeil's Regt., Georgia Troops. 

HUNTER IMBODEN SNYDER, Denver, Colo. (36337). Son of Henry Wilkerson and 
Jennie Crawford (Imboden) Snyder; grandson of John Daniel and Eliza Allen (McCue) 
Imboden; great-grandson of George and Isabella (Wunderlick) Imboden; great*-grandson 
of John Daniel and Susanna (Saunders) Wunderlick; great*-grand8on of Daniel Wunder- 
lick, private, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

JOHN F. SOUIyE, Alameda, Calif. (36405)- Son of Joseph T. and Frances Schuyler 
(Fensley) Soule; grandson of Thomas and Sally Currier (Follansbee) Soule; great- 
grandson of James and Keziah (Currier) Follansbee; greats-grandson of Daniel Currier, 
private. Col. Jacob (Jerrish's Regt., Massachusetts Guards. 

JOHN GLOVER SOUTH, Frankfort, Ky. (36527). Son of Samuel and Malvry Blackwell 
(Jett) South; grandson of Jerry Weldon and Mary (Cockrel) South; great-grandson of 
Samuel and Patsy (Glover) South; greats-grandson of John South, Jr., Lieutenant, Lin- 
coln County, Virginia Militia. 

LOUIS CARVER SOUTHARD, Brookline, Mass. (36805). Son of William Lewis and 
Lydia Carver (Dennis) Southard; grandson of John Paul and Joanna (Carver) Dennis; 
great-grandson of Nathaniel and Joanna (Godfrey) Carver; great*-grandson of George 
Godfrey, Brigadier-General, Bristol County, Massachusetts Militia, chairman Com. of 
Correspondence and Safety, and County Treasurer. 

HENRY GRANGER SPEED, Washington, D. C. (36137). Son of Joshua and Anna 
(Granger) Speed; grandson of Henry William and Laura E. (Thompson) Granger; 
great-grandson of Anston and Rhoda (Bostwick) Granger; great'-grandson of Elijah and 
Sarah (Buckley) Bostwick, Jr.; great*-grandson of Elijah Bostwick, (Captain, Albany 
County, New York Militia. 

ELON PERRY SPINK, Attica, N. Y. (36190). Son of David A. and Mary S. (Jones) 
Spink; grandson of Whitman and Cynthia (Weaver) Spink; great-grandson of John 
Spink, private, Rhode Island Militia, pensioned; great-grandson of Ishmael Spink, 
private, Washington County, Rhode Island Militia; great-giandson of Nicholas Weaver, 
private, Vermont Militia; great-grandson of Nicholas and Nathan (Matteson) Weaver; 
great-grandson of Natltan Matteson, private. Col. Kasson's Regt., Rhode Island Militia. 

ALBERT CLINTON SPOONER, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36463). Son of Walter Clinton and 
Ida Frances (Hall) Spooner; grandson of Isaac and Sarah Sophia (Phelps) Hall; great- 
grandson of Asa Hosmer and Margery (McCoun) Phelps; great-grandson of Eliphalet 
and Mehitable (Dodge) Phelps, Jr.; great»-grandson of Eliphalet Phelps, private. Eighteenth 
Regt., Connecticut Militia; great-grandson of Silas Phelps, private. Col. Samuel B. 
Webb's Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Troops. 

RITCHIE SHERVAN START, Watertown, Mass. (361 14). Son of Philip S. and Eliza- 
beth A. H. (Shervan) Start; grandson of Romeo Hoyt and Frances Juliette (Reynolds) 
Start; great-grandson of Moses Barnard and Laura (Griswold) Start; great-grandson 
of Moses and Margaret (Gould) Start; great-grandson of Simeon Gould, Sergeant-Major, 
New Hampshire Militia and Cont'l Troops. 

GUY ELLSWORTH STAY, New York City, N. Y. (36191). Son of WiUard Ellsworth 
and Sarah Margaret (Cole) Stay; grandson of Daniel Baher and Maria Slater (Brown) 
Cole; great-grandson of Benjamin and Sally (Wright) Cole; great-grandson of Ebenezer 
and Pricilla (Salisbury) Cole; great*-grandson of Curtis Cole, Captain, Rhode Island 

JOHN HECKMAN STEWART, Watertown, Mass. (36120). Son of (Jeorge Sawin and 
Mary Alice (Heckman) Stewart; grandson of John Brigham and Nancy Abigail (Parker) 
Stewart; great-grandson of Thomas Carlisle and Emily (Brigham) Stewart; great-grand- 
son of Amherst and Anne (Carlisle) Stewart; great*-grandson of Dai>id Carlisle {Carlile), 
Captain, Worcester County, Massachusetts Militia and Cont'l Troops. 

RAYMOND HOWARD STILLMAN, Eatontown, N. J. (36356). Son of William Howard 
and Elizabeth B. (Dingwell) Stillman; grandson of Lewis Mortimer and Sarah C. 
(Moores) Stillman; great-grandson of Ebenezer and Rhoda (Francis) Stillman; great- 
grandson of Joseph Stillman, Connecticut Minute-man at Lexington Alarm. 

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HENRY WALLACE STOCK, Albany. N. Y. (36195). Son of Walter and Martha (Brand- 
maehl) Stock; grandson of Henry and Lavina (McKinney) Stock; great-grandaon of 
Jamet and Lavina (Pangburn) McKinney; greats-grandson of Andrew McKinney, priTatc, 
Pennsylvania State Troops and Artificers Corps, Cont'l Line. 

LYMAN C. STOCKING, St. Louis. Mo. isSS^ih Son of Charles H. and Adella M. 
(WiUdns) Stocking; grandson of Lyman and Elizabeth (Hendrickson) Stocking; great- 
grandson of Hezekiah and Lois (Carter) Stocking; great«-grand8on of Reuben Stocking, 
Lieutenant on privateer "Sampson." prisoner; great*-grandson of George Stocking, 
private. Connecticut Militia, at Lexington Alarm. 

CHARLES LOGAN STONE. St Louis, Mo. (35564). Son of WiUiam C and BeUe 
(Railey) Stone; grandson of Logan and Harriet M. (Rowland) Railey; great-grandson 
of Charles and Mary (Mayo) Railey; great«-grandson of Wilficm Mayo, Captain, Vir- 
ginia Militia. 

FERNAN FRAY STONE, Toledo. Ohio. (35896). Son of MarshaU and Elizabeth (Bal- 
linger) Stone; grandson of Samuel and Nancy (Burton) Stone; great-grandson of James 
Burton, Captain. Col. Francis Taylor's Regt, Virginia Convention Guards, pensioned. 

JOHN WEST STONE, Minneapolis. Minn. (35689). Son of John Denniston and Martha 
(Allen) Stone; grandson of Gardner and Sally Ann (Denniston) Stone; great-grandaon 
of Windsor Stone, private, Massachusetts Cont'l Line, pensioned. 

ROBERT STONE, Topeka, Kans. (33324). Son of Jesse and Sarah Caroline (Packard) 
Stone; grandson of Cyrus and Sarah (Barrows) Packard; great-grandson of IViHiam 
Barrows, private and guard, Massachusetts Militia. 

JOHN DUMONT STOUT, Rosclle, N. J. (36361). Son of John Fisher and Ida (Wil- 
liams) Stout; grandson of John Batiste Dnmont and Susan Van Dom (Fisher) Stout; 
great-grandson of Richard and Elizabeth (Van Ness) Stout; greats-grandson of Thomas 
Stout, Major. Hunterdon County, New Jersey Militia. 

ROBERT LEE STRICKLER, Frankfort. Ind. (36427). Son of William Lewis and Mary 
Margurite (Swink) Stridder; grandson of Daniel A. and Mary Jane (Brown) Strickler; 
great-grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth (Lewis) Brown; greats-grandson of Thomas Lewis, 
Lieutenant, nth Regt., Virginia Cont'l Troops. 

EDWORD ANDREWS STUDLEY. Falmouth. Me. (34524). Son of Edword Andrew and 
Laura A. (Goodrich) Studley; grandson of Horcey and Pamelia (Andrews) Studley; 
great-grandson of Isaac Andrews, Captain. New Hampshire Militia. Selectman and 
Justice of the Peace; great-grandson of Consider Studley, private and (^rporal, Massa- 
chusetts Militia. 

HORACE SUMNER. Hyde Park. Mas!«. (361 13). Son of William Ford and Ruth Ann 
(Wedcs) Sumner; grandson of William and Abigail (Ford) Sumner; great-grandson of 
William Sumner, Ensign, Thirtx-sixth Regt.. Massachusetts Militia; great-grandson of 
JoManiah Ford, private and Corporal. Massachusetts Militia. 

JESSE FORD SUMNER, Hyde Park, Mass. (361 15). Son of William Ford and Ruth Ann 
(Weeks)' Sumner; grandson of William and Abigail (Ford) Sumner; great-grandson of 
William Sumner, Ensign. 36th Regt. Massachusetts Militia; great-grandson of Jazaniah 
Ford, Lieutenant and Captain, Massachusetts Militia. 

GEORGE BLAIR SWORTFIGUER. Oakland. Calif. (36413). Son of Arthur Claghorn 
and Grace (Smart) Swortfiguer; grandson of David and Mary Emily (Jett) Smart; 
great-grandson of Hezekiah and Margaret (Hinkston) Smart; great*-grandson of Samud 
and Nancy (Wilson) Hinkston; grea^grandson of John Hinkston, Major. Virginia 

CHARLES HOWARD TALL, Jr.. Newport News. Va. (35100). Son of Charies Howard 
and Annie M. (Shew) Tall; grandson of Harry and Annie (Vinson) Shew; great-grand- 
son of James Thomas Robinson and Ann (Stewart) Vinson; great-grandson of David 
Stewart, private, Maryland Militia. 

JOHN B. TANNER, Portland, Ore. (35069). Son of John and Harriet Gertrude (Wood- 
cock) Tanner; grandson of Sylvanus Green and Jeanette (Shaw) Woodcock; great- 
grandson of David and Aphia (Peabody) Woodcock, Jr.; great*-grandson of David Wood- 
cock, Sergeant, Col. Carpenter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CHARLES OILMAN TARBELL, Champaign, 111. (36223). Son of Clarence Lyle and 
Sarah O. (Morse) Tarbell; grandson of Robert E. and Caroline (Humphrey) Morse; 
great-grandson of William and Sarah (Stocker) Humphrey; great*-grandson of Squire 
and Sallie (Sweet) Humphrey; great*-grandson of William Humphrey, Lieutenant and 
Brevet-Major, Rhode Island Troops, prisoner. 

LOUIS JOHN TAYLOR, Phcenix, Ariz. (36603). Son of Thomas Blaine and Nellie (Van 
Sant) Taylor; grandson of J. W. and Lydia (Anderson) Van Sant; great-grandson of 

Nicholas and Mercy (Davis) Van Sant; great'-grandson of and (Westcott) 

Davis; great'-grandson of Richard Westcott, Major, Third Battalion, Gloucester County, 
New Jersey Militia. 

MONTE BURR TAYLOR. Wheaton, 111. (36223). Son of Linus Gibbs and Mary (Potter) 
Taylor; grandson of Enos Smith and Adelia Jane (Kellogg) Taylor; great-grandson of 
Jonathan and Anna (Smith) Taylor; great'-grandson of Jasher Taylor, private. Col. Fel- 
lows' Regt., Massachusetts Militia; greats-grandson of Jonathan Taylor, private, Col. 
Whitcomb's Regt., at Lexington Alarm and member War Committees; great-grandson of 
Hiram Tyre and Emeline (Fiske) Kellogg; great*-grandson of Joel Kellogg, Jr., private. 
Col. John Ashley's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; greatS-grandson of Joel Kellogg, private. 
Col. John Brown's Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great*-grandson of Henry and Mary 
(Slater) Fiske; great*-grandson of William Fiske (Pisk), private, Albany County, New 
. York Militia. 

ROLAND HERBERT TAYLOR, Phoenix, Ariz. (23325). Son of Marvin Merchant and 
Henrietta Emilie (Renter) Taylor; grandson of Hector J. and Polly Maria (Merchant) 
Taylor; great-grandson of William and Nancy (Rickney) Taylor, 3rd; great-grandson 
of William Taylor, Jr., private, Connecticut Militia at Lexington Alarm; great*.grandson 
of William Taylor, Sr., Sergeant, Connecticut Militia, pensioned. 

PAUL TEAGARDEN, Dallas, Texas. (36326). Son of Joseph Oswin and Cornelia Rudd 
(Birdsong) Teagarden; grandson of Oswin and Mehettable (Baker) Teagarden; great- 
grandson of John B. and Rose (McClure) Teagarden; greats-grandson of William Tea- 
garden, private, "Invalid Regt.," Pennsylvania Troops; great-grandson of Artemas and 
Mehettable (Conant) Baker; great*-grandson of Thatcher and Elizabeth (Manley) Con- 
ant; greaf-grandson of George Conant, private, Massachusetts Militia; greats-grandson of 
Asa Manley, private, Connecticut Militia at Lexington Alarm. 

CARLYLE W. THOMAS, Bridgeport, Conn. (Mass. 361 16). Son of Joseph and Eliza 
(Woodbury) Thomas; grandson of Isaac and Dolly (Woodbury) Woodbury; great- 
grandson of Jonathan Woodbury, (father of Dolly), private. Sixth Regt., Worcester 
County, Massachusetts Cont'l Troops. 

CHARLES OSCAR THOMAS, Jr., U. S. Army, Fort Brown, Texas. (Tenn. 36061). Son 
of Charles Oscar and Elizabeth Read (Williams) Thomas; grandson of John Phillip and 
Mildred (Hopson) Williams; great-grandson of George B. and Eliza (Read) Hopson; 
greatS-grandson of Joseph Hopson (Hobson), Lieutenant, Seventh Regt., Virginia Troops. 

HARVEY C. THOMAS, Md. (25571): Supplemental. Son of Richard Pierce and Harriet 
(Cowman) Thomas; grandson of Edward and Lydia S. (Gilpin) Thomas; great-grandson 
of William and Martha (Patrick) Thomas; great-grandson of John Patrick, Captain, 
Harford County, Maryland Militia, signer of Harford Declaration of Independence. 

WALTER OWEN TIBBLES, Chicago, 111. (36224). Son of Charles Edwin and Ada 
(Owen) Tibbies; grandson of William and Martha (Cooley) Tibbies; great-grandson of 
Jabez and Lucy (Frost) Cooley, Jr.; great-grandson of Jabes Cooley, private. Col. Tim- 
othy Danielson's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

WILLIAM GILMER TIMBERLAKE, Jackson, Tenn. (36069). Son of William Poindexter 
and Susan Josephine (Gilmer) Timberlake; grandson of Nicholas Johnson and Ellen 
(Bamett) Gilmer; great-grandson of John and Lucy (Johnson) Gilmer; great-grandson 
of Thomas Meriwether and Elizabeth (Lewis) Gilmer; greaf-grandson of Thomas Lewis, 
member Augusta County, Virginia, "Sons of Liberty" and delegate to Virginia State 
Convention of '75 and '76. 

FRANCIS HARRISON TODD, Paterson, N. J. (36352). Son of Theron Alfred and Hattie 
Emeline (Webster) Todd; grandson of Charles and Jennctte Maria (Clark) Webster: 
great-grandson of Levi and Sarah M. (Gilbert) Clark; great-grandson of Lyman Clark. 
private, Col. Samuel Wyllys* Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Troops, pensioned. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ROBERT GARDNER TOLMAN, Champaign, 111. (36225). Son of Robert Francis and 
Winnifred (Atkins) Tolman; grandson of Robert Francis and Martha Ann (Hart) Tol- 
man; great-grandson of Robert Pierce and Mary (Walker) Tolman; great'-grandson of 
Jonas and Mary (Pierce) Tolman; greats-grandson of NapfUhali Pierce, private. Col. 
Robinson's Regt, Massachusetts Militia; grandson of Sullivan Roman and Frances (Wil- 
kins) Atkins; great-grandson of Thomas and Lucinda (Fairbanks) Atkins; great*-grandson 
of Thomas and Betsy (Dudley) Atkins; great*-grandson of Nathaniel Dudley, private. 
Col. Gales' Regt., New Hampshire Militia; great-grandson of John Dudley, New Hamp- 
shire Muster and Paymaster, member Committee of Safety and Speaker of House of 

OSCAR J. TOMUNSON, St Cloud, Fla. (Vt. 33848). Son of Gidon and Ix)vna (Greeley) 
Tomlinson; grandson of Bliphalet Tomlinson, private, Connecticut Cont'l Line, pensioned. 

ROY EVERETT TOMUNSON, Montclair, N. J. (36677). Son of Everett S. and (Gene- 
vieve (Rush) Tomlinson; grandson of Abijah and Marion (Wright) Tomlinson; great- 
grandson of Philo and Harriet (Atwell) Tomlinson; great*-grandson of Dan and Susannah 
(Hotchkiss) Tomlinson; great*-grands(m of Noah Tomlinson, member Derby, Connecti- 
cut Com. of Inspection, Recruiting and other war committees. 

WALTER ALANSON TOWNE, New London, Conn. (36704). Son of Alanson and 
Rosanna (Skinner) Towne; grandson of Nathan and Elizabeth (Russell) Towne; great- 
grandson of John Towne, Jr., Captain, Fifth Regt., Worcester County, Massachusetts 

ROGER ALLEN TOWNSEND, New Haven, Conn. (36705). Son of Alonro Augustus and 
Emma (Bouton) Townsend; grandson of Allen and Susan (Blackman) Townsend; great- 
grandson of Timothy Townsend, private, Second Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

JOHN CHAPLAIN TRAVERS, Baltimore, Md. (36087). Son of William Dove and Hattie 
Keene (Spilman) Travers; grandson of Robert Lee and Anne Hooper (Pattison) Spil- 
man; great-grandson of Jeremiah Le Compte and Ann Le Compte (Hooper) Pattison; 
grcat*-grandson of James and Elizabeth (Le Compte) Pattison; great*-grandson of Moses 
Le Compte, Lieutenant, Maryland Militia. 

WILLIAM M. TRAVERS, Baltimore, Md. (36086). Same as John Chaplain Travers, Md. 

JAMES BENJAMIN TURRITTIN, St Paul, Minn. (35687). Son of Frank E. and 
Helen L. (McLeod) Turrittin; grandson of Madison Ira and Louisa (Wood) McLeod; 
great-grandson of Frederick and Electa (Russell) Wood; greaf-grandson of Ebeneser 
Wood, private, Connecticut Cont'l Line, pensioned. 

EDWIN STEWART UNDERHILL, Jr., Corning, N. Y. (36456). Son of Edwin S. and 
Minerva (Allen) Underbill; grandson of William W. and Helen (Gansvoort) Allen; 
great-grandson of John R. and Rebecca (Irwin) Gansevoort; great-grandson of Conrad 
Gansevoort, Second Lieutenant, First Regt, Albany County, New York Militia. 

LANCE UNDERBILL, Schenectady, N. Y. (36458). Son of William Ely and Mary 
Louise ( ) Underbill; grandson of John P. and Harriet (Barhydt) Underbill; great- 
grandson of John S. M. and Hannah (Lighthall) Barhydt; great*-grandson of John 
Ughthall, private. First Regt., New York Troops. 

WILLIAM ALLEN UNDERHILL, Coming, N. Y. (36457). Same as Edwin Stewart 
Underbill, Jr., N. Y. (36456). • 

SYLVESTER VAN GIESON, Paterson, N. J. (36379). Son of Augustus A. and Elizabeth 
(Hawrey) Van Gieson; grandson of Isaac and Maria (Vanderbeek) Van Gieson; great- 
grandson of Hendrick Van Gieson, private. Col. Theunis Dey's Regt., New Jersey Militia. 

WILLIAM OSCAR VINCENT, Jr., Newark, N. J. (36681). Son of WUliam Oscar and 
Helen Esther ( ) Vincent; grandson of George EHphlet and Julia A. ( ) Vin- 
cent; great-grandson of Peter Say re and EHza (Lyon) Vincent; great'-grandson of Amos 
and Sarah (Mason) Vincent; great'-grandson of Peter and Sarah (Quimby) Vincent; 
great*-grandson of John Vincent, private, Second Regt., Essex County, New Jersey Militia. 

BERT WADDELL, Moorcroft, Wyo. (30024). Son of Daniel and Henrietta lodoma 
(Strine) Waddell; grandson of Samuel and Catherine (Jacoby) Waddell; great-grandson 
of Michael and Elizabeth (Worline) Jacoby; great-grandson of and Catherine 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


(Cline) Worline; great'-grandson of Conrad Cline, private. Sixth Regt.» Pennsylvania 
Cont'l Line. 

FREDERIC UNDSEY WALDRON, Edgewood, R. I. (36503). Son of Charles A. and 
Caroline (Luther) Waldron; grandson of Hiram and Abigail (Lindsey) Luther; great- 
grandson of Jonathan W. and Hannah (Easterbrooks) Lindsey; great-grandson of Aaron 
Basterbrooks, private and Corporal, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia, 

KENNETH SANFORD WALES, D. C (34088). Supplementals. Son of Frank Adelbert 
and Minie Webster (Taylor) Wales; grandson of Milo A. and Sophronia D. (Benton) 
Taylor; great-grandson of Timothy and Minerva (Webster) Benton; great-grandson of 
Timothy Benton, Captain, Connecticut Artillery; great-grandson of Simeon Webster, 
private. Second Regt., Connecticut Cont'l Line; great-grandson of Levi and Eunice 
(Bumham) Taylor, Jr.; great-grandson of James Burnham, private. Col. Baldwin's Regt., 
Connecticut Artificers; great*-grandson of Levi and Sarah (Smith) Taylor; greaf-grand- 
son of Nathan Smith, private, Col. EHsha Porter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

CHARLES FRANCIS WALKER, Gardiner, Me. (34525)- Son of James and Julia (Doug- 
las) Walker; grandson of Joshua and Hannah S. (Potter) Walker; great-grandson of 
Lemuel and Hannah (Allen) Walker; great-grandson of John Walker, Second Lieutenant, 
Capt. Littlefield's Co., Massachusetts Militia, for sea-coast defense. ' 

CLAUDE FREDERIC WALKER, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36711). Son of Charles Swan and 

Alice (Morehouse) Walker; grandson of Charles G. and Emeline ( ) Morehouse; 

great-grandson of Henry and Lydia (Mather) Morehouse; great-grandson of Moses and 
Sally (Bishop) Mather; great"-grandson of Joseph Mather, Captain, Connecticut Militia, 

JAMES HERVEY WALKER, South Orange, N. J. (36366). Son of William Hervey and 
Ella Maria (Hillman) Walker; grandson of James Hervey and Sarah (McClintock) 
Walker; great-grandson of William and Eunice (Powers) Walker; great-grandson of 
Abel Walker, private. Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massachusetts Militia. 

RALPH BOWLES WARD, Newark, N. J. (36294). Son of Robert Smith and Selina A. 
(Freeman) Ward; grandson of C^leb Smith and Deidamia (Bowles) Ward; great-grand- 
son of C^leb Smith and Abigail (Nichols) Ward; great-grandson of Robert Nichols, 
Captain, Essex County, New Jersey Militia and State Troops. 

RALPH Mcpherson ward, San Diego, C:alif. (36414). Son of Butler and Jane 
(McPherson) Ward; grandson of Jabez and Aurilla (Tufts) Ward; great-grandson of 
Ralph and Lovain (Butler) Ward; great-grandson of Jabes Ward, Corporal and Ser- 
geant, Berkshire County, Massachusetts Cont'l Troops. 

TRACY BRONSON WARREN, Conn. (7770). Supplemental. Son of David Hard and 
Louisa (Bronson) Warren; grandson of William and Almira (Tyler) Bronson; great- 
grandson of Roswell and Susannah (Easton) Tyler; great-grandson of Eliphalet T. 
Baston, private, Col. Chandler's Regt., Connecticut Militia. 

WILLIAM HUNTER WASHINGTON, Nashville, Tenn. (36067). Son of Francis Whit- 
ing and Sarah Catherine (Crockett) Washington; grandson of Fontaine Posey and Eliza 
(Smith) Crockett; great-grandson of Anthony Crockett, Lieutenant, Virginia Troops; 
grandson of Francis Whiting and Eliza (Hall) Washington; great-grandson of 'Warner 
and Mary (Whiting) Washington; great-grandson of Francis Whiting, Liuetenant, Vir- 
ginia Cont'l Dragoons. 

PAUL WATERMAN, Hartford, Conn. (36712). Son of James Henry and Maria Louise 
(Clark) Waterman; grandson of Abijah Stone and Clara (Revan) Clark; great-grandson 
of Abijah and Betsy (Heald) Clark; great-grandson of Samuel Clark, Lieutenant, Fifth 
Regt., Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia. 

MALVIN HARRY WEEKS, CoUingswood, N. J. (36373). Son of Henry Martin and 
Mary Malvina (Fairchild) Weeks; grandson of David Day and Rebecca R. (Richardson) 
Fairchild; great-grandson of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hoppock) Fairchild; great-grandson 
of Peter Fairchild, private, Morris County, New Jersey Militia and State Troops, pen- 

ARTHUR KENDRICK WELLS, Wellesley, Mass. (36807). Son of John Thomas and 
Mary Alice (Claflin) Wells; grandson of John Thomas and Sarah (Bartlett) Wells; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


great-grandson of Henry and Mrs. Elizabeth (Atkins) Gilbert Bartlett; great'-grandson of 
Isratl Bartlett, Jr., Lieutenant, Essex County, Massachusetts Militia. 

WELLINGTON WELLS, Boston, Mass. (36806). Son of Henry Jackson and Maria Ade- 
laide (Goodnow) Wells; grandson of Gideon Parker and Susanna (Wellington) Wells; 
great-grandson of Thaddeus Wellington, private and drummer, Massachusetts Militia and 
Cont'l Troops. 

WALTER HALL WHEELER, Minneapolis, Minn. (30324)- Supplementals. Son of 
Carles Hall and Frances Spencer (Knowles) Wheeler; grandson of Warren and (^the- 
rine Hall (Brewer) Wheeler; great-grandson of Warren and Ellis (Harmon) Wheeler; 
great*-grandson of Zenas Wheeler, (^ptain, Berkshire County, Massachusetts Militia and 
Cont'I Troops and member of Committee of Correspondence and Inspection; great-- 
grandson of Zenas and Elizabeth (Dodge) Wheeler; great*-grandson of Abraham Dodge, 
private, Berkshire County, Massachusetts Militia. 

HORACE MANLEY WHITE, Alexandria, La. (35997). Son of Horace Henry and Fannie 
Andrews (BIythe) White; grandson of Richard Anderson and Bethenia Andrews (Laven- 
der) Blythe; great-grandson of Richard and Elizabeth (Anderson) BIythe; greats-grand- 
son of William C. and Jane (Williams) Anderson; greats-grandson of James Anderson^, 
private, (^ Nathaniel Gist's Regt., North (^rolina Conti Troops. 

LORING QUINCY WHITE, Cohasset, Mass. (36121). Son of Loring Quincy and Mary 
(Bradford) White; grandson of George Washington and Betsey (Burrell) White; great- 
grandson of Jonathan and Polly (Loud) White; great*-grandson of Benjamin White, 
private and drummer, Massachusetts Militia. 

RICHARD FRANKLIN WHITE, Alexandria, La. (35996). Son of Horace Henry and 
Fannie Andrews (BIythe) White; grandson of Richard Anderson and Bethenia Andrews 
(Lavendar) Bljrthe; great-grandson of Richard and Elizabeth (Anderson) BIythe; great-- 
grandson of William C. and Jane (Williams) Anderson; great*-grandson of James Ander- 
son, private. Col. Nathaniel Gist's Regt., North Carolina Cont'I Troops. 

CHARLES LE ROY WHITMAN, Newark, N. J. (36297). Son of Charles A. and Carrie 
(Parker) Whitman; grandson of Samuel B. and Elizabeth (Symons) Whitman; great- 
grandson of Jacob and Emeline (Hay ward) Whitman; greats-grandson of Isaac Whit- 
man, private, Suffolk County, New York Militia, prisoner. 

ROY RILEY WHITNEY, Montevideo, Minn. (35686). Son of Oscar L. and Ann M. 
(Riley) Whitney; grandson of Lemuel and Fanny M. (Gould) Whitney; great-grandson 
of John and Mrs. Agusta (Fisk) Brooks Whitney; great'-grandson of John Whitney, 
private. New Hampshire Militia. ^ 

GEORGE ARTHUR WHITTEMORE, Phoenix, Ariz. (36604). Son of Henry Sargent and 
Mary (Norton) Whittemore; grandson of Amasa and Sonty (Rice) Whittemore; great- 
grandson of Asa and Lucy (Muzzy) Whittemore; greats-gtandson of Jeremiah Whitte- 
more, member Spencer, Massachusetts Committee of Safety and Correspondence. 

EDGAR WHRITENOUR, Paterson, N. J. (36358). Son of Edward and Hylinda (Earlc) 
Whritenour; grandson of Edward and Phobe (Green) Whritcnour; great-grandson of 
Peter Whritenour {Reittenauer) , private, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia. 

BENJAMIN FRANKUN WIGGINTON. Jr., San Diego, Calif. (36407). Son of Benjamin 
Franklin and Martha Jane (Tw3rman) Wigginton; grandson of James and Matilda (Rob- 
ertson) Twyman, Jr.; great-grandson of James Tuyman, Orderly Sergeant and (Juard, 
Albemarle County, Virginia Militia. 

JAMES WILLIAM WIGGINTON, Chula Vista, C:alif. (36406). Same as Benjamin Frank- 
lin Wigginton, Jr., (^if. (36407). 

WILLIAM ADAMS WIGHT, Chicago, 111. (36217). Son of Jay Ambrose and Caroline 
Elizabeth (Adams) Wight; grandson of Jabez and Mary (Bancroft) Wight; great-grand- 
son of William Bancroft, private. Col. Doolittlc's and Col. Porter's Regts., Massachusetts 

NORMAN TRYON WILCOX, Keokuk, Iowa. (36230). Son of Edmund North and Frances 
Emilia (Tryon) Wilcox; grandson of EHsha Bacon and Hepzibah (Cornwell) Wilcox; 
great-grandson of Daniel and Lucy (Hamlin) Cornwell; greats-grandson of William and 
Hepzibah (Savage) Hamlin, Jr.; greatS-grandson of William Hamlin, private, Connecticut 
Cont'I Line, pensioned. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


FRANK JONES WII.DER, SomerviUe, Mass. (36808). Son of Charles and Mary E. 
(Jones) Wilder; grandson of Mark and Eliza (Thayer) Wilder; great-grandson of Abel 
and Deborah (Perry) Wilder, Jr.; great*-grandson of Abel Wilder, private, Massachusetts 

FRANK BURTT WIU)RICK, Paterson, N. J. (36374). Son of Edward A. and Jennie H. 
(Burtt) Wildrick; grandson of Robert J. and Cynthia CJoodyear (Bateman) Burtt; great- 
grandson of Stephen and Maria (Benham) Bateman; greats-grandson of Elihu and 
Esther (Griffin) Benham, Jr.; greats-grandson of Elihu Benham, private. First Regt., 
Connecticut Militia, pensioned. 

ARTHUR MORTON WII.UAMS, Excelsior, Minn. (35688). Son of Orland George and 
Cora E. (Hathaway) Williams; grandson of Charles W. and Addie (Biglow) Hathaway; 
great-grandson of George and Amy (Learned) Biglow; great-grandson of (^rshom and 
Nabby (Learned) (his cousin) Learned; great*-grandson of Samuel Learned, private, 
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia; great-grandson of Edward Learned, Jr., 
(father of Nabby), private, Massachusetts Militia, at Lexington Alarm. 

CHARLES ALBERT WILLIAMS, Batavia. N. Y. (36198). Son of James M. and Mary 
Angeline (Cornwell) Williams; grandson of Robert and Phceba (Taggart) Comwcll; 
great-grandson of Alexander and Persis (C^pwcU) Taggart; great*-grandson of William 
Capwell, Corporal and Sergeant, Rhode Island Militia, pensioned. 

EDWARD STETSON WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, N. J. (36676). Son of Amzi^ProBt and 
Harriet (Baxter) Williams; grandson of Aaron and Sarah (Frost) Williams; great- 
grandson of Aaron Williams, private, Essex County, New Jersey Militia. 

SAMUEL STANHOPE WILUAMSON, Duluth, Minn. (D. C 36131). Son of Joseph A. 
and Frances (M ) Williamson; grandson of William and Jane W. (Balch) William- 
son; great-grandson of Stephen Bloomer Balch, Captain, Calvert County, Maryland 
Militia, pensioned. 

WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY, Blount Springs, Ala. (U. 35999). Son of Julius Edgar and 
Mary Alice (Byars) Willoughby; grandson of John Paul and Mary Jane (Cosby) Wil- 
loughby; great-grandson of John Hinchy and Amania Melvina (Tyler) Willoughby; 
great^'grandson of Willis and Mrs. Mary (Hinchy) Collins Willoughby; greatS-grandson of 
Edlyne Willoughby, private. Seventh Regt., Virginia Troops, prisoner, pensioned. 

DAVID WILLIS WILMORE, Winchester, Ind. (35524). Son of John Love and Mary 
(Lesley) Wilmore; grandson of Willis Clayton and Sarah (Love) Wilmore; great-grand- 
son of William and Nancy (Harrison) Wilmore; great-grandson of John Wilmore, 
private. Col. Daniel Morgan's Regt., Virginia Riflctoen. 

JOSEPH PORTER WILSON, Dothan, Ala. (Fla. 29919). Son of Wniiam S. and Addie 
(Anderson) Wilson; grandson of John Porter and EUa (Smith) Wilson; great-grandson 
of William C. and Roxana (Paramore) Wilson; greats-grandson of William and Mrs. 
Susan ((^wthon) McCulIock Wilson; great'-grandson of William Wilson, Captain, Nor- 
folk, Virginia Militia. 

WARDEN McKEE WILSON, Indianapolis, Ind. (36433). Son of Henry Dfeme and Alice 
(Vajen) Wilson; grandson of James and Emma (Ingersoll) Wilson; great-grandson of 
John and Margaret (Cochran) Wilson; greats-grandson of James and Agnes (McKee) 
Wilson; greats-grandson of William McKee, (Captain, Virginia Militia and member Vir- 
ginia Convention to ratify the Constitution. 

FRANCIS SIMON WINFIELD, Asbury Park, N. J. (36678). Son of Frank E. and 
Minnie K. (Sofield) Winfield; grandson of Charles and Frances (Larldn) Sofield; great- 
grandson of John Bloodgood and Sarah (Mallory) Larldn; greats-grandson of Jacob and 
Hannah (Foote) Mallory; greatS-grandson of David Foote, private. General Wooster's 
Regt, Connecticut Militia. 

WALTER LESLIE WISE, Newark, N. J. (36389). Son of Edwin Borden and Emma E. 
(Holmes) Wise; grandson of William Martin and Martha (Collins) Holmes; great- 
grandson of James and (^tharine (Rinesmith) Collins; greatSgrandson of John Collins, 
private, (2apt Mills' Co. of Artificers, Ass't Commissary of Issues and (Captain of Team 

RICHARD CLAUDE WOLFE, Chicago, lU. (36626). Son of Hartwig Cohen and Clara 
Leah (Yatter) Wolfe; grandson of Saling and Sarah (Cohen) Wolfe; frcat-grandson of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hartwig and Deborah (Marks) Cohen; great*-grandson of Samuel Mendez and Sarah 
(Harria) Marks; great*-grandson of Isaac Marks, private, Albany County, New York 

SAVING HENRY WOLFE, Chicago. 111. (36627). Same as Richard Claude Wolfe, lU. 

WALTER ALBERT WOOD, Gardiner, Me. (36586). Son of WUliam M. and Rose H. 
(Follansbee) Wood; grandson of William and Harriet Emmeline (Harley) Follansbee; 
great-grandson of James and Sally Hooper (Woodbridge) Follansbee; greats-grandson of 
Benjamin and Ann (Hodge) Woodbridge, Jr.; greats-grandson of Benjamin Woodbridge, 
sentinel. Col. Wm. Jones' Regt., Lincoln County, Massachusetts Militia at recapture of 
ship "Grout'' and delegate to Provincial Congress. 

CHARLES THOMPSON WOODRUFF, Sparrow's Point, Md (36092). Son of Jerome 
Joseph and Myra Blanchard (Wheat) Woodruff; grandson of Orris and Eliza Ann 
((Caldwell) WoodruflF; great-grandson of Gurdon Woodruff, private. Col. Erastus Wolcott's 
Regt, Connecticut Militia. 

HUGH BECHTELL WOODS, Des Moines, Iowa. (36232). Son of WiUiam Harrison and 
Lucretia Neff (Bechtell) Woods; i^ndson of Martin Marshall and Elizabeth (Neff) 
Bechtell; great-grandson of John and Lucretia (Webster) Neff; greats-grandson of John 
Bateman Webster, Captain-Lieutenant, Fotirth Pennsylvania Artillery, Cont'l Troops. 

WILUAM ROBERT W(X)DS, Custer, So. Dak. (30668). Son of Newton and Sarah M. 
(Copeland) Woods; grandson of William John and Sarah Lyon (Mann) Woods; great- 
grandson of Robert and Mary (Patten) Mann; great*-grandson of John Mann, first-class 
private, Delaware Christeen Company. 

THOMAS CHEW WORTHINGTON, 3d. Baltimore, Md. (36088). Son of Thomas Chew 
and Mary Kate (Walker) Worthington, Jr.; grandson of Thomas Chew and Louisa 
(Davis) Worthington; great-grandson of Rezin Hammond and Rachel O wings (Shipley) 
Worthington; great*-grandson of Thomas Worthington, member Baltimore County. Mary- 
land, Committee of Safety. 

CHARLES F. WRIGHT, Jr., Glen Ridge, N. J. (36695). Son of Charles F. and Elizabeth 
(Burham) Wright; grandson of Barzillai Wood and Minerva (Moon) Wright; great- 
grandson of David and Sarah (Wood) Wright; greats-grandson of- Bargillai Wood, private 
and Corporal, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Militia and Cont'l Troops, pensioned. 

ALBERT HENRY YODER, N. Dak. (33009). Supplemental. Son of William Henry 
and Katharine Adelaide (Buskirk)«Yoder; grandson of Henry and Ruth. Ann (Rader) 
Yoder; great-grandson of Jacob and Catherine (Dellinger) Yoder; greats-grandson of 
John Dellinger, member Tryon County, North Carolina, Committee of Safety and Cap- 
tain, Tryon County. North (Carolina Militia, pensioned; grandson of Isaac Shelby and 
Elizabeth (Gabbert) Buskirk; great-grandson of Henry and Catherine (Holsapple) Gab- 
bert; greatS-grandson of Michael Gabbert, private, Shenandoah County. Virginia Militia, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Index of Ancestors to be Found in Bulletins June, Oetober, and December, 

1921, and March, 1922 

Abbot, Benjamin, March, 52 

Abell, Enoch, Dec, 43 

Abell, John, March, 40 

Adams, Alexander, March, 43 

Adams, Asahel, March, 40 

Adams, Ebenezer, June, 10 1; Oct., 55 

Adams, Jesse, Oct., 39 

Adams, Jonathan, June, 100 

Adams, Josiah, March, 47 

Adams, Mayhew, June, 76 

Adams, Richard, March, 40 

Aiken, John, June, 68 

Albin, William, March, 67 

Alden, Austin, Oct., 50 

Alden, Josiah, Oct., 50 

Alexander, Abraham, Oct, 47 

Alexander, Peter, Oct., 41 

Alexander, Roger, Oct., 45 

Allen, Abijah, Dec, 60 

Allen, Charles, Oct., 39 

Allen, John, Oct., 39 

Allen, Samuel, June, 68; Oct., 52; Dec, 43; 

March, 40 
Ailing, John, A^rch, 40 
Alvord, Daniel, June, 84 
Alvord, Gad, June, 81 
Ambler, John, Dec, 43 
Ameden, Noah, June, 73 
Ament, Eldert (Avert), Dec, 45 
Amsdell, Abner, June, 100 
Anderson, James, March, 74 
Andrew, John, March, 41 
Andrews, Eli, June, 112 
Andrews, Isaac, March, 70 
Archer, James, March, 50 
Armstrong, John, June, 113 
Arnold, James, June,. 68 
Ashley, Daniel, March, 57 
Ashley, Robert, Oct., 50 
Ashley, Samuel, June, 87; March, 57 
Atkins, Samuel, Oct., 39 
Atwater, Jeremiah, June, 69 
Atwell, Francis, Dec, 60 
Austin, Nathaniel, June, 69 
Auxier, Samuel, Oct., 39 
Avery, Ebenezer, Jr., June, 92 
Avery, Solomon, March, 44 
Ayrcs, John, March, 41 

Babcock, Isaiah, June, 69 

Bacon, Josiah, Sr. & Jr., Oct, 40 

Bacon, Lydall, June, iii 

Badgley (Bagley), Jonathan, June, 90, 98 

Baer (Bear), Henry, June, iia 

Bailey, Asa, Oct., 40 

Bailey, John, June, iii 

Bailey, Jonathan, June, 69 

Bailey, Joseph, Dec, 46 

Baker, Allen, March, 64 

Baker, Daniel, June, 69, 89, 115; Dec, 62 

Baker, Ebenezer, Oct., 57 

Baker, Elijah, March, 41 

Baker, Enoch, Oct., 42 

Baker, Heman, June, 69 

Baker, Samuel, March, 66 

Baker, Thomas, June, 69; Dec, 43 

Balch, Stephen Bloomer, March, 75 

Baldwin, David, Oct, 42; June, 100 

Baldwin, Jonathan, Oct., 44 

Baldwin, William, Oct, 42 

Ball, Edward, March, 65 

Ballard, Jethro, June, 70 

Ballard, Josiah, June, 70 

Ballou, Seth, March, 42 

Bancroft, Robert, Oct., 46 

Bancroft, William, June, 114; March, 74 

Bangs, Allen, June, loi 

Bangs, Joseph, June, loi 

Banks, Thaddeus, Oct., 56 

Banta, Hendrick, March, 40 

Bard, Richard, Dec^, 44 

Bard (Baird), William, Dec, 61 

Bardwell, Joseph, June, 70 

Barger, John, March, 44 

Barker, Josiah, June, 96 

Barlow, Obed, Oct., 43 

Barnaby, Samuel, March, 47 

Barnard, John, June, 102 

Barnard, Thomas, Oct., 52 

Barney, John, June, 70 

Barney, William, Dec, 44 

Bamum, Seth, June, 70 

Barrett, Israel, June, 115 

Barrett, James, March, 54 

Barrows, William, March, 70 

Barry, John, June, 70 

Bartlett, Israel, March, 74 

Bartlett, Solomon, Jr., Dec, 56 

BarUett, Thomas, March, 56 

Barton, Elkanah, Dec, 59 

Barton, Isaac, June, 71 

Barton, Jonathan, Oct., 48 

Barton, Joshua, March, 42 

Bass, Edward, June, 99 

Bass, Samuel, Jr., Oct, 40 

Baxter, William, June, 71 

Bayard, Stephen, June, 83 

Bayles, Jonathan, June, 115 

Digitized by 




Bayley, Charles, Dec, 47 

Beal, Philip, Dec., 51 

Bemll, Elisha, June, 94 

Beall, Samuel, Jr., June, 87 

Beall, Thomas, June, 71 

Beard, Jeremiah, June, 80 

Bearden, John, Oct., 40 

Beardslee, Benjamin, March, 4a 

Beasley, Stephen, Oct, 41 

Beatty, Thomas, June, 71 

Beaty, William, March, s» 

Beebe, Bezaleel, March, 42 

Beebe, Thomas T., Oct., 46 

Beecher, Joseph, March, 42 

Beisel, Jacob, Dec, 45 

Beittinger, Nicholas, Dec, 44 

Belcher, Woodbridge, June, 71 

Bell, Green, Dec, 55 

Bellamy, John, March, 41 

Bellows, Theodore, Dec, 44 

Belt, J. Sprigg, March, 57 

Bender, Christian, June, 71 

Benedict, Gamaliel, June, 71 

Benedict, Joseph, June, 71 

Benham, Elihu, March, 75 

Benjamin, David, March, 42 

Benner, Martin, Oct., 40 

Bennett, Jacob, June, 114 

Bennett^ ^foseph, June, iia 

Bennett, Zebulon, March, 43 

Benton, Joel, March, 43 

Benton, Timothy, March, 73 

Berry, Benjamin, Dec, 60 

Berier, Johannes, June, 72 

Bigelow, Joseph, Dec, 50 

Bingham, Elias, March, 56 

Bisbee, George, Dec, 56 

Bishep, James, March, 57 

Bissell, Zebulon, June, 72 

Black, John, March, 57 

Blackburn, John, June, 97 

Blackford, Jacob, June, 72 

Blackman, Elijah, March 

Blaine, James, June, 95 

Blake, Ebenezer, Dec, 44 

Blalock, John, March, 60 

Bledsoe, Anthony, June, iia 

Bleecker, Anthony Lispenard, June, 70 

Blinn, Billy, Oct, 40; June, 70 

Bliss, James, March, sa 

Bohanan, George, Oct, S7 

Bomberger, John, March, 50 

Boody, John, June, 87 

Boone, Squire, June, 76 

Booth, William Aylette, Oct, 59 

Bostwick, Elijah, March, 69 

Bostwick, Ivcvi, June, 99 

Bott, Rheinhard, Dec, 63 

Bouck, Johonus, Jr., June, 97 

Bougher, Abraham, March, 49 

Bourne, Shearjeshub, March, 67 

Bowie, Robert, June, 96 

Bowling, James, June, no 

Boyd, James, Oct, 48 

Boyd, John, June, 99t ««$ 

B<qrden, Eaeldel, June, 73 

Brackett, Nathan, Jr., March, 52 

Bradford, Elisha, June, 74 

Bradish, David, March, 43 

Bradish, John, Oct, 50; Dec, 51 

Bradley, Abraham, Oct., 48 

Bradley, Timothy, June, 94 

Brady, John, June, 94 

Brainard (Brainerd), Josiah, June, 73; 

Dec, 45 
Brainerd, Abner, March, 61 
Brant, David, March, 54 
Bray, Andrew, March, 41 
Brazer, Christopher, June, 73 
Breed, John, June, 107 
Brenton, James, Oct, 41 
Brewer, David, Oct, 41 
Brewer, Gains, June, 77 
Brewer, Josiah, June, 114 
Brewster, Joseph, Dec, 45 
Brewster, Samuel, June, 81 
Broad, Timothy, June, 73 
Brockway, Ephraim, June, 83 
Brokaw, John, June, 83 
Brooke, Benjamin, March, 68 
Brooke, Lawrence, Dec, 53 
Brooks, Simeon, June, 93 
Broome, Jacob, June, 75 
Brower, Hendrick, Dec, 50 
Brown, Caleb, Oct, 55 
Brown, Ebenezer, Dec, 48 
Brown, George, Oct, 54 
Brown, John, March, 57 
Brown, Jonathan, Oct., 49 
Brown, Josiah, June, 74; Oct, 54 
Brown, Roger, June, 74 
Brown, William, Oct., 53; Dec, 62 
Browne, Nathan, June, 86 
Buc]d>ee, John, March, 44 
Bull, Asa, March, 56 
BuUard, Isaac, June, 72 
Bunnell, Benjamin, June, i«9 
Buntin, Andrew, Dec, 55 
Burbank, Eleazer, Dec, 49 
Burbeck, William, March, 43 
Burd, James, Oct, 55; Dec, 55 
Burgess, Edward, Dec, 59 
Burke, Samuel, March, 44 
Burke, Thomas, Dec, 45 
Burke, William, March, 44 
Burleigh, Jacob, March, 59 
Burleigh, Jonathan, March, 44 
Burleigh, Josiah, March, 59 

Digitized by 




Burlingame, l&ztck^ June, 75 

Burnain, Henry, Oct., 41 

Burnham, James, March, 67, 73 

Burns, John, March, 67 

Burr, Israel, June, 71 

Burr, Jonathan, Oct., 41 

Burrell, Benjamin, March, 42 

Burroughs, John, June, 75 

Burruss, Jacob, March, 44 

Burt, Abner, June, 75 

Burton, James, March, 70 

Bush, Jonathan, March, 49 

Bush, Moses, March 

Butler, Isaac, June, 85 

Butler, Samuel Stone, June, 85 

Bryan, Andrew, March, 60 

Bryan, Daniel, June, 75 

Bryan, John, June, 74 

Byrd (Bird), Benjamin, Dec, 51, 57 

Cabell, Nicholas, June, 104 
Cadwell, Phineas, June, 68 
Calder, James, June, 98 
Calkins, Jonathan, June, 99 
Calloway, Richard, March, 45 
Camden, William, Dec, 53 
Campbell, Aeneas, Oct., 63 
Campbell, Alexander, June, 113 
Campbell, John, Dec, 50 
Canfield, Abraham, March, 60 
Canfield, Dennis, June, 75 
Canfield, James, Jr., Oct., 42 
Canfield, Nathan, Oct., 42 
Capwell, William, March, 75 
Carbee, Joel, June, loi 
Carhart, Thomas, March, 57 
Carlisle, David, March, 69 
Camahan, Adam, June, 75, 93 
Camahan, James, Dec, 60 

' Carpenter, John, June, 75 
Carpenter, Thomas, March, 44 
Carpenter, William, Dec, 45 , 

Carrington, Paul, Oct., 51; Dec, 54 
Carter, Landon, Oct., 62 
Cartwright, Robert, Oct., 62 
Case, Aaron, June, 75 

I Case, Darius, Oct., 53 
Case, Joseph, June, 97; Dec, 46 
Cash, John, March, 59 
Catlin, Thomas, March, 45 
Causey, Patrick, Oct., 42; March, 51 
Cessna, John, March, 40 
Chadwick, Archelaus, June, 80 
Chadwick, Thomas, June, 74 
Chamberlain, Jacob, March, 57 
Chamberlin, Godfrey, Dec, 46 
Chamberlin, William, Oct., 42 
Champion, Reuben, Jr., June, 90 
Chapin, Kphraim, March, 45 

Chapin, Phineas, June, 83; March, 45 

Chapman, Daniel, Sr. & Jr., Oct., S3 

Chapman, Joseph, June, 83 

Chapman, Simon, June, X14 

Chase, Jacob, March, 45 

Cheney, Ebenezer, June, 107 

Cheney, William, June, 107 

Cherry, William, June, 113 

Cheston, John, Dec, 46 

Child, Timothy, Dec, 53 

Chilton, John, June, 80 

Christian, Daniel, Oct., 59; Dec, 59 

Christian, William, June, 68; Oct., 43; 

March, 47 
Churchill, Francis, Dec, 46 
Churchill, Ichabod, Oct., 42 
Churchill, Joseph, March, 45 
Churchill, Solomon, March, 56 
Clapp, Elias, June, 107 
Clapp, Joshua, June, 76 
Clark, Charles, June, 76, 86, 98 
Clark, Daniel, March, 45 
Cla^k, David, June, 106 
Clark, Inward, Oct., 43 
Clark, Jeremiah, June, 76; Dec, 46 
Clark, Jesse, June, 77 
Clark, John, June, 7^\ Oct., 45 
Clark, layman, March, 71 
Clark, Paul, Oct., 41 
Clark, Reuben, Oct, 47 
Clark, Robert, Oct., 50; Dec, 48 
Clark, Samuel, March, 4i» 73 
Clark, William, June, 76, 99 
Clay, John, Dec, 52; March 
Clements, James, June, 80 
Clendennin, William, March, 51, 65 
Cleveland, Ben., Oct., 46 
Cleveland, Edward, June, 78 
Cleveland, James, March, 46 
Cleveland, Solomon, Oct, 49 
Cline, Conrad, Oct, 50; March, 56, 57, 72 
Clinton, John, March, 64 
Clinton, Richard, March, 64 
Clifton, Whittington, Dec, 53 
Clough, Winthrop, March, 45 
Clyde, Samuel, Oct, 59; Dec, 53 
Coble, David, June, 108; March, 48 
Coburn, Alpheus, Dec, 46 
Cochrane, Robert, June, 112 
Cockrill, Ann Robertson, Dec, 49 
Cockrill, John, Dec, 49 
Coe, Ebenezer, June, 76 
Coffin, Kliphalet, June, 94 
Coffin, Josiah, 3d, March, 46 
Coffin, Ivcmuel, Oct, 55 
Coffman, Jacob, Oct., 46 
Coggeshall, Job, June, 77 
Colby, Thomas, Oct., 59 
Cole, Curtis, March, 69 

Digitized by 



oi^FiciAi< bui:.i:.e;tin 

Cole, Ebcnezer, June, io6 

Cole, John, June, no 

Cole, Philip, March, 46 

Cole, Samuel, Dec, 47 

Cole, Thomas, June, 94, 107 

Cole, William, March, 46 

Coleman, Joel, June, ^^ 

Colfax, William, March, 46 

Colton, Willard, March 

Collins, James, Dec, 51 

CtUins, John, March, 75 

Combs, Thomas, Jr., Oct., 58 

Comstock, Caleb, June, 108 

Conant, George, March, 71 

Cone, Sylvanus, June, 102 

Conger, Uzziah, Oct, 43 

Conklin, John, June, 98 

Conklin, Thomas, March, f^j 

Conkling, Nathaniel, June, ^^ 

Conner, Cornelius, June, 68 

Connor, Benjamin, June, 113 

Conover, William, March, 59 

Conver (Convear), Jacob, Dec, 52 

Cook, Kphraim, March, 44 

Cook, Isaac, Oct., 45 

Cook, Oliver, Oct., 60 

Cook, John, Oct., 46 

Cooley, Jabez, March, 71 

Coon (Koon), Joseph, Oct., 40 
Coon, William, March, 47 
Cooper, James, June, jj 

Copeland, Elijah, June, 114 
Cornell, James, June, ^^ 
Cornish, Benjamin, March, 47 
Correll, Philip, March, 67 
Cory, Philip, Oct., 43 
Costigan, Lewis J., Oct., 62 
Cotton, Thomas, June, 78 
Cotton, Thomas, Jr., March, 47 
Covington, Richard, Oct., 43 
Cowdery, Ambrose, June, 105 
Craig, Samuel, Sr. & Jr., March, 65 
Craig, Thomas, Oct, 43; March, 47 
Craig, Tolliver, Oct, 56 
Crane, John, 3d, June, 115 
Crary, Nathan, June, 78 
Crawford, John, June, 93 
Crawford, Jonathan, Oct., 52 
Cressy, Daniel, Dec, 47 
Crim (Grim), Paul, June, no 
Crittenden, John, June, no 
Crockett, Anthony, March, 73 
Crowder, William, June, 77; Oct., 43 
Crowell, Edward, March, 47 
Crowell, Henry, March, 46 
Crowell, Joseph, Oct., 43 » 44 
Crum, John, March, 60 
Cumings, Benj., June, 78 
Cumming, William, June, 78 

Cummings, Thomas, June, 105 
Currier, Daniel, March, 69 
Curry, Robert, March, 51 
Curtis, Jonas, March, 51 
Curtiss, Jonathan, March, 48 
Cushman, Holmes, March, 48 
Cutler, Simon, Oct., 41 
Cutler, Thomas, Dec, 47 

Damon, Bcnj., June, 78 

Dampney, Joseph, Dec, 56 

Dana, Anderson, June, no; March, 48 

Dana, William, Oct., 45 

Darby, John, June, 79 

Darnell, Aaron, June, 79 

Darrow, George, March, 51 

Darte, EUphalet, Oct., 44 

Davis, Daniel, Dec, 53 

Davis, David, Oct., 48 

Davis, Frederick, June, 82; Dec, 43 

Davis, Jacob, June, 76, 83 

Davis, Josiah, Oct, 50 

Davis, Richard, Dec, 54 

Davis, Malachi, Dec, 61 

Dawes, William, March, 48 

Dean, Ebenezer, Dec, 52 

Dean, Elijah, Jr., June, 99 

Dean, Solomon, March, 48 

De Forest, Abxaham, June, 98; March, 48 

Deisinger, Nicholas, Oct, 44 

Dellinger, John, March, 76 

Demarest, David P., Oct., 56 

Denison, George, Dec, 58 

Dent, Gideon, March, 54 

Dent, Hezekiah, June, 84 

Dent, John, June, 79; March, 53, 64 

Deshler, David, Dec, 59 

Dewey, Abner, June, 107 

Dewey, Enoch, June, 79 

De Wolfe, Samuel, Dec, 46 

Dexter, William, June, 84 

Dibrell, Charles, Oct., 42; March, 48 

Dickerson, Peter, June, 78 

Dickey, Robert, March, 49 

Dickinson, Brainard, March, 47 

Dickinson, Nathan, Jr., June, 78 

Dixon, Thomas, June, T2 

Doak, Robert, March, 49 

Doane, Nehemiah, June, 97 

Dodge, Abraham, March, 74 

Dodge, Henry, Oct., 44 

Dodge, Robert, . June, 96 

Dodson, John, June, 79; Dec, 52 

Dole, Amos, Oct., 47 

Donnell, James, June, in 

Donnell, Thomas, June, in 

Doremus, George, Oct., 44, 52 

Doremus, Thomas, March, 49, 55 

Dorsey, Ely, March, 52 

Digitized by 




Dorshcimer, Manuel, Dec, 44 

Dorr, William, March, 49 

Doty, James, Dec, 43 

Doty, Peter, Dec., 60 

Dougherty, John, June, 80 

Douglas, George, March, 46 

Douglas, William, June, 96; Oct., 56 

Douglass, Aaron, Oct., 57 

Downes, Henry, Jr., June, 106 

Drake, Jeremiah, March, 49 

Drake, Samuel, June, 80 

Drake, Thomas, March, 49 

Drennan, William, March, 50 

Drury, Ebenezer, Oct., 59 

Drury, Zedekiah, Oct., 59 

Du Bois, Benjamin, June, 78 

Du Bois, Jeremiah, Oct., 44 

Dudley, Jeremiah, June, 86 

Dudley, John, March, 72 

Dudley, Nathaniel, March, yz 

Duffield, George, June, 80 

Dunbar, Aaron, Dec, 46 

Duncan, George, June, 86, 90; Oct, 49 

Duncan, John, March, 43 

Dunlap, William, March, 50 

Durand, Ebenezer, June, 97 

Durant, Edward, Oct., 57 

Duvall, Benjamin, Oct, 60 

Dyckman, Joseph (Johan), Oct., 49 

Easterbrooks, Aaron, March, 73 
Easton, Eliphalet March, 73 
Eddins, Benjamin, June, 91 
Edwards, Benjamin, June, 114 
Elder, Isaac, Oct., 45 
Eldridge, Jonathan, June, 97 
Elliott, Benjamin, June, 87 
Elliott, Joseph, Oct., 45 
Elliott, William, March, 50 
Ellis, John, June, 71* 81 
Ellmaker, Nathaniel, June, 98 
Ellsworth, John, Jr., June, 74 
Elmendorf, Conradt W., June, 81 
Elrick, George, June, 94 
Emerson, Amos, June, 69 
Emerson, Asa, June, 109 
Emerson, John, March, 55 
Emerson, Theodore, March, 56 
Ennis, Daniel, Dec, 57 
Ettele (Atley), David, March, 50 
Ettele (Atley), Gottleib D., March, 50 
Evans, Elijah, June, 81 
Evans, Obadiah, Oct., 47 
Ewing, Robert, Oct, 45 

Fairbanks, William, Oct., 40 

Fairchild, Peter, Oct, 63; Dec, 61; March, 

Farley, John Parke, June, 71 

Farnsworih, Reuben, March, 51 

Farrand, Bethuel, June, 115 

Farrar, Thomas, June, 89, 90 

Farrington, Thomas, Dec, 54 

Faust, Johannes, March, 63 

Fay, Timothy, March, 48 

Felch, Nathan, March, 61 

Fellows, Parker, June, 8a 

Felton, Matthias, June, 93" 

Ferebce, Joseph, Dec, 54 

Ferguson, John, Dec, 47 

Fergusson, Robert, Jr., Dec, 48 

Ferrand, Daniel, June, 115 

Field, Abner, June, 85 

Field, David, Dec, 45 

Field, Henry, Jr., Oct., 41, 6a 

Field, John, Oct., 41 

Finley, John, March, 50 

Finney, John, Oct, 6a 

Firestone, Matthias, June, 72 

Fish, Nicholas, June, 70 

Fisher, Isaac, Oct, 45 

Fidier, John, March, 63 

Fisk, Asa, Oct., 5a 

Fisk, Robert June, 88 

Fisk, William, March, 71 

Fitz Randolph, Joseph, June, 77, 8a 

Flansburg, John, Oct., 59 

Flansburg, Matthew, Dec, 60 

Fleming, James, March, 46 

Fletcher, Ebenezer, March, 51 

Flint, Samuel, Oct 45 

Flower, Ithuriel, June, 107 

Flower, Nathaniel, June, 107 

Follin, John, March, 59 

Fooks (Fooke), Jesse, March, 51 

Foote, David, March, 75 

Ford, Jazaniah, March, 70 

Forrest, Ebenezer, June, 84 

Forristall, Joseph, March, 51 

Forsyth, John, Oct., 59 

Fortier, Michel, June, 87 

Foster, Anson, March 

Foster, Antony, Jr., Dec, 48, 49 

Foster, Isaac, March, 51 

Foster, Joseph, Dec, 45 

Foster, Nathaniel, Jr., March, 47 

Fowler, Samuel, March, 41 

Fowler, Titus, March, 59 

Fox, Frjederick, June, 83 

Fox, Jonathan, Dec, 47 

Foye, William, June, 8a 

Francis, Justus, Oct., 46 

Franklin, Benjamin, June, 91 

Freedley, Henry, June, 83 

Freeman, William, March, 43 

Freese, Isaac, June, 83 

French, David, June, 114 

French, James, June, 75 

Digitized by 




Frost, Josiahy June, 83; March, $2 
Frost, Soloman, June, 72 
Fruit, Robert, March, 57 
Frye, Timothy, Oct, 60 
Fuller, Abraham, June, 69 
Fuller, John, Dec., 49; March, 5a 
Fulton, Robert, Dec, 49 
Fulton, William, June, 114 

Gabbert, Michael, March, 76 

Gage, Isaac, Dec., 50 

Gale, John, Oct, 50 

Gallup, Nathan, June, 115 

Gandy, Thomas, March, 68 

Gansevoort, Conrad, March, 72 

Gardner, Stephen, Jr., Dec, 49 

Garland, Moses, June, 105 

Garrabrant, G. N., March, 43 

Garrard, William, Dec, 44; March, 44 

Garrard, James, Dec, 44 

Garretson, Jacob, June, 84 

Garrett, John Wait, Oct., 63 

Gaskill, Samuel, Dec, 53 

Gates, I^emuel, Dec, 52 

Gavitt, William, March, 52 

Gay, Seth, March, 52 

Gay, William, March, 52 

Gay lord, Jonathan, June, 109 

Gaylord, Samuel, Dec, 62 

Gibson, David, March, 52 

Gifford, Benjamin, June, 96; Dec, 53 

Gilbert, Amos, Oct, 46 

Gilbert Benjamin, Oct., 46 

Gilbert John, March, 66 

Gilbreath, Robert, Oct., 46 

Gildersleeve, Philip, Oct, 46; March, 52 

Gilfillin (Gilfillan), Thomas, June, 85 

Gillen, Thomas, Dec, 47 

Gillette, Israel, Oct, 58 

Gleason, Benjamin, Oct., 47 

Gleason, Jonas, Oct., 47 

Glenn, Archibald, March, 66 

Glines, Benjamin, Oct., 47 

Godfrey, George, June, 102; Dec, 48; March, 

Godfrey, John, June, 102 
Goff, Charles, Oct, 39 
Goff, James, Oct, 47 
Goforth, William, June, 113 
Gold, Talcott, Oct., 56 
Goldsmith, John, Oct, 58 
Goodale (Goodall), Ebenezer, Dec, 57 
Goodale, Enos, Oct., 59 
Goodale, Thomas, Dec, 49 
Goodman, Noah, June, 84 
Goodrich, Daniel, Oct, 47 
Goodrich, Michael, Oct, 64 
Goodrich, Roger, June, 109 
Goodrich, Simeon, June, 68 

Goodsell, Daniel, June, ?• 
Goodwin, Daniel, Oct, 55 
Gordon, Samuel, March, 53 
Gould, James, June, 105 
Gould, Joseph, Oct, 58 
Gould, Simeon, March, 69 
Gouterman, Henry, June, 106 
Graef, Daniel, March, 58 
Grafton, William, Dec, 50 
Gragg, William, June, 85 
Grant William, Sr. & Jr., Oct, 47 
Gray, John, June, 81 
Green, Benjamin, June, 108 
Green, Willis, June, 114 
Greenleaf, Jonathan, Dec, 56 
Gregg, James, June, 76 
Gross, Jonah, June, 85 
Grosvenor, Caleb, June, 69 
Grosvenor, Daniel, Dec, 49 
Griffith, Greenberry, Dec, 49 
Griffith, James, Oct, 62 
Griffith, Samuel, March, 60 
Griggs, Ichabod, Jr., June, 89 
Grim, Paul, Oct., 60 
Grinnell, Amasa, Oct., 47 
Grise, John, March, 58 
Griswold, John, June, 85 
Griswold, Thomas, June, 85 
Griswold, White, March, 53 
Gunckel, John, June, 85, 107 

Hadley, Jacob, June, 82 

Hadley, Joseph, Dec, 47 

Hale, Oliver, Jr., June, 94 

Hall, Benjamin, March, 53, 58 

Hall, Edward, March, 57 

Hall, Elihu, June, 104 

Hall, Robert, June, 77 

Hall, Stephen, Dec, 47 

Hallenbeck, Bernardus, March, 53 

Hallock, Daniel, June, iii 

Halsey, John, Oct., 60 

Hamilton, David, June, 82 

Hamilton, Elisha, March, 53 

Hamlin, William, Sr., March, 74 

Hammond, Amariah, June, 86 

Hammond, Dudley, June, 86 

Hammond, Joseph, March, 47 

Hammond, William, June, 103; Dec, 51; Mar. 

Hammond, Zedekiah, Dec, 51 
Hammond, Samuel, Dec, 50 
Hanaford, Peter, June, 73 
Hancock, William, March, 44 
Hand, David, June, 104 
Hardin, John, Oct, 52 
Harding, Stephen, Dec, 50 
Hardy, Joshua, June, 87 
Harnden, Joshua, June, 11 1 

Digitized by 




Harney, Jonathan, Dec, 50 

Harrington, John, June, 87 

Harrington, Simeon, March, 45 

Harris, Hannah Stewart, Oct., 62 

Harris, Israel, March, 55 

Harris, John, June, 11 1 

Harris, James, June, 87 

Harris, William*, June, 68; March, 41 

Harrison, Adonijah, Dec, 46 

Harrison, Moses, March, 53 

Hart, Nathaniel, Oct., 62 

Haskell, Stephen, June, 73 

Haskell, Zebulon, March, 45 

Haskins, Ddward, March, 53 

Hastings, Jonathan, Oct., 39 

Hastings, Thomas, Oct., 49 

Hatch, Abner, June, 114 

Hatch, Ede, June, 114 

Hatcher, John, Oct., 46 

Hathorn, John, Oct., 43 

Hawes, William, March, 47 

Hawkins, Alexander, Oct., 48 

Hawkins, David, Oct., 48 

Hawkins, Dexter, Dec, 61 

Hawkins, John, June, 88 

Hawkins, Simeon, Oct., 48 

Hawkins, Zechariah, June, 100 

Hayford, William, March, 54 

Hays, James, June, 74; March, 58 

Hays, John, Dec, 48 

Heartwell, Joseph, Oct., 49 

Heizer (Hizer), John, June, 85 

Henderson, James, Jr., Oct., 41 

Hendricks, Isaac, June, 77 

Henry, John, June, 88 

Henshaw, William, June, 88, 109 

Herrick, Israel, March, 59 

Herrick, Joseph, March, 59 

Herrington, John, June, 108 

Hershey, Christian, June, 88 

Hesser, Frederick, Oct., 64" 

Hester, Conrad, Dec, 48 

Heston (Heeston), Edward, Oct., 49 

Hewson, John, June, 88 

Higgins, James, March, 50 

Hill, Green, March, 54 

Hill, Joseph, March, 55 

Hill, Robert, March, 55 

Hill, Smith, March, 55 

Hill, Thomas, Dec, 50 

Hill, William, Sr. & Jr., March, 54 

Hillsgrove, John, March, 68 

Hillyer, Simon, June, 99 

Hinkston, John, March, 70 

Hinman, Asahel, June, 103 

Hinsdale, Barnabas, Dec, 45 

HisGox, David, March, 53 

Hitchcock, Dan, June, loi 

Hitchcock, John, June, 84 

Hodge, Solomon, June, 82 

Hoffman, John, June, 89 

Holden, Samuel, March, 46 

Holder, John, March, 45 

Holland, Nathan, June, 74 

Holliday, William, Oct., 49 

Hollis, Arthur Garfield, March 

HoUister, Josiah, June, 89 

Holmes, Joseph, June, 11 1 

Holt, Abiel, March, 55 

Holt, Timothy, June, 89 

Hoodley, Nathaniel, March, 57 

Hooker, Thomas Hart, June, 78 

Hooker, Zibeon, June, 76 

Hoone, Henry, June, 89 

Hoover, Jacob, June, 104 

Hoover, Ulrich, Dec, 51 

Hopkins, James, Oct., 47 

Hopkins, Samuel, June, 72 

Hopkins, Solomon, Dec, 44 

Hopkins, Weight, March, 55 

Hopper, Peter A., March, 43 

Hoppins, Joseph, June, 72 

Hopson, Joseph, Oct., 63; March, 71 

Hornor, John, June, 90 

Hprton, Samuel, June, 75 

Horton, Solomon, June, 75 

Houghton, Jonathan, March, 55 

Howard, Adam, March, 48 

Howe, Gardner, Dec, 51 

Howes, John, Oct., 49 

Hoyt, John, Jr., Oct, 49 

Hoyt, Zebidiah, June, iii 

Hubbard, Levi, March, 42 

Hubbard, Samuel, March, 42 

Hubbell, Abijah, June, 90 

Hubbell, Comfort, March, 56 

Huffman, Ambrose, March, 44 

Hughey, John, Dec, 51 

Hulick, Derrick, Oct., 61 

Humphrey, Robert, June, 82 

Humphrey, William, March, 71 

Humphreys (Humphries), Joseph, Dec, 51 

Humrickhouse, Peter, Dec, 44 

Hungerford, Benjamin, March, 56 

Hunt, David, March, 52 

Hunt, Humphrey, March, 41 

Hunter, David, June, 11 1 

Hunter, George, March, 56 

Huntington, Jabez, March, 63 

Huntington, William, Oct., 52 

Huntley, James, Oct., 40 

Huntzinger, John G., March, 63 

Hurd, Abraham, Dec, 59 

Hurley, Thomas, March, 44 

Huston, Joseph, March, 61 

Hutchens, Noah, March, 56 

Hutchings, William, June, 85 

Hutchins, Phineas, Dec, 44 

Digitized by 




Hutson» Thomas, Oct., 50 
Hutton, Moses, Oct., 62 
Hyatt, Peter, June, xoa 

lugersoU, David, June, 80 
Innes, Harry, June, 99, no 

Jackson, Solomon, Oct., 58 
Jacobs, John, Jr., June, 89 
James, David, June, 75 
Jaquith, Benjamin, Oct., 50 
JeflFries, John, Oct, 63 
Jett, John, June, 91 
Johnson, Amos, Oct., 39 
Johnson, Arthur, June, 91; Oct., 49 
Johnson, Henry, March, 44 
Johnson, Henson, March, 44 
Johnson, Hezekiah, Dec., 51 
Johnson, Horatio, June, 85 
Johnson, Isaac, March, 65 
Johnson, James, March, 57 
Johnson, John, June, 91; March, 43 
Johnson, Jonathan, Dec, 53 
Johnson, Joseph, Dec, 50 
Johnson, Robert, March, 65 
Johnson, Seth, March, 57 
Johnston, Archibald, Dec, s* 
Johnston, Gideon, Oct, 45 
Johnston, William, Oct., 45 
Jones, Amos, Oct., 50 
Jones, Daniel, Oct., S7 
Jones, Elijah, June, 107 
Jones, John, June, 78 
Jones, Joshua, Oct., 51 
Jones, Paul, June, 107 
Judd, Thomas, March, 57 

Kees, John, June, 93 

Kellogg, Benjamin, June, 103 . 

Kellogg, Eliphalet, March, 58 

Kellogg, Joel, Jr., March, 71 

Kelso, John, Dec, 45 

Kemper, Peter, June, 92 

Kendrick, Edom, Sr., March, 54 

Kendrick, Samuel, March, 54 

Kenley, William, June, 97 

Kennard, John, Sr. & Jr., March, 62, 66 

Kennedy, Daniel, Oct., 51 

Kent, Cephas, March, 51 

Kenyon, William, March, 58 

Kephart, John, Dec, 52; March, 58 

Ketcham, Timothy, June, 87 

Keyes, William, Oct., 42 

Kilbourn, Askbel, June, 72 

Kilbourn, Samuel, June, 110 

Kimball, Aaron, March, 56 

Kimball, Samuel, June, 95 

Kimble, Able, June, 97 

King, Abonijah, March, 63 

King, Douglas, Oct, 51 
King, George, March, 47 
King, John, Oct, 51; Dec, 52 
King, Nathan, Dec, 52 
King, Philip, Dec, 52 
King, Robert Jr., June, 93 
King, William, March 
Kingbury, Thomas, June, 93 
Kirtland, Martin, June, 102 
Kling, lUidwig, Oct, 55 
Knapp, Israel, Oct., 49 
Knauss, Henrich (Henry), Dec, 52 
Kneeland, Timothy, Oct, 49 
Knowles, James, Jr., June, 114 
Knowles, Joseph, Oct, 51 
Knowlton, Nathan, Dec, 52 
Kohler, Jacob, March, 58 
Krumbine, I^eonard, June, 106 

Laird, William, June^ 77; Oct, 43 

Lallande de Ferriere, Nicolas Louis, Oct., 51 

Lamb, Daniel Gad, Dec, 62 

Lane, Cornelius, June, 93 

Lane, Isaac, March, 54 

Lane, Joel, June, 89 

Lane, Martin, Oct., 63 

Lane, Tidence, March, 54 

Lane, William, June, 95 

Lang, Thomas, March, 58 

Latham, Nehemiah, Oct., 63 

Lathrop, Ebenezer, Oct., 52 

Lathrop, Jedediah, March, 46 

Lawman, Jacob, Dec, 59 

Lawrence, Timothy, March, 59 

Lawyer, David, June, 97 

Lawyer, Jacob Frederick, June, 97 

Lawyer, Johannes, June, 23 

Leairth, Andrew, June, 91 

Leamon, George, March, 59 

I/eamed, Edward, Jr., March, 75 

Learned, Samuel, 'March, 75 

Leavenworth, Mark, June, 92 

Le Compte, Moses, March, 72 

Lee, Andrew, June, 75 

Lee, Thomas Sim, June, 93 

Leftwich, William, June, 90 

Leonard, Abiather, June, 102 

Letton, Michael, June, 68; Dec, 43 

Levis, Thomas, June, 83 

Lewis, Augustus, Oct., 56 

Lewis, Eleazer, March, 49 

Lewis, John, March, 64 

Lewis, Nicholas, Oct., 41 

Lewis, Peter, March, 64 

Lewis, Thomas, June, 93; March, 70, 71 

Lewis, Valentine, Dec, 58 

Lewman, John, March, 59 

Libby, Ichabod, Oct., 52 

Liggett, John, Oct, 52 

Digitized by 




Lighthall, John, March, ^2 
Lincoln, Charles, Dec, 52 
Lincoln, Stephen, June, 76 
Lindsley, John, Oct, 61 
Lindsley, Joseph, June, 69 
Little, John, Jr., Dec, 58 
Littlehale, Abraham, March, 59 
Lloyd, John, Oct., 64 
Lockwood, Jacob, March, 59 
Lockwood, Timothy, June, 93 
Logan, Samuel, June, 105; Oct., 51; Dec, 61 
Lombard, Solomon, Oct., 50 
Long, John, March, 54 
Longley, Edmund, March, 60 
Longstreet, Aaron, Jr., Dec, 55 
Loomis, Michael, March, 60 
Loomis, Nathaniel, Oct., 57; Dec, 58 
Loomis, Simon, March, 60 
Lord, William, March, 51 
Loring, Ignatius, Dec, 53 
.Loring, Samuel, June, 93 
Lounsberry, Michael, March, 60 
Love, Thomas, Dec, 53 
Loveland, Asa, Oct., 39 
Loveland, Lazarus, Oct., 52 
Lowrey, Thomas, June, 84 
Ludlow, Cornelius, June, 75 
Ludlum, Jacob, June, xo6 
Lupton, Joseph, Dec, 48 
Lybarger, Ludwick, Sr., March, (iO 
Lyman, Francis, June, 94 
Lynn, David, June, 104 
Lynn, David, Jr., June, 105 
Lyon, Benjamin, June, 89; March, 44 
Lyon, Caleb, Sr. & Jr., March, 60 
Lyon, Matthew, June, 98; March, 68 
Lytic, William, Dec, 49 

McAdams, William, Oct, 53 

McAUaster (McAllister) William, June, 92; 

Oct., S3 
McCauley, James, Dec, 53 
McCausland, Henry, March, 48 
McCausland, William, March, 45 
McChesney, Hugh, June, 94 
McClanahan, Thomas, Oct., 6a 
McCleary, Robeft, Dec, 48 
McClelland, Thomas, June, 108; Oct., 43 
McConnell, Matthew, Oct., 53 
McCuUough, James, March, 67 
McCuUum, Daniel, June, 95 
McDonald, Angus, June, 95 
McDougal, Alexander, Oct, 39, S6; March, 

McDowell, Samuel, Oct, 53 
McElroy, Adam, Oct., 48 
McFall, Hugh, June, 95 
MacFarling, Elijah, Sr., March, 61 
McFerrin, William, Oct, 4* 

McKee, Andrew, June, 95 

McKee, Hugh, Oct., 42 

McKee, John, March 

McKee, William, March, 75 

McKenney, Samuel, Oct., 52 

McKinney, Andrew, March, 70 

McLure, Abdiel, Jr., Dec, 59 

McMaster, William, March, 61 

McNair, Daniel, March, 09 

McNary, David, June, 109 

McNcir, Thomas, Dec, 59 

McPherson, Samuel, June, 96 

Macklin, James, March, 67 

Macomber, Abiel, June, 75 

Magarr, James, Dec, 60 

Main, James, June, 96 

Makepeace, William, June, 82 

Mann, John, March, j^i 

Manchester, James, Dec, 53 

Manchester, Matthew, Oct., 51 

Manley, Asa, March, 71 

Manning, Abraham, March, 55 

Mansfield, Andrew, June, 70 

Marble, John, June, 96 

March, James, Dec, 43 

Marchand, David, June, 107 

Markham, Jeremiah, June, 106 

Markham, William, March 

Marks, Isaac, March, ^^ 

Marlett, Gideon, June, 92 

Marlett, John, June, 92 

Marsh, Charles, Oct., 52 

Marsh, Samuel, June, iii 

Marsh, William, June, 93, 96 

Marshall, Isaac, March, 62 

Marshall, William, June, 70 

Marshall, Zaccheus, Oct., 57" 

Martin, Silvanus, June, 97 

Marvin, Benjamin, June, 80 

Mason, Benjamin, Oct, 51 

Mason, Charles, Dec, 51 

Massie, Thomas, March, 62 

Masten, Cornelius C, Oct., 45 

Mather, Joseph, March, 73 

Mather, Moses, June, 104 

Matlack, Timothy, June, 84 

Matteson, Nathan, March, 69 

Matthews, Aaron, Dec, 53 

Matthewson, William, March, 64 

Maxcy, Benjamin, Oct., 53 

Maybank, Joseph, June, 93 

Mayo, Joseph, June, 97 

Mayo, William, March, 70 

Meacham, Samuel, Oct, 53; March, 62 

Mead, Calvin, Dec, 43; March^ 41 

Mead, Thaddeus, Dec, 53 

Meade, David, June, 73 

Meade, l^chard Kidder, June, 96 

Meeker, James, June, 88 

Digitized by 




Meeker, Michael, June, 103 

Mellinger, John Jacob, March, 49 

Merrill, Samuel, Oct, 53 

Merrill, Stephen, March, 51 

Messier, Cornelius, March, 62 

Mickley, John Jacob, Dec, 58 

Middlebrook, John, Jr., Oct., 40 

Miesse, Daniel, June, 92 

Miller, Christian, Dec., 56; March, 65 

Miller, Ebenezer, Oct., 49 

Miller, ^noch, June, 99 

Miller, Samuel, March, 64 

Miller, William, June, 98 

Milliken, James, Dec, 5^ 

Mills, John, Dec, 49 

Mills, WUliam, Dec, 58 

Miner, John, Oct., 51 

Minor, Benjamin, March, 62 

Minor, Daniel, June, 107 

Minsker, Ludwick, June, B2 

Mitchell, Ensign, Dec, 54 

Mitchell, Josiah, June, 73 

Mitchell, Nathaniel, June, 74 

Monroe, John, Oct., 47 

Monro, Thomas, March, 6a 

Montague, Philip, Oct., 50 

Montague, William, March, 68 

Montgomery, John, Oct., 48 

Montgomery, Robert, March, 63 

Moore, Anthony, Dec, 48 

Moore^ John, Dec, 55 

Moore, Nathaniel, June, 86 

Moore, Smith, March, 63 

Moorhead, Fergus, March, 67 

Moreland, John, March, 67 

Morgan, Andrew,- March, 57 

Morgan, Benjamin, March, 46 

Morgan, Isaac, June, 91 

Morison, Peter, June, 99 

Morris, George, March, 63 

Morris, Henry, June, 79 

Morrison, Isaac, Dec, 54 

Morse, Joseph, June, 99 

Morton, Bryant (Briant), Dec, 54 

Morton, Joseph, Dec, 61 

Moseley, Thomas, Oct., 62 

Moses, Samuel, Oct., 58 

Moulton, Caleb, Oct., 54 

Moultrie, William, June, 83, 95 

Mount joy, John, March, 44 

Mountjoy, William, March, 44 

Mounell, James, March, 61 

Mowry, Daniel, June, 98 

Muchmore, John, Oct., 54 

Muirheid, Jonathan, Dec, 58 

Munger, John, Dec, 54 

Munroe, Andrew, Dec, 54 

Munroe, Ebenezer, June, 99 

Munroe, Nathaniel, March, 61 

Munroe, Philemon, Dec, 60 
Munson, Moses, March, 60 
Murray, Thomas, Dec, 54 

NafF, Hance, June, 104 

Nebucher, John, June, 71 

Neer, Charles (Carl), Oct., 54; Dec, 54 

Neilson, John, June, 70 

Nelson, John Younglove, Dec, 55 

Nesmith, James, Jr., March, 50 

Newcomb, William, June, 78 

Newell, Abijah, June, 99 

Newell, Stephen, June, 99 

Newman, Thomas, March, 63 

Newton, Caleb, June, 88; Oct., 49 * 

Newton, Joseph, Oct., 61 

Newton, Nahum, June, 115 

Nichols, Robert, June, 114; March, 73 

Nicola, Lewis, Oct., 59 

Noble, Jacob, Oct., 54 

Noe, Lewis, June, 114 

Noel, Theodoris, June, 83 

Norris, Aquilla, Sr., March, 63 

Norton, Ebenezer, June, 80 

Norton, Noah, Dec, 55 

Noyes, Thomas, March, 45 

Nye, Samuel, June, 100 

Oakes, Jonathan, June, 93 
Ober, Christian, June, 108 
Oglesby, Thomas, June, 112 
Olmstead, Daniel, Pec, 52 
O'Neal, George, Oct., 54 
O'Neil, Archibald, Dec, 61 
O'Neil, John, Oct., 49; Dec, 51, 58 
Orth, Balzer, March, 68 
Orton, Elida, June, 100 
Osborn, Jeremiah, Dec, 55 
Osbom, Joshua, Oct, 54 
Osborne, Thomas, Jr., June, 115 
Otty, William, March, 42 
Overmyer, John George, Oct., 44, 45 
Owens, Thomas, Dec, 55 

Packer, John, Jr., June, 73 

Page, Jonas, March, 57 • 

Painter, Thomas, March, 64 

Palfrey, William, June, 76; Oct., 55; Dec, 55 

Palmer, David, June, 83 

Palmer, Nehemiah, Oct., 48; Dec, 50 

Parke, Zebulon, June, 86 

Parker, Daniel, March, 42 

Parker, Isaiah, June, 104 

Parker, Nathaniel, March, 64 

Parker, Lemuel, Jr., March, 64 

Parker, Stiles, June, 100 

Parmelee, Samuel, March, 64 

Parris, Samuel, June, 91 

Parsons, Abraham, June, 81 

Digitized by 




Patten, John, June, 113 

Patterson, Alexander, Dec, 55 

Patterson, Andrew, June, 96 

Patterson, Joseph, Dec., 55 

Patterson, Robert, June, 100 

Patrick, John, March, 71 

Pawling, John, June, 74 

Payne, John, June, 116 

Peabody, Moses, June, 70 

Peachy, William, Oct., 62 

Pearce, Cromwell, March, 52 

Pearce, William, March, 64 

P^hin, Pierre Abraham, March, 40 

Peck, Pcleg, Dec, 56 

Peirce, Abel, March, 62 

Peiffer, John George, June, 92 

Pelton, Ithmar, March, 56 

Pendleton, Joseph, June, 98; March, 54 

Pendleton, Zebulon, Oct., 45 

Pennington, John, June, 85 

Pennington, Nathan, Dec, 45 

Penny, John, June, 97 

Penoyer, John, June, 114 

Perkins, Abraham, June, 70 

Perkins, Benjamin, June, lox 

Perkins, David, March, 64 

Perkins, George, March, 48 

Perkins, Reuben, March, 64 

Perley, Nathan, March, 46 

Perrin, Abraham, March, 65 

Perrine, James, March, 65 

Perry, Abel, Dec, 54; March, 65 

Perry, James, June, loi 

Perry, Jonas, June, 107 

Perry, Josiah, June, 107 

Perry, William, Jr., June, iia 

Pejrton, Francis, Oct., 55 

Pharr, Walter, March, 65 

Phelps, Eliphalet, March, 69 

Phelps, Samuel, June, 10 1 

Phelps, Silas, March, 69 

Phelps, Winslow, June, 72 

Phillips, David, Dec, 56 

Phillips, Esquire, Oct., 56 

Phillips, Jonas, June, 106 

Pierce, Daniel, Oct., 50 

Pierce, John, June, 103 

Pierce, Napthali, March, 72 

Pierson, Caleb, June, 10 1 

Pierson, David, June, loi; Oct., 55 

Pierson, Ephraim, Jr., June, 90 

Pintard, John, June, 112 

Place, Enoch Miles, Dec, 51 

Poe, David, June, 90 

Polk, Charles, Dec, 57 

Polk, Charles, Jr., June, loi 

Polk, William, June, 76; Oct., 41 

Pollard, William, June, 82 

Pomeroy, Benjamin, Dec, 51 

Pomeroy, Seth, June, 10 1 
Pomeroy, Simeon, June, loi 
Poor, Peter, Dec, 56 
Pope, John, June, 80 
Popino (Popineau), Peter, Dec, 46 
Porter, Ezekiel, March, 65 
Porter, William, Dec, 56 
Postlethwaite, John, March, 65, 66 
Potter, Esek, March, 66 
Potter, Jacob, March, 67 
Powell, Levin, June, 102 
Powell, Martin, June, 104 
Powell, Philip, Dec, 56 
Powers, William, Oct., 56 
Pratt, David, June, 88 
Pratt, James, Oct., 56 
Pratt, Nehemiah June, 102 
Prentice, John, Dec, 56 
Prcsbrey, John, June, 102 
Prescott, Ebenezer, Dec, 57 
Preston, Isaac, June, 109 
Preston, Jacob, June, 81 
Price, Nathaniel, June, 79 . 
Prime, Benjamin Youngs, Oct., 42 
Prime, Ebenezer S., Oct., 42 
Procter, Joseph, Oct., 59 
Provost, Jasper, June, 103 
Purdy, Jeremiah, June, 109 
Putman, Aaron J., March, 53 
Putman, Teunis, March, 64 
Putnam, Israel, March 
Putnam, Josiah, Dec, 47 
Putnam, William, June, 103 

Quackenbush, Reynier, Oct., 56 
Quarles, William, March, 60 
Quimby (Queenbi), Aaron, Dec, 61 

Ragsdale, Drury, June, 105 
Raiborne, George, March, 66 
Railsback, David, March, 66 
Randall, Hopestill, June, 103 
Randall, Ichabod, June, 103 
Randall, John, June, 107 
Randall, Joshua, June, 107 
Randall, Thomas, June, 107 
Randolph, John, June, 113 
Randolph, Robert Fitz, June, 84 
Ransom, Samuel, June, iii 
Raymond, James, June, 79 
Rayner, John, Oct., 56 
Read, Daniel, Dec, 47 
Read, Eleazer, June, 103 
Read (Reed), Seth, Dec, 47 
Rease, Frederick, June, 103 
Redfield, James, March, 66 
Reed, Benjamin, March, 66 
Reed, Jacob, Dec, 52 
Reed, James, Dec, 44 

Digitized by 



Reed, Kitchell, Oct., 48 
Reed, Moses, June, 103 
Reese, John, Dec., $7 
Reid, Aaron, Oct, 58 
Reittenauer, Peter, March, 74 
Remicic, Nathaniel, June, 91 
Requa, James, Oct., 58 
Reuback, Ja9ob Borhave, June, 91 
Revere, Paul, Oct, 56 
Rewick (Ruick), Owen, June, 104 
Rhea, Joseph, Oct., 56; March, 47 
Rhodes, Robert, June, 68 
Rice, Isaac, Dec, 57 
Rice, Joseph, Dec., 57 
Rice, Martin, March, 53 
Rice, Samuel, Oct., 60 
Richards, Benjamin, June, 79 
Richards, Eliphalet, March, 67 
Richards, Peter, June, 108 
Richardson, Asa, June, 77 
Richardson, Eleazer, Dec, 56 
Richardson, Elias, June, 104 
Richardson, Herbert, Oct, 61 
Richardson, Moses, June, 104 
Richeson (Richardson), Holt, June, X05 
Riddle, Thomas, Oct, 44 
Ridgely, Frederick, March, 67 
Ridgeley, William, Oct., 62 
Ripley, Piram, June, 97 
Rippey, Samuel, June, 86 
Robbins, htvi, June, 102 
Robertson, William, June, 105 
Robinson, John, June, 100 
Robinson, Jonah, March, 67 
Roberts, John, Oct, 54» 59; Dec, 57 
Roberts, Lemuel, June, 75 
Rockefeller, Diel, March, 43 
Rockefeller, Simeon, March, .43 
Rockefeller, William, March, 43 
Rodes, Robert, June, 98 
Rodes, Robert, Oct., 41 
Rogers, Darid, June, 79, 103 
Rogers, James, June, 68 
Rogrt-s, Richard, June, 87 
Rogers, William, Dec, 49 
Roland, Jonathin, June, 87 
Rollins, Henry, Oct., 41 
Rollins, Nathaniel, Oct, 57 
Rosenkrans, John, Dec, 57 
Ross, Reuben, June, 77 i Oct, 4i» 5© 
Ross, Reuben, Oct, 50 
Root, Aaron, June, 80 
Root Elisha, June, 115 
. Root, Jesse, June, 80 
Root John, Oct, 57 
Root, Salmon, June, 115 
Rowell, Enoch, June, 91 
Rucker, Ambrose, Oct., 41 
Rumsey, Charles, June, 105 

Russel, George, xaarcn, 54 
Russell, Andrew, March, 47 
Russell, Ephraim, Dec, 47 
Russell, James, Oct, 46 
Russell, Jason, Oct, 57 

Sackett, Benjamin, June, X07 

Sackett Samuel, Oct., 57 

Saffold, Reuben, March, 67 

Sage, Benjamin, June, 105 

Sample, Ezeldel, Dec, 58 

Sampson, Jacob, June, 96 

Sampson (Samson), Samuel, Dec, 56 

Samson, Isaiah, June, loi 

Samson, John, Dec, 56 

Sanborn, William, June, 82; Oct, 63 

Sand, Adam, Oct, 57 

Sandford, John, June, 79; Oct, 44 

Sawtelle, Solomon, June, 77 

Sawyer, Ephraim, Sr. & Jr., Dec, 45, 58 

Scherer, Frederick, Oct, 40 

Schermerhorn, Barthol(miew, Oct., 58 

Schoonmaker, Abraham, Dec, 58 

Schrieber, Jacob; Dec, 58 

Scofield, Hait, March, 58 

Scofield, Silas, March, 68 

Scott, Isaac, Oct, 58 

Scott Oliver, June, 95 

Scribner, Enoch, Oct., 58 

Scribner, Zaccheus, March, 64 

Searitt, Andrew, March, 56 

Sears, Peter, June, 78 

Sedgewick, John, March, 41 

Seeber, William, March, 68 

Seely, John, March, 68 

Seely (Seeley), John, Dec, 58 

Seixas, Benjamin Mendez, Dec, 48 

Selby, William, June, 106 

Selleck, John, March, 68 

Sellew, Philip, March, 58 

Serven, Garret, Dec, 59; March, 68 

Seymour, Ezra, June, 78 

Seymour, Thomas Youngs, Oct, 48 

Shafor, Peter, March, 55 

Shankland, Rhoads, Oct, 58 

Shaw, Abiathar, March, 42 

Sbaylor, Joseph, Oct., 63 

Shelby, Evan, Oct 62 

Shepard, John, June, 106 

Shields, John, Oct, 58 

Shields, John, June, 106 

Short Thomas, Oct, 39 

Shriver, David, Oct, 58 

Shurger, Andres, March, 59 

Shute, William, Oct, 44 

Shuey, John lyudwig, March, 66 

Shuey, lyudwig H., March, 67 

Sikes, Pliny, June, no 

Sill, Micah, Dec, 43 

Digitized by 




Sill, Thomas, March, 41 

Singleton, Mathew, June, 114 

Slade, William, June, 106 

Slater, Benjamin, March, 60 

Slaughter, Philip, Oct., 42 

Slaymaker, Amos, Oct., 64 

Slaymaker, Henry, Oct., 64 

Slayton, Reuben, Oct., 44 

Slemmons, William, Oct., 53 

Sleeper, David, Dec., 54, 59 

Slocum, Eleazer, Oct., 47 

Slocum, Samuel, June, 106 

Sloper, Ambrose, June, 115 

Smeltzer, John, June, 71, 92 

Smith, Amos, Dec, 59 

Smith, David, June, 105 

Smith, Ebenezer, June, 107 

Smith, Eldad, March, 59 

Smith, Enoch, Oct, 63 

Smith, Hiram, June, 115 

Smith, James, June, 98; March, 68 

Smith, Matthew, June, 108 

Smith, Nathan, March, 60, 73 

Smith, Peter, March, 60 

Smith, Philemon, March, 44 

Smith, Ralph, March, 41 

Smith, Richard, June, 86 

Smith, Robert, Oct., 50 

Smith, Seth, June, 92 

Smith, William, June, xo6 

Snell, Jacob, Oct, 60 

Snyder, George, Oct., 54 

Soper, Oliver, June, 102 

South, John, March, 69 

Southard, Thomas, March, 65 

Space, John, March, 55 

Spalding, Dyer, June, 69 

Spalding, Simeon, June, 108 

Spangler, John, March, 51 

Sparkman, William, March, 68 

Sparks, Richard, June, 87 

Spaulding, William, Oct., 41 

Spaulding, Zebulon, June, 108 

Specht, Christian, March, 59 

Spencer, Perry, Oct., 51 

Spink, Ishmael, March 

Spink, John, June, 108; March, 69 

Spinning, Benjamin, June, 108; Oct., 53 

Spinning, Isaac, Dec, 60 

Spofford, Thomas, March, 62 

Sprague, Philip, Oct., 58 

Springer, Knight, March, 63 

Squier, Daniel, Oct., 59 

Squire, Saxton, June, 108 

St. Clair, James, June, 109 

Stacy, Thomas, Dec, 43 

Stacy (Stacey), William, Dec, 50 

Stanbery, Samuel, Oct., 60 

Statzer, David, June, 90 

Stearns, John, Oct, 59 

Steddiford, Garret, June, no 

Steel, David, June, 100; March 

Steel, John, March, 54 

Sterling, James, Dec, 62 

Sterling, William, Dec, 60 

Stembergh, Nicholas, June, 97 

Stevens, Elihu, Sr. & Jr., June, 84 

Stevens, Elisha, June, 103; March, 66 

Stevens, Thomas, Oct., 60 

Stewart, Charles, June, iix 

Stewart, David, March, 70 

Stewart, Edward, Oct, 56 

Stewart, George, March, 47 

Stewart James, Jr., June, 68 

Stiles, Aaron, June, 74 

Stillman, Joseph, March, 69 

Stimson, George, June, 94 

Stites, Benjamin, March, 67 

Stitzer (Statger), David, Dec, 60 

Stocking, George, March, 70 

Stocking, Reuben, March, 70 

Stockton, David, June, 78 

Stone, John, June, 112 

Stone, Moses, Jr., June, 100; Oct., 60 

Stone, Silas, March, 48 

Stone, Windsor, March, 70 

Stong, Philip, June, X09 

Storm, Jacob, June, 109 

Storrs, Dan, March, 53 

Stout, Daniel, June, 72 

Stout Jesse, March, 51 

Stout, Samuel, Jr., June, 87 

Stout, Thomas, March, 70 

Strong, Adonijah, June, no 

Strong, Horatio, June, no 

Strong, John, June, 115 

Strong, Joseph, Oct, 40 

Strong, Josiah, March, 66 

Studley, Consider, March, 70 

Sumner, Dempsey, June, 70 

Sumner, William, March, 70 

Sumpter, William, March, 54 

Supplee, Isaac, March, 68 

Sutton, Peter, Oct., 58 

Sutton, Richard, Dec, 57 

Swan, Francis, June, no 

Sweeney, Moses, June, no 

Sweet, Benoni, Dec, 57 

Sydnor, Fortunatus, Oct., 46 

Talcott, William, June, 113 

Talema (Tallman), Thennis, Oct., 61 

Tanner, Benjamin, June, no 

Tappan, James, June, 69 

Tarr, Daniel Barber, June, 108 

Tatnall, Joseph, June, 72, n3; Dec, 45, 60 

Taylor, George, June, 91, 104 

Taylor, James, June, 91 

Digitized by 




Taylor, Jasher, March, 71 

Taylor, John, June, 92 

Taylor, Jonathan, March, 71 

Taylor, Joshua, Dec., 48 

Taylor, Nathan, Dec., 60 

Taylor, Richard, June, 9i» 99 

Taylor, Robert, March, 61 

Taylor, William, Sr. & Jr., March, 71 

Teagarden, William, March, 71 

Teddeman, Hazard, Dec, 49 

Terry, Nathaniel, Dec, 61 

Terry, Thomas, June, 100, 116; Dec, 56 

Thatcher, Asa, June, 11 1 

Thayer, Enoch, March, 63 

Thompson, Roger, March, 41 

Thomas, Benjamin, June, 85 

Thomas, William, June, 73 

Thompson, Timothy, March, 43 

Thomson, William, March, 62 

Thorn, Samuel, June, 76 

Thorndike, Larldn, June, 94 

Thorpe, EHpbalet, Dec, 60 

Thrift, Charles, June, 72 

Thwing, Nicholas, Oct, 60 

Tice, Henry, Dec, 48 

Titus, David, Oct., 60 

Todd, John, Oct., 4^ 

Todd, Thomas, June, 89 

Tolman, John, Oct., 39 

Tomlinson, EHphalet, March, 72 

Tomlinson, James, June, 71; Dec, 44 

Tomlinson, Noah, March, 72 

Tomlinson, Samuel, June, 71; Dec, 44 

Torrance, Robert, Dec, 61; March, 43 

Torrey, Samuel, Oct., 39 

Towne, John, March, 72 

Townley, Matthias, Oct., 61 

Townsend, Timothy, March, 72 

Trabue, John James, June, 86 

Treat, Charles, June, 108 

Tredwell, Samuel, March, 57 

Tremper, Michael, March, 43 

Troutman, John Peter Christian, June, 112 

Trowbridge, John, Dec, 55 

Trowbridge, Newman, June, 112; Oct., 62 

Truxton, Thomas, Dec, 59 

Tucker, Nicholas, June, 94. 108 

Tufts, John, June, 105 

Turney, John, Oct., 48 

Tuyman, James, March, 74 

Twiss, Robert, Dec, 52 

Tyler, Ebenezer, June, 112; March, 49, 62 

Underwood, Jonas, Dec, 59 
Upshaw, James, June, 112 

Vail, Benjamin, Oct., 40 
Van Auken, John, June, 112 
Van Buskirk, Isaac, June, 116 

Van Cleve, John, Dec, 58 

Van Dyke, John, Oct., 61 

Van Geison, Hendrick, Oct., 61; March, 72 

Van Hoesen, Garrett, June, 113 

Van Hoevenbergh, Rudolph, Dec, 61 

Van Metre, John, June, no 

Van Tuyl, Abraham, June, 107 

Van Voorhis, Daniel, Oct., 61 

Vance, Robert, June, 94; March, 63 

Vedder, Arent Simon, June, 115 

Veghte, Garrit, June, 80; March, 49 

Vincent, John, March, 72 

Vose, James, June, 113 

Vreeland, Garrett G., Oct., 61 

Wafel, Henry, March, 58 

Waggoner, John, Oct., 51 

Wagoner, George, June, 113 

Wagoner, Philip, June, 85 

Wakefield, Luther, June, 104 

Wakeman, William, March, 51 

Waldo, Edward, March, 50 

Wales, Jacob, June, 99 

Walker, Abel, March, 52, 73 

Walker, Henry, June, 82; March, 50 

Walker, Jacob, Oct., 62 

Walker, James Adair, Oct., 62 

Walker, John, March, 73 

Walker, Seth, Sr. & Jr., June, 84 

Wallace (Wallis), Ebenezer, Dec, 59 

Walters, John, March, 49 

Weaver, Henry, Oct., 62 

Ward, Jabez, March, 73 

Ward, Jedediah, June, 113 

Ward, John, June, 113; Oct., 58 

Ward, Rufus, Oct., 52 

Ward, William, June, 106 

Warne, John, March, 58 

Warner, Benjamin, Dec, 45 

Warren, John, Oct., 63 

Warren, Thomas, Oct., 51 

Waterman, Arrannah, March, 63 

Waterman, John, June, 68; March, 41 

Waters, William, June, 74 

Watkins, Elias, June, 114 

Watkins, William, Oct., 46 

Watrous, Samuel, June, 90 

Watson, John, June, 87; Oct., 48 

Waugh, James, March, 46 

Weaver, Jacob, June, 69 

Weaver, Nicholas, March, 69 

Webb, Stephen, Oct., 60 

Webster, Ebenezer, March, 46 

Webster, John, Oct., 50 

Webster, John Bateman, March, 76 

Webster, Simeon, March, 73 

Weed, Jacob, Oct., 59 

Weeks, Stephen, March, 55 

Weeks (Wickes), Stephen, Dec, 50 

Digitized by 




Wciant (Wygant), John, Dec, 62 

Welles, Noah, June, 80 

Wellinger, John Jacob, March 

Wellington, Thaddeus, March, 74 

Wells, James, June, 116 

Wells, Samuel, March, 61 

Wdty, John, Oct., 58 

Wcntworth, Jedediah, Dec, 61 

Wentworth, Shubael, June, 82 

Wescott, Richard, Dec, 45; March, 71 

Wesson, Ephraim, Oct., 43 

Westcott, Jonathan W., Oct., 44 

VTestcott, Samuel, June, 89 

Wetherill, John, Dec, 57 

Wheeler, Zenas, March, 74 

Wheelock, Eleazer, Oct, 52 

Whipple, Benijah, June, 88 

Whitcomb, John, Oct., 63 

Whitcomb, Reuben, June, 80 

White, Benjamin, March, 74 

White, Cornelius, June, 102 

White, Enoch, Dec, 62 

Whiteside, Thomas, June, 95 

Whiting, Francis, March, 73 

Whitlock, John, March, 65 

Whitman, Isaac, Dec, 62; March, 74 

Whitney, John, June, 84, 114; Oct., 63; Mar., 

Whitney, Joshua, June, 89 
Whitney, Nathaniel, June, 82 
Whittemore, Jeremiah, March, 74 
Whittemore, William, June, 88 
Whritenour, Peter, Oct., 63; March, 74 
Wilbur, Jesse, June, 79 
Wilder, Abell, March, 75 
Wilder, Nathaniel, June, 89 
Waiard, Elias WilUaler, June, 96 
Willett, Samuel, March, 62 
Williams, Aaron, March, 75 
Williams, Abraham, June, 70 
Williams, David, March, 41 
Williams, Elisha, Dec, 58 
Williams, Gideon, June, 103 
Williams, Henry, Dec, 47 
Williams, Samuel, Dec, 57 
Williamson, John, June, 115 

Willcox, Samuel, June, 114 

Willis, Russel, June, 115 

Willis, William, June, 88 

Willoughby, Edlyne, Dec, 62; March, 75 

Wilmore, John, March, 75 

Wilson, Joseph, March, 50 

Wilson, Moses, Oct., 54 

Wilson, Thomas, June, 115 

Wilson, William, March, 75 

Winchell, James, March, 53 

Wing, Thomas, Oct., 50 

Wolcott, Elisha, June, 102 

Wolcott, Justus, June, 81 

Wood, Ebenezer, March, 72 

Wolcott, Roger, June, 105 

Wood, Barzillai (Bazela), June, 116; Dec, 62: 

March, 76 
Woodbridge, Benjamin, March, 76 
Woodbury, John, Oct., 63 
Woodbury, Jonathan, March, 71 
Woodcock, David, March, 70 
Wooden, James, March, 57 
WoodhuU, Nathaniel, March, 62 
Woodman, Nathan, Oct., 55 
Woodmansee, James, March, 45 
Woodruff, Gurdon, March, 76 
Woodruff, Josiah, June, 88 
Woodruff, Samuel, Sr. & Jr., June, 115 
Woods, Joseph, March, 64 
Woodson, Tarleton, June, 115 
Woolworth, Phineas, Dec, 61 
Worthington, Thomas, March, 76 
Wunderlick, Daniel, March, 69 
Wyman, Paul, June, 77 
Wynne, Jonathan, Oct., 64 

Yager, John, June, 116 

Yansen, Henry, June, 97 

Yarrington, William, June, 116 

Yerkes, Harman, March, 61 

Young, William, Dec, 49 • 

Youngman, John, Dec, 62 

Youngs, David, June, 116 

Zehring, Christian, Oct., 52 
Zinn, Jacob, June, 91, 113 

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